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The Glimmers – Whomp That Sucker! (CD)

Release: 22 October 2010
Cat#: Gomma DT020 CD

Here it is! The soooo long awaited new album of belgian DJ superstars, disco heros and wildstyle house kings THE GLIMMERS. To be released now on Gomma. Pure dance floor madness: Whomp That Sucker! is a collection of dance tracks made with Ray Mang (recently signed to DFA) and as the Glimmers describe it .. ”This time we only serve superpowerful discoid beats, analogue synths, bleeps, bass and FX. Play it very loud and be in a different state of mind for best results..”

It’s been a crazy decade for The Glimmers! They co-created Eskimo Recordings, they released several compilations and albums that were received euphorically by their huge worldwide fan crowd: Serie Noire : Dark Pop and New Beat (2002), Remixed, Re-edited and F*cked Up mix album, DJ Kicks (2005), Fabric Live 31 (2006). And now finally here is the follow up. Gomma is proud: Please welcome: The Glimmers!

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Tim Sweeney: “Support it! :)”
The Magician: “Woow The Glimmers!!! I Love. very good! ”
Mickey Moonlight: “as you know, i love it!”
Trevor Jackson: “Glimmers are always reliable for floor burning mayhem”
Matt Walsh: “I love the Glimmers, always have, always will.. these are so good!”
Social Disco Club: “Fuckin hell!! Massive stuff. Gomma is one of most exciting labels at the moment.”
DJ Kaos: “Killer Release!”
Tronik Youth: “Love rocked my world, killer track”


Le Le – Le Classics (CD)

Release: 30 April 2010
Cat#: Gomma 140 CD

We proudly present: the new Le Le album! Lo-fi techno funk and fucked up house from Amsterdam. Le Le is a dutch All Star band. Featuring superillustrator and musician Parra, Serge Fabergé from the rap-electro crew DJVT, and Rimer London who has been part of the Electro Duo Comtron.

Together they are Le Le and combine graphic art with dirty electronic funk…inspired by Nu-Wave Disco, Italo, 90ies Pop clichés and 60s Glamour magazines..with a big pop appeal and a good sense of irony. Using a new language: a combination of English, Dutch, German, French and fantasy words.

The album includes the two pre–album singles Disco Monster and Breakfast. Both songs have been getting heavy talks on the blogs and full-on DJ support from DJ Mehdi, Headman, Erol and others.

Inspired by Nu-Wave Disco, Italo Disco, Pop clichés and 60s Glamour magazines: Le Le is a unique force. The music, the vocals, the sense of humour, the ironic take on current mainstream glam pop, the art background and their attitude. A straightforward progression for the current disco/house movement.

Le Classics is available on CD and as a limited edition 5-track album sampler (including special Parra poster).

1) Number One Girl
2) Disco Monster
3) Skinny Jeans
4) International Pants
5) Sachen
6) Captive de ton chiffre
7) Jean Pierre Le Douche
8) Ich Clack Dich
9) Breakfast
10) Douchebag Status

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The Phenomenal Handclap Band –
The Phenomenal Handclap Band (CD)

Release: 16 October 2009
Cat#: Gomma 132 CD

Finally! It’s out today! On Gomma…Yeah! The debut album of the hottest band from New York City right now!

The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Featuring guest appearances by members of TV On The Radio, the Amy Winehouse band, Mary J Blidge‘s band and Jon Spencer (from the Blues Explosion). The PHCB plays superhot psychedelic funk from outta space…and yes: this is the perfect answer to the Neo Psychedelic Rock of MGMT and Empire Of The Sun and the consistent development of the current Disco and Rock revival. Magazines and blogs all around the world are getting crazy right now for the 8 girls and guys from the Lower East Side. And we are proud to release their album…check the new video “15 to 20″.

1) The Journey to Serra da Estrela
2) All Of The Above
3) Testimony
4) Give It A Rest
5) You’ll Disappear
6) 15 To 20
7) Dim The Lights
8) I Been Born Again
9) The Martyr
10) Tears
11) Baby
12) The Circle Is Broken

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WhoMadeWho – The Plot (CD / LP)

Release: 23 March 2009
Cat#: Gomma 120 CD / LP

Here it comes! The new album of WhoMadeWho: The Plot! Forget all the UK Top 10 bands form last year who tried to sound like the 3 Danish guys…here comes the original!  And they are everywhere right now: The guys are on the cover of the most important music magazines all over Europe, playing the big festivals and getting props from all the important blogs.

Remember? The guys’ career started in 2006. Back then their first singles (Satisfaction.. and Flat Beat – the cover!) and their self-titled debut album was released on Gomma Records. They started to be the favorite band of a lot of big acts: LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax, Franz Ferdinand–yes even Daft Punk chose them as support act for their tours. And Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age covered their single Space For Rent.

It is the perfect match: Gomma records and the three completely different musical characters of WhoMadeWho: Jeppe Kjellberg – the walrus bearded guitar player, has been part of the New Yorks experimental Rock and Jazz scene for years. He has even recorded a mini album with David Tronzo – guitar player of the legendary Lounge Lizards. Tomas Høffding – the bass man with the falsetto voice, has his roots in the Scandinavian Garage Rock scene (but always has been in love with fat disco bass lines). And Tomas Barfod aka Tomboy is not only the drummer of the band but he’s also known for producing some of the hottest Advanced Electro/ House music of the moment for labels such as Turbo, Kitsune and Get Physical.

Now, here’s the band’s new album. 13 songs that are the perfect example for a band who uses a tiny production budget to widen, expand and multi-colorize their sound without losing their soul. There’s a sexual and sensual authenticity to the breathed echoes of their first album. 13 songs which, when heard by Christian Wright – the legendary engineering-maestro at London’s Abbey Road studios – lead to the point that he at all costs wanted to master this record by himself.

The Danish guys created a brand new pop sound influenced by early 70ies Progrock as well as the complex side of disco music, with a very rough DIY pop approach and some well integrated electronic bits and drum sounds. Check the videos by Simon Owens (The Plot and TV Friend) and Chicks On Speed (This Train).

1) TV Friend
2) The Plot
3) Small Town City
4) Trickster
5) Keep Me In My Plane
6) This Train
7) Office Clerk
8) Ode To Joy
9) Motown Bizarre
10) I Lost My Voice
11) Cyborg
12) Raveo
13) Working After Midnight

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Golden Bug – Hot Robot (CD)

Release: 24 October 2008
Cat#: Gomma 115 CD

Electronic Robot Funk from Golden Bug.
Golden Bug lives in Barcelona but comes from Paris. He used to be part of the famous Parisian “Palais du Tokio” skate crew with DJ Falcon and Pedro Winter. His mother used to run legendary Parisian Japanese Toy shop “La Maison du Robot” where all the cool kids hung out. So Golden Bug is a real Robot Kid. That’s why you can hear all the robotic voices in his tracks. He released three singles on Gomma which got amazing feedback. They were played by Djs like Prins Thomas, Jori Hulkkonen, Shit Robot and Digitalism. Now it’s time for the album. 14 killertracks. Between Cosmic disco and new school acid funk.

1) Midnight Rabbit
2) Bisco
3) Captain Shaker
4) LookLookLook
5) Disco Sensation
6) Rocket City
7) Move The Crowed
8) Slow Interlude
9) Back To Death
10) My Teacher Is A Zombie
11) Barbie’s Back
12) Voodoo Child
13) Radio
14) I Can’t Stop
15) Bisco (Mushroom Version)

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Munk – Cloudbuster (CD)

Release: 2 June 2008
Cat#: Gomma 110 CD

MUNK is the project of Italo – Germany DJ, producer, pianoman and globetrotter Mathias MODICA – one of the two guys behind GOMMA RECORDS.

MUNK has been  described as the “…the German DFA” by Londons NME magazine and “Germany’s king of fucked up disco” by VICE. The MUNK debut album APERITIVO was released in 2005. UK’s i – D magazine defined it as “a superb futuristic mix of space disco and psychedelic soul”.
The main hit was the disco anthem “Kick out the chairs!” which featured long time Gomma fan JAMES MURPHY from DFA on vocals.

The new MUNK album CLOUDBUSTER includes 3 songs with italian leading actress ASIA ARGENTO (known from the last Sofia Coppola and Abel Ferrara movies.) and Matty Safer (The Rapture).
The first single will be ” Live Fast! Die Old!” featuring Asia Argento. The song got huge props by ED BANGER boss BUSY P. He wanted to do an own version of the song. His version and remixes by THE JUAN MACLEAN (DFA), HEADMAN, WHOMADEWHO and others will be coming up in may.

MUNK now is a 4 person live band! The band consists of Mathias Modica and POLLYESTER, BEN MONO and DOC DOHLE from Berlin. Check videos of MUNK LIVE and of the singles on YOUTUBE.

1) Live Fast Die Old
2) Down In L.A.
3) Interludus No.1
4) You Never See Me Back Down
5) The Rat Race
6) Under Kontrol
7) No Milk
8) Bohemian Mud Strut
9) Monopterus
10) Interludus No.2
11) Il Gatto
12) Psycho Magic
13) Interludus No.3
14) The Knights Of Heliopolis

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Headman – Catch Me (CD)

Release: 17 March 2008
Cat#: Gomma 108 CD

After 7 years of intensive producing HEADMAN hardly needs any introduction! Always ahead of his time ROBI INSINNA was a pioneer of the punk-funk / rave disco movement with his mates of DFA and PLAYGROUP a few years ago when releasing his first album It Rough on Gomma Records. Since then he developed into one of the world’s hottest remixer who is always two steps ahead of the current music fashions.

HEADMAN’s third album Catch Me again shows the new developments in the HEADMAN sound. He fused his trademark Punk Disco with new Indie influences and a always hard kickin electro beat. Catch Me includes the 2 hit-singles Running Into Time and Catch Me if U Can which already got the props of great DJs everywhere. Catch Me If U Can also appeared on the Kitsuné Boom Box compilation.

The album also highlights the voice of JEREMY KERR of legendary band A CERTAIN RATIO on Dreampieces and of ANTON SPIVAC, who also lent his voice for HEADMAN’s Moisture, on the track Come On. The whole album brings a new breath of life in the world of Pop and dance music, breaking some barriers, mixing up indie vibes with an electro attitude and with a little bit of Bowie and Eno in it too… as it was completely produced in Berlin legendary HANSA Studios where artists such as Bowie and Iggy Pop got their legendary 70ies sound from.

1) Catch Me If U Can
2) Running Into Time
3) New
4) Dreampieces
5) Super
6) Come On
7) Interlude
8) Song 8
9) Two Sisters
10) Hostage
11) Brave
12) Interlude Reprise

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Rodion – Romantic Jet Dance (CD)

Release: 17 September 2007
Cat#: Gomma 103 CD

Rodion is from Rome. He makes freaked out Italo Disco that’s ahead of its time. Somewhere between the depths of Lindström and the synthesizer funk of Justice, mixed with the dramatic melodies of Italian horror movies. Heavily influenced by the Japanese science fiction animation soundtracks of the 70’s and the cosmic music culture, Rodion is fully tuned into the extraterrestrial beat.

Real name Ed Cianfannelli; Rodion has a very interesting past. Once a scholar at a famous Catholic music school, he was heralded as the prodigy piano student of his generation, declared as a genius, his career path as the church organist was predicted and expected. He was their great hope. BUT, after a night out with friends, Mr Cianfannelli discovered electronic music and was soon hooked on the Italian nightlife. Inevitably the church hierarchy found out about his weekly rave escapades and were left with no choice but to ask him to leave.

On his new life path Rodion quickly snapped up some equipment from an old Italian house producer and started to combine his classical training with his new disco inspirations. The result is this unique, extremely emotional electronic Weirdo-Disco. (We call it Casio C.o.r.e.)

Unlike many of his peers, Rodion performs live with a band and the crowd euphorically received his recent live performances in Clubs in Paris, Berlin and London.

1) Fisico
2) Electric Soca
3) Via Lactea
4) Luna Dark
5) Bilancia Blu
6) Love (Part 1 & 2)
7) Tokyo Deca Dance
8) J Bunker
9) Dolce Futbole
10) Donq
11) Romantic Jet Dance
12) Atala Ride
13) Tu Mi Turbi
14) MS Dildo
15) Rubber Duck

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