Gomma Dance Tracks


V. A. – The Lost Remixes (Maxi)

Cat#: Gomma DT045
Release: 27 July 2012

This month we release a collection of 5 remixes by friends– massive stuff for the dancefloor:
Made to Play’s Round Table Knights reworked Gomma’s Mercury. Featuring mighty Robert Owens on the mic. Mercury made a hot remix of new band Junior. Mr. Munk remixed Berlin discohead DJ Kaos.
Cocolores – German upcoming housekids from Exploited Records remixed Belgian house heroes The Glimmers – a track from their last year’s Gomma album.
Plus an edit of The Barking Dogs‘s “Linked In” by Innervisions’ Marcus Worgull.

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Gomma Podcast #75: Gomma Dance Tracks Megamix Best of 2011/12

Here is a 60 minute mega mix with best of Gomma Dance Tracks 2011 & 2012. Including music & remixes by Mercury, Telonius, The KDMS, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Dimtri from Paris, Morgan Geist, Esperanza, Banjo & Freakout aka Walls and many more..

1) MUNK: You Can’t Run From My Love (CLASSIXX Remix)
2) MERCURY feat. Robert Owens: Candlelight (ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS Edit)
5) The KDMS: Gimme All Your Luvin’ (Madonna cover)
6) MERCURY: Old Man’s House
8) MUNK: La Musica (AZARI & III Remix)
11) The KDMS: Tonight
12) MOULLINEX: Sunflare
13) ESPERANZA feat. Banjo or Freakout: Sirena
14) The KDMS: Wonderman (ALEXIS TAYLOR Remix)
15) MERCURY: Old Man’s House (MARTIN DAWSON Remix)
16) The BARKING DOGS feat. Marcelo Burlon: Mamarracho
17) DIMITRI FROM PARIS & DJ ROCCA: Pretty Baby (feat Hard Ton)
18) GOLDEN BUG: Play Around (Ted Wily Remix)
19) DANIEL AVERY & DEADSTOCK 33′s: Eric Zann Revisited

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Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s – Nylon Icon (Maxi)

Cat#: Gomma DT043
Release: 22 June 2012

Gomma London buddies Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s aka Justin Robertson come up with their second work for Gomma. A deep 3 track EP (plus 2 remixes by Filthy Dukes and People Get Real). Deep, psychdelic electronic jams. Big Bass. Tight beats. Weird synths.

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Mercury – Old Man’s House (incl Martin Dawson Remix) (12″)

Cat#: Gomma DT044
Release: 1 June 2012

New Mercury out now. The “Swiss House Mafia” – that’s how they call the boys from Mercury and their friends Round Table Knights. Here comes the fourth Mercury EP. Much deeper than the last singles. Think Paris Filter House 1998 meets a gospel singer and a percussion band… but better than thinking is.. checking it out.

3 dope tracks and a remix by Martin Dawson.

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Telonius – Out (12″) incl remixes by Ramon Tapia & Nico Purman

Jonas aka Telonius has been in the studio again. “Out” and “Control” are the result.
Dry, funky, deep house music. Ramon Tapia and Nico Purman added two remixes that give the whole package that little extra …
Check them out.

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Gomma Dance 2012 (Compilation)


Release: 5 March 2012
Cat#: Gomma DT040

A compilation with Gomma Dance Tracks from 2011 and 2012. 80 minutes. Including Radio edits of tracks by: Telonius, Munk, Moullinex, WhoMadeWho, Esperanza, The KDMS, Daniel Avery, Mercury, Hugo Capablanca… Remixes by Azari & III, Round Table Knights, Prins Thomas, Morgan Geist, DJ Koze….

Compiled by Mathias “Munk” Modica and Jonas “Telonius” Imbery.

A compilation that shows where Gomma stands at the moment. The experimental Disco and kraut electronica roots of the label are still there. But the general sound has become much straighter. Take the Desert Techno of Esperanza, the nasty but beautiful KDMS songs, the tropical and futuristic house of Mercury, Daniel Avery and Telonius. Flamenco Boogie with Hugo Capablanca from Broken Heart Club in Berlin and Psychedelic funk from New York’s Phenomenal Handclap Band.

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1. The KDMS – Tonight (Morgan Geist Remix)
2. Moullinex feat. Peaches – Maniac (Short Version)
3. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Ero Disco Theme
4. Munk – La Musica (Azari & III Remix)
5. Telonius – Hit Me (Ian Pooley Remix) (Short Version)
6. Moullinex – Sunflare (Moullinex Club Mix) (Short Version)
7. Mercury feat. Robert Owens – Candlelight
8. Telonius feat. Prince Albert – Last Night (Short Version)
9. Mercury – Grand Prix de Monaco (Round Table Knights Remix)
10. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan da Cunha Remix)
11. C├ęcile & Venice – Rimmel (Short Version)
12. Capablanca & T.Keeler – No Hay Ritmo (Short Version)
13. Golden Bug & Dakar – Sex Beat (Short Version)
14. The KDMS – Never Stop Believing (Nicky Siano Remix)
15. Mercury – You Lift Me Up (Short Version)
16. The Deadstock 33s & Stopmakingme – Autumn (Short Version)
17. Moullinex – Modular Jam (Short Version)
18. Whomadewho – Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub) (Short Version)
19. Esperanza – Aliante Giallo
20. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – You’ll Disappear (Prins Thomas Remix) (Short Version)
21. Munk feat. Lou Hayter – So Close (Short Version)


Mercury feat. Robert Owens – Candlelight EP Remixes (Maxi)

Cat#: Gomma DT039
Release: 2 March 2012

One of the greatest voices in house music is back. Robert Owens. And he joined Gomma boys from Mercury on their third single Candlelight. The original version came out 2 weeks ago and already is in the bag of DJ’s such as Soul Clap, Tom Trago, Brodinski, Dimitri From Paris…

We are sure that these new remixes will cause extra damage to good dance floors around the world. Check the amazing Till von Sein and Beni versions. Gonna make the girls shout loud.

Munich newcomers Cocolores add some slightly 90ies flavor and newcomers Logo from Kitsune and Voices of Black (Wolf & Lamb Music) give it a special edge. Mercury are hot right now.

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Golden Bug feat. Lou Teti – Play Around (Maxi)


Cat#: Gomma DT 041
Release: 17 February 2012

Your favourite Parisan power boogie-bot Toni Harispuru aka Golden Bug went to Brooklyn, had some burger, drinks and met New York City party guru Lou Teti. They played around in a friend’s homestudio and the result is: Play Around. Flashy tribal drums + a big boogie bass + some Cameo kind of spaced out vocals..

The Play Around single includes remixes by Justin Roberston aka The Deadstock 33s from London and newcomer Tad Wily.

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