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Nancy Whang & Audiojack – Like An Eagle (Gomma 197)


Cat#: Gomma 197
Release: 21 March 2014

Now on Gomma: The solo project of Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem. After years as vocalist and keyboarder in James Murphy’s superband finally Nancy comes up with an own project: 4 cover versions of big songs from the 70ies. Produced by some big names of today’s electronic scene: Audiojack, Etienne de Crecy, Bonar Bradberry, Drop Out Orchestra and The Revenge.

The first single is a rework of Dennis Parker’s Like An Eagle. Audiojack transformed the Disco classic into a melancholic, space techno odyssey. The remix by Toy Tonics acts Black Loops is also a bomb!

Buy on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/like-an-eagle/1263462


Munk on Under The Shade


After his recent cooperation with Pachanga Boys’ Rebolledo - Mr. Munk continues his 2014 release marathon with a single on London’s finest house label Under The Shade. Label of Ben Pearce and other big names of last year’s house revival. The new single “Intimate Stranger” features again Berlin/Brixton supergirl Mona Lazette on the mic.

The song is a futuristic house tune with classic song structure, harmonies inspired by 60ies American soul songs and reminds a bit of the great pop composers such as Trevor Horn. The amazing voice of Mona Lazette and the beautiful chords of Gomma boss Munk create a completely new way of house music. This is not retro – it’s a new edge.

The single comes with remixes by Mammarella, Plastic Plates and Mercury.


Hotlane – On My Own (Gomma 192)


Hotlane is a Berlin based duo consisting of Agnes Lindström and Jack Tennis. Jack is a well known name in the Berlin underground party scene. DJing at off events, art happenings at reguarly at notorious Kingsize Bar. Agnes moved from Stockholm to Berlin in 2008 and has been modelling, acting, painting and playing records at her friends events. Both have been involved at legendary Broken Hearts Club where they met and started making music. . Here is their first single: On my Own. A beautiful downtempo song. Remixes by Italian house shooting star Ricardo Baez (Toy Tonics) and French slow disco maestro DJ Steef.

Buy on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/on-my-own/1243789


Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf (Gomma 190)


Pachanga Boys’ Rebolledo and Gomma Boss Munk doing a single together! And when two freaks like them meet for music – the result has to be a masterpiece of craziness!
Surf Smurf – this single sounds like a David Lynch movie soundtrack for 2030. A dirty 60ies Surf Rock song gone electronic. There are 2 versions of the song: Rebolledo did a 12 minute dub techno rockabilly orgy. Munk a more energetic surf hop house track that will people drive crazy.

Check this out.. it’s special. Also the bonus track Got It Baby… haha… analogue piano acid techno for soul boys and girls…

Buy on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/surf-smurf/1216910


Telonius – I Make You Man

Cat#: Gomma 193
Release: 29 November 2013

Telonius serves up the last single from his debut album Inter Face. The single “I Make You Man” completed with remixes from Rhode & Brown and Suburban Dance Club.

“I Make You Man” is a slow swinging, futuristic house track gem with mellow synth chords and soulful aspirated vocals. The club remixes served up by Rhode & Brown and Suburban Dance Club are both for the middle of the night rather than the early evening warm up.

Get it on Beatport


Justin Roberston’s The Deadstock 33s – The Circular Path (Andy Weatherall’s Asphodells & Luke Solomon Remixes)


Cat#: Gomma 194
Release: 1 November 2013

UK DJ legend Justin Robertson has released his The Deadstock 33s debut album on Gomma earlier this year. Now his old friend Andy Weatherall (Asphodells) reworked the new single The Circular Path. The result is greatissimo! Also Luke Solomon and Dimitri Veimar delivered fabulous remixes. If you don’t know the album yet: have a listen! Melancholic electronic space Folk for advanced music lovers…


Munk ft. Mona Lazette – The Beat (Gomma 188)


The first single from the upcoming MUNK album! (New album in spring 2014).
Mathias has been joined by 2 new singers for his new songs. One is Mona Lazette. London girl living in Berlin.
If the original version with this crazy indian percussion middle part – doesn’t catch you, you might like Kolombo’s straight house version or the great Social Disco Club remix. Check it out!
For sure this is one of the catchiest tunes we released for a long time.

Buy on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/the-beat/1163385


Telonius – Swimsuit (Gomma 191)


New Telonius single!
The song “Swimsuit” includes the voice of Faberyayo - from dutch superband Lele.
It’s a hip swinging, ass shaking and hand clapping disco-funk gem with tinkling cow bells, lush synth patterns and a spoken word vocal that makes it as catchy and anthemic as it is musical and feel-good.

As well as a chunky club dub version, Apple Juice & Blacksoul team up to turn in a stripped back and more dancefloor facing remix. It’s one for the middle of the night rather than the early evening warm up, as is the Mr Jools remix.

Buy on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/swimsuit/1147377