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Telonius – InterFace (album)


Out today! The debut album by Jonas Imbery aka Telonius who runs the Gomma label with his pal Mathias Munk Modica. The album is an intentionally body shaking affair that incorporates a certain twisty edginess – the product of 15 years of experience in various diverse musical projects.

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The Deadstock 33s – The Pilgrim’s Ghost (Album)

Cat#: Gomma 180 CD
Release: 1 March 2013

We are excited to announce the release of the debut album from Justin Robertson’s The Deadstock 33s, set to drop on March 1st 2013.

The Deadstock 33s is the most recent incarnation of British DJ legend Justin Robertson. Over the past three decades Robertson has helped shape the direction of dance music many times; from his underground DJ sets in Manchester’s early Hacienda days to his Dancehall Techno releases of Lionrock, through his last years partnership with shooting star Daniel Avery (several releases on Gomma). Since one year Justin is back with his The Deadstock 33s project. And everybody wants him: he did remixes for Justice, 2 Bears, Boys Noize. He did a FABRIC mix. Now Robertson is ready to unleash the debut album from The Deadstock. Dub techno, Slo Mo Boogie, Futuristic Disco… whatever you call this – as always Justin is 3 steps ahead.


Moullinex – Flora (CD album)

„Tune of the month“ (MixMag/UK November 2012)

Today we finally release the Moullinex debut album FLORA. After several singles over the last years. The album is a 60 minute collection of new songs that mixes the warm Moullinex sound with influences from Motown soul, great 80ies Pop, DiscoFunk and today’s electronic music. Vocals by Moullinex aka Luis Clara Gomez himself, Peaches (on the „Maniac/Flashdance“ cover) and some other great singers.

Essentially FLORA is a dance album, but it is neither a retro pastiche as you have heard it so many times the last years, nor a cold modern imitation of the old sound. Luis has delivered a wonderfully selection of songs that marry timeless melodies with a deft production touch to create an LP that is brimming with positivity. In fact: Flora was recorded in Portugal. Not far from the beach. And knowing this fact you might better understand this sunny vibe of the album.

Moullinex puts some soul back into electro. And Gomma is proud to release such a forward-thinking record.

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The KDMS – Kinky Dramas and Magic Stories (CD album)

The ’Indie disco answer to Adele’ and ‘The key band of the New Disco scene”. That’s how The KDMS have been described.

Yes – there is a lot of buzz around Kathy Diamond‘s and Max Skiba‘s band. And if you listen to their debut album you will understand why. A band that connects today’s club music with amazing song writing and the unique voice of great Soul Diva.

Pop, underground, forward thinking and retro at the same time. Music that catches you immediately. That’s probably why they became a favorite of some big pop artists of today. For example: Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip. He teamed up with Justus Köhncke from Kompakt and they did a cover version of the new single “Wonderman”. (On the album). Also the rework that Morgan Geist from Metro Area did for a song is so huge that we have put it on the album.
But… we are talking to much! You have to hear this yourself!


Esperanza – Esperanza (CD album)


Release: 2 December 2011
Cat#: Gomma 160 CD

Yeah! Finally out now: The debut album of ESPERANZA. Three kids from Italy making music that is out of any categories. ESPERANZA mix 90′s Detroit Techno with the universe of Italian melodies with a 70ies Psychedelic touch. Or as a German journalist described it: Brian Eno having a session with Carl Craig. Produced by Air and arranged by Morricone…

The album features recording artist Banjo Or Freakout (Walls/Kompakt) on vocals. Remixes by Luke Abbott (Border Community), Broke One and Walls (Kompakt). Check also the video for the new single Jaipur. Desert techno!

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Franz Ferdinand Solo Project: Box Codax “Hellabuster” (CD)

Here it comes: Box Codax. The solo project of Nick McCarthy – man on the guitar in Franz Ferdinand. The NME and many others already raved about this new album that was also partly produced by Metronomy: One of the most extravagant and colorful Rock/Folk albums of these days. Imagine Zappa in the studio with Arcade Fire and Roy Orbison.

In fact Box Codax is a band consisting of 3 members: Nick McCarthy and his longtime friends: poet and singer Alex Ragnew and Nick’s wife Manuela Gernedel. It’s a family record. It starts with some raw rock’n rolly disco and ends in the most beatiful melancholic ballads you can imagine. Aditional mixing, drum programming and other things by legendary ACDC engineer Mike Fraser and Modica & Imbery from Gomma.

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Munk “The Bird and the Beat” (CD)


Release: 25 February 2011
Cat#: Gomma 152 CD

Mathias Modica‘s new album is a futuristic collection of songs based on House Music, but with influences from Eurodance, Italian Pop, French Chansons, Brasil Funk and even German dadaism. Featuring ten girls from different countries: Lou from New Young Pony Club / London. Clara Cometti from Kitsune / Paris. Pollyester from Munich. Joyce Muniz from Brasil….

A German magazin described it as “…sounds like Feist jamming with Caribou produced by a new house geek like Tensnake..”… haha.. we like this description. Second single and video Keep My Secret out now.

First single La Musica just has been released also on compilations of Kitsune, Bugged Out, Busy P‘s Tsugi Mix CD and used in the Chanel & Surface To Air – campaigns.

For a limited time we will give you two singles as a free download. Just subscribe to the Gomma newsletter.

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The Glimmers – Whomp That Sucker! (CD)

Release: 22 October 2010
Cat#: Gomma DT020 CD

Here it is! The soooo long awaited new album of belgian DJ superstars, disco heros and wildstyle house kings THE GLIMMERS. To be released now on Gomma. Pure dance floor madness: Whomp That Sucker! is a collection of dance tracks made with Ray Mang (recently signed to DFA) and as the Glimmers describe it .. ”This time we only serve superpowerful discoid beats, analogue synths, bleeps, bass and FX. Play it very loud and be in a different state of mind for best results..”

It’s been a crazy decade for The Glimmers! They co-created Eskimo Recordings, they released several compilations and albums that were received euphorically by their huge worldwide fan crowd: Serie Noire : Dark Pop and New Beat (2002), Remixed, Re-edited and F*cked Up mix album, DJ Kicks (2005), Fabric Live 31 (2006). And now finally here is the follow up. Gomma is proud: Please welcome: The Glimmers!

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Tim Sweeney: “Support it! :)”
The Magician: “Woow The Glimmers!!! I Love. very good! ”
Mickey Moonlight: “as you know, i love it!”
Trevor Jackson: “Glimmers are always reliable for floor burning mayhem”
Matt Walsh: “I love the Glimmers, always have, always will.. these are so good!”
Social Disco Club: “Fuckin hell!! Massive stuff. Gomma is one of most exciting labels at the moment.”
DJ Kaos: “Killer Release!”
Tronik Youth: “Love rocked my world, killer track”