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PODCAST NR 18 – Sound of Toy Tonics 2017 – Mixed by Kapote

90 minutes of our sublabel Toy Tonics best releases of 2017. In one mix. Includes TT main crew COEO, Black Loops, Kapote, Rhode & Brown, Jad & The… guest releases by Kiwi, Vito & Druzzi, Felipe Gordon. Remixes by Red Axes and Joe Claussell.

Available also on Bandcamp as a full compilation:

Listen also to “Toy Tonics Radio – Curated by Kapote” on Spotify:


Gomma Podcast #134 – COEO

The COEO brothers are hot right now. The two guys from Munich are getting much love from all over the world for their special soul-driven House tracks they release on Toy Tonics. Over the last two years they had several no.1 singles on Traxsource and Juno – and their vinyl sold out immediately. Now they decided to create a mixtape consisting only of COEO remakes and personal edits of old tracks they love. So this mixtape is totally special! Not one of these tracks is available for purchasing… There is some beautiful music here. COEO have the magic touch…


New Gomma Podcast by Dj Kaos

DJ Kaos made a mixtape for us! You might know our Berlin Amigo: He did great records – first as part of Terranova, later under his own name on DFA, Rong and many other labels. Kaos has been fighting for the funk on dance floors along with Gomma since the mid 90ies! In fact he had been djing at Mathias Modica’s Munich partys before Gomma records was even started. Kaos in Berlin and Mathias in Munich brought New York street art, new electronic music, heavy freestyle vinyl diggerism and an ecclectic attitude into Germany very early. Kaos also made a great remix for Gomma’s Rodion back in 2008 that we recommend to listen to – sounds super fresh now: https://open.spotify.com/album/46hUpMR5FzTPRE0RSU2N11

1. Grand Funk Railroad – I Can Feel Him In The Morning
2. First Choice – Love And Happiness
3. David Keaton – Gloria
4. Unknown
5. The Flirts – Passion (Remix)
6. Wild Rumpus – Cloudhopping
7. Kultra 2 – Kultra
8. Clevage – Barah
9. Unknown
10. Mother’s Finest – Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way
11. Back In Time – Gonna Make It
12. Unknown
13. Supermax – African Blood
14. Bob Chance – It’s Broken (Kaos Edit)
15. Freak – Weekend
16. Vicki Sue Robinson – Hold Tight
17. Roboterwerke – Supersempfft


Gomma Podcast #132 – Munk’s Spring Mix

Mr. Munk‘s spring mix is fitting well into the sunny days we are having in germany these days. A mix full of soulful, but never cheesy proto-house and strange kind of electronic dance music. Influences from Africa, old 70ies Funk 45″ and early Detroit Technofunk.
Munk’s spring mix includes also new stuff from Toy Tonics and Gomma: Remixes by Lauer, Mark E and a not yet released remix by italian funk-monster Kian T for Berlin’s upcoming kids Zhut & Kapote.

1 Munk – The Oboe Onyx (Lauer Remix)
2 Underground System – Bella Ciao (Leo Mas & Fabrice Remix)
3 Jad & The Ladyboy – Gervinho
4 Hodini – Quin_c
5 Paul Johnson (White Label 1995)
6 Kapote – Luftikuss (Mark E Remix)
7 KMFH – Let’s Get Down
8 Zhut & Kapote – So Damn Hot (Kian T Remix)
9 COEO – Back In The Days
10 Tom Misch – Beautiful
11 Munk – The Naked Baam


Gomma Podcast #131 – Discoholycs

Discoholycs are our favourite colombian Cowboys. They throw hot partys in Bogota and Medellín, produce funky bouncing tracks and are fantastic DJs. Check out their stuff… And listen that great mix featuring music by Fouk, Nachtbraker and many more great artists.

1. A Lo Tiger – Nico & Discoholycs (Nómada Records)
2. One More Button Down – Phil Gerus (Futureboogie Recordings)
3. People Say (Saine Remix) – Erik Ellmann (Eleflight Records)
4. Lefty’s Bar (Brame & Hamo Remix) – Fouk (Heist Recordings)
5. P3 Jazz (Peacey’s Down Town Dub) – Rocco (Atjazz Record Company)
6. Loveray 79 – The Central Executives (Golf Channel)
7. King Mashie – Jkriv (Razon N Tape)
8. Backchat For Toprock – Dego & Kaidi (sound Signature)
9. Chiclago – Felipe Gordon (Forbidden Cuts)
10. Monday Mourning – Nachtbraker (Dirt Crew)
11. Afortunada – Lucien Magual (Nómada Records)


Gomma Podcast #130 – Munk Winter Mix

Here comes – a bit late, as always – Mathias Modica’s winter mixtape. But as we know he was busy with other stuff: Releasing two EPs on Local Talk and Correspondant and producing a lot of new music that will come out in 2016. On this mixtape the Munk man serves a quite easy trip through
current soulful house and broken beat goodies. Starting with Tom Misch and Jack J, in a nasty red light bar mood and ending in a trippy space with Berlin’s very own Montezuma’s Revenge and some ethnic downtempo music.

1 Tom Misch & Bearcubs – Colours of Freedom
2 Jack J – Something On My Mind
3 Munk – Hot Medusa (Kai Alce Remix)
4 Soledrifter – The Beat Inside
5 Hess is More – Youarenotaprimate (Munk Remix)
6 Martin Lewis – Do it
7 Rhode & Brown – Whistleblower (Hodini Remix)
8 Black Sience Orchestra – New Jersey Deep
9 Haaksman – Rename The Street
10 Nicola Cruz – La Cosecha
11 Los Massieras – We Don’t Need.
11 William S. Burroughs – Did I Ever Tell You
12 Montezuma’s Revenge (White Label)


Gomma Podcast #129 – Mona Lazette

Here comes the first mixtape by Mona Lazette. Nigerian born, London living vocalist and performer.
You might know her from her works with Munk. And you maybe heard that she also works under another name: Mama.
As Mama she released an album with Argy on BPitch Control and did guest appereances on tracks by Catz ‘n Dogz, Kele and others.
Have fun with Mona Mama…
(New Mona Lazette single “Pressure Pressure” coming out in january)

1. Moodymann – Come 2 me
2. COMA – Lora (Robag Whume Remix)
3. Omar S – Here’s Your Trance Now Dance
4. Dinamo Azari – Victim
5. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Vermillion (&ME Remix)
6. PBR Streetgang – Move On, Don’t Want Me
7. Paul Woolford – Mdma
8. Black Loops – Konkokt
9. Honey Dijon – Oh yea
10. Crowdpleaser – Nenekri (Kalabrese Remix Multi Culti Eit)
11. Mobi Dixon Feat. Msaki – Love Colour Spin (DJ Tea Bossanova Mix)
12. Hannah Holland Feat. Sasha Perera – Night Bend


New Toy Tonics Mixtape

Our little sublabel Toy Tonics is making us and many other people very happy. Beatport called it “one of the 10 best new house labels in 2015″ and some of our last releases made it no.1 on the sales charts of Juno and Traxsource. We release one EP/ vinyl per month. Twice a years we do mixtapes with all important tracks – and here comes the new one. Includes new music of new artists like Concret from Mexico City with their dirty spanish vocals, Italian sample funk hero Kian T, Defected A&R and regular Toy Tonics gueststar Luke Solomun, Alixander III from Azari & III, David Pezzner, crazy german kid Kapote and others…

1. Concret – Don’t Abuse It
2. Black Loops – Suki
3. Jacky Mingo & Kapote – Fuego
4. PBR Streetgang – My Game
5. Alixander III, Saytek & Dave DeValera – Don’t Trust Me
6. Jacky Mingo & Kapote – Caliente
7. PBR Streetgang – Move On, Don’t Want Me (Kian T Remix)
8. Jad & The Ladyboy – The Swazi Techno Funk Truck
9. Chez Moon – Dance Alone
10. Luke Solomon – The Cherry Bomb Blues
11. Concret – Hottie
12. Kian T – In Your Eyes
13. Lonely Man – Off (Kapote Remix)
14. Pezzner – Autosave My Love