Mercury Releases


Mercury – Man EP (Maxi)

Cat#: Gomma 182
Release: 11 January 2013

Gomma Outsider House – the next chapter. A new Mercury double single. 2 tracks only – that don’t need any remix. This causes unlimied euphoria on your dancefloor. High Energy – Funk House de luxe. A raw and rude production like made in a Garage. Mercury are on the roll.

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Mercury – Old Man’s House (incl Martin Dawson Remix) (12″)

Cat#: Gomma DT044
Release: 1 June 2012

New Mercury out now. The “Swiss House Mafia” – that’s how they call the boys from Mercury and their friends Round Table Knights. Here comes the fourth Mercury EP. Much deeper than the last singles. Think Paris Filter House 1998 meets a gospel singer and a percussion band… but better than thinking is.. checking it out.

3 dope tracks and a remix by Martin Dawson.

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Mercury feat. Robert Owens – Candlelight EP Remixes (Maxi)

Cat#: Gomma DT039
Release: 2 March 2012

One of the greatest voices in house music is back. Robert Owens. And he joined Gomma boys from Mercury on their third single Candlelight. The original version came out 2 weeks ago and already is in the bag of DJ’s such as Soul Clap, Tom Trago, Brodinski, Dimitri From Paris…

We are sure that these new remixes will cause extra damage to good dance floors around the world. Check the amazing Till von Sein and Beni versions. Gonna make the girls shout loud.

Munich newcomers Cocolores add some slightly 90ies flavor and newcomers Logo from Kitsune and Voices of Black (Wolf & Lamb Music) give it a special edge. Mercury are hot right now.

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Mercury – Candlelight feat. Robert Owens (12″)


Mercury are on fire! Their second E.P. Sweetness is still hot – in the boxes of DJ’s like Brodinski, Round Table Knights and Pedro Winter. And they already come with a third one. And they asked one of the greatest voices in house music to join the crew: Robert Owens. The result is more than just a burner. A futuristic slow house jam with a tricky, unexpected beat and a harmonic change that makes you… let’s say: cool down? Includes a funky house jam “Running Back To You” featuring Christopher McCray and a stomping B-Side “NY Feeling”.

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Mercury – Sweetness (12″)

Cat#: Gomma DT030
Release: 30 September 2011

Mercury! Sweetness – the new E.P.. We don’t need to introduce Mercury to you anymore. From A-Trak to Shit Robot and Brodniski – everybody was playing their first single and their remixes for Made to Play, Kitsune and Tom Trago recently. As Busy P described them: “I’m sure Kerri Chandler and Louie Vega will love it as much as I do! It’s time to re-open Sound Factory.. “.
This new EP is even better. Check the energy of You Lift Me Up. And also the Catz n’Dogz remix. Heavy House Bizness.


Brodinski: “Big EP! really cool vibe every track is amazing! congrats big support!”
Pedro Winter: “I’m sure Kerri Chandler and Louie Vega will love it as much as I do! it’s time to re-open Sound Factory.. Massive fan of MERCURY”
Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team: “great EP, fav track is the catz n dogz remix!”
Christian Martin (Martin Brothers): “Catz n Dogz remix!!!”
Deetron: “Great Originals and ace Jagged RMX!”
Shit Robot: “more mercury goodness, these guys never fail. love it.”
Trevor Rockcliffe: “Will be supporting You lift me up and Special Place, original mixes.”
Round Table Knights: “Great Release! Full Support, i like all the tracks.”
Phonique: “CATZ N DOGZ!!!! totally my style!!!”
Dimitri From Paris: “Love Sweetness by Mercury”
The Magician: “Loving “Special Place” ! Will play it!”


Mercury – God d’Azur (Maxi)


Cat#: GOMMA DT023
Release date: 17 December 2010

This week we release the debut EP of the two super talented boys of Mercury. Mercury’s qualities first got discovered by Dutch illustrator Parra, who offered the Swiss producer duo to remix his band’s LE LE track “Breakfast”. The result was heavy supported by DJ Mehdi, Shir Khan, A-Trak and many others and became a true hit on Gomma Records.

Now – after having also remixed Steed Lord, Tom Trago’s B.R.U.C.E. project, Munk, Homework, and Rodion, Mercury come up with a first own E.P. “God d’Azur”. Pure, smooth, effective, instrumental, dirty Housemusic.

Including remixes by Amsterdam’s wunderkind Tom Trago and Made To Play high flyers Round Table Knights.

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Erol Alkan: “Sounds great!”
Brodinski: “This EP is fantastic, i don’t even know which one to choose!”
Eric D. Clark: “Grand Prix de Monaco is nice!”
Shit Robot: “Great! Love me some Mercury.”
Matt Walsh: “Killer old school house! Tom Trago remix is the best one for me!”
James Friedman: “Love that Trago mix especially”