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WhoMadeWho – I Lost My Voice Remixes (Maxi)

Release: 4 December 2009
Cat#: Gomma 136

WhoMadeWho are everywhere right now. The 3 Danish psychedelic disco rockers are on the cover of the most important music magazines and playing live around Europe. Here comes the new single I Lost My Voice, including remixes by: Golden Bug from Paris, Fred Berthet from Marseille (the man behind the Copy Shop singles on Bearfunk), Moullinex (the new man on Gomma) and Munk (the Munk mix is a favorite of DJs such as Rub n Tug etc)

1) Moullinex Remix
2) Fred Berthet Remix
3) Munk Remix
4) Golden Bug Remix

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WhoMadeWho – The Remix Collection (Compilation)

Release: 21 August 2009
Cat#: Gomma 131

WhoMadeWho came over the music world this year like a disco rockish atom bomb. With their new album THE PLOT they had cover stories all over Europe and FRANZ FERDINAND, DAFT PUNK and SOULWAX chose them as opener band for their tours.

Accompanying the new album GOMMA records released a ton of remixes. Some of them got big hits in upfront clubs around the world. The best ones now will be featured on the WHOMADEWHO REMIX COMPILATION, a digital only release. The collection features REMIXES by DJ KOZE, REVERSO 68, NOZE and many other artists. Plus an additional 5 never before released exclusive remixes!

1) The Plot (Discodeine Remix)
2) TV Friend (Hot Chip Remix)
3) The Plot (Noze Remix)
4) Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Remix)
5) TV Friend (Tomski & Fredboy Remix)
6) The Plot (Muzzle Flash Remix)
7) The Plot (Lützenkirchen Remix)
8) Keep Me In My Plane (Reverso 68 Dub) (EXCLUSIVE)
9) Keep Me In My Plane (Rodion Remix) (EXCLUSIVE)
10) Keep Me In My Plane (Max Pask Remix) (EXCLUSIVE)
11) This Train (Munk Edit) (EXCLUSIVE)
12) The Plot (Telonius Remix) (EXCLUSIVE)

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WhoMadeWho – Keep Me In My Plane Remixes Part 2 (12″)

Release: 29 June 2009
Cat#: Gomma 130

This remix package includes one of the best remixes London-based Neo Disco Rollers REVERSO 68 from ESKIMO RECORDS ever did, besides a second remix by Germany’s No 1 Techno Remixer DJ KOZE. Plus a laid back version by up-and-coming band MODERNAIRE. And last but not least a Remix by THE KDMS which is the new band on Gomma, featuring 21 year old Polish producer genius MAXIMILIAN SKIBA and Londons Disco Diva KATHY DIAMOND. Known from her releases on DFA and PERMANENT VACATION.

    “Brilliant!!!” Erol Alkan
    “This is really great. I love these guys and every mix is good. KDMS mix is my favourite. Need more music like this!” A-Trak

A1) Reverso 68 Remix
A2) The KDMS Remix
B1) DJ Koze Hudson River Dub
B2) Modernaire Remix

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WhoMadeWho – Keep Me In My Plane Remixes (12″)

Release: 15 June 2009
Cat#: Gomma 128

After the first single THE PLOT now here comes the follow up KEEP ME IN MY PLANE. A downtempo disco track that could remind of early Talking Heads… but goes much further. It got a clear touch of Scandinavian Pop – but without being cheesy as so much of the music we get from the North. Remixes come courtesy of German Superstar Rmxer DJ KOZE (the first remix after his remix compilation on Get Physical) and Danish upcoming master of new House KASPER BJÖRKE.

“Brilliant!” Erol Alkan
“This is really great. I love the Gomma guys. Need more music like this!” A-Trak

A) DJ Koze Remix
B1) Original 12″ Edit
B2) Kasper Björke Remix

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WhoMadeWho – The Plot Remixes Part 2 (12″)

Release: 6 April 2009
Cat#: Gomma 123

Danish DiscoRock sensation WHOMADEWHO have just released their new album “The Plot”. The first single has the same name as the album (The Plot). Here come some superb new remixes by Paris Edit and Remix wunderkind DISCODEINE aka PILOOSKI and Germany Techno Meister LÜTZENKIRCHEN. ( “3 Tage Wach”). Is there any club in the world that will not play one of these 2 mixes?

  A1) Discodeine Remix
  A2) Discodeine Dub
  B) Lützenkirchen Remix
  *1) Lützenkirchen Dub (Digital Bonus Track)
  *2) Muzzle Flash Remix (Digital Bonus Track)

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WhoMadeWho – The Plot (CD / LP)

Release: 23 March 2009
Cat#: Gomma 120 CD / LP

Here it comes! The new album of WhoMadeWho: The Plot! Forget all the UK Top 10 bands form last year who tried to sound like the 3 Danish guys…here comes the original!  And they are everywhere right now: The guys are on the cover of the most important music magazines all over Europe, playing the big festivals and getting props from all the important blogs.

Remember? The guys’ career started in 2006. Back then their first singles (Satisfaction.. and Flat Beat – the cover!) and their self-titled debut album was released on Gomma Records. They started to be the favorite band of a lot of big acts: LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax, Franz Ferdinand–yes even Daft Punk chose them as support act for their tours. And Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age covered their single Space For Rent.

It is the perfect match: Gomma records and the three completely different musical characters of WhoMadeWho: Jeppe Kjellberg – the walrus bearded guitar player, has been part of the New Yorks experimental Rock and Jazz scene for years. He has even recorded a mini album with David Tronzo – guitar player of the legendary Lounge Lizards. Tomas Høffding – the bass man with the falsetto voice, has his roots in the Scandinavian Garage Rock scene (but always has been in love with fat disco bass lines). And Tomas Barfod aka Tomboy is not only the drummer of the band but he’s also known for producing some of the hottest Advanced Electro/ House music of the moment for labels such as Turbo, Kitsune and Get Physical.

Now, here’s the band’s new album. 13 songs that are the perfect example for a band who uses a tiny production budget to widen, expand and multi-colorize their sound without losing their soul. There’s a sexual and sensual authenticity to the breathed echoes of their first album. 13 songs which, when heard by Christian Wright – the legendary engineering-maestro at London’s Abbey Road studios – lead to the point that he at all costs wanted to master this record by himself.

The Danish guys created a brand new pop sound influenced by early 70ies Progrock as well as the complex side of disco music, with a very rough DIY pop approach and some well integrated electronic bits and drum sounds. Check the videos by Simon Owens (The Plot and TV Friend) and Chicks On Speed (This Train).

1) TV Friend
2) The Plot
3) Small Town City
4) Trickster
5) Keep Me In My Plane
6) This Train
7) Office Clerk
8) Ode To Joy
9) Motown Bizarre
10) I Lost My Voice
11) Cyborg
12) Raveo
13) Working After Midnight

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WhoMadeWho – The Plot Remixes (12″)

Release: 6 March 2009
Cat#: Gomma 118

New single out now! New remixes!

WhoMadeWho are on the roll: cover story of biggest German music magazine INTRO…The Plot is already on rotation on BBC radio / NME radio..the video is featured on the front pages of all European Myspaces, and on MTV2 UK and all over Europe. ..and yes: FRANZ FERDINAND just asked WhoMadeWho to remix their new single!

A) Noze Remix
B1) The Mole Remix
B2) Original DJ Version

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WhoMadeWho – The Plot / This Train (7″)

Release: 6 March 2009
Cat#: Gomma 126

New 7″ single out now!

Yo! For you vinyl addicts and rockateros out there: we made a 7″ single of WHOMADEWHOS first new single The Plot. 1000 copies around the world only. The flip side features a new track called THIS TRAIN. Can you imagine JON SPENCER with LED ZEPPELIN and JOSH HOMME and MR OIZO in a studio? Sounds like this…

A) The Plot
AA) This Train

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