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Gomma currently is on holiday!
Since 2016 we stopped our activities and started 2 other labels: Toy Tonics & Kryptox.

Gomma history

Gomma was born in 2000.
Created, curated and directed by Mathias „Munk“ Modica and Jonas Imbery, who later left the label.
Art direction by Mirko Borsche & Thomas Kartsolis aka Smal & Paze.

We released indie disco, new wave funk, weird pop & experimental electronica by artists like
WhoMadeWho, Munk, Headman, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Moullinex, Mocky, Daniel Avery, Dimitri from Paris, Lele (aka Parra), Tomas „Tomboy“ Barfod, Box Codax (Franz Ferdinand side project) and others.

Munk/ Gomma also produced music for/ with
James Murphy, Asia Argento, The Rammellzee, Peaches, Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem)…
We curated compilations dedicated to New Wave Funk & Post Rock: ANTI NY (2001) and TEUTONIK DISASTER (2004)

Art & Graphics:
We made art and visual projects, published the graphic magazine Amore and curated exhibitions in galleries around the world.
Gomma retrospectives have taken place in Munich (Haus der Kunst), Stockholm (Beneath gallery), Berlin (Circle Culture), Tokio (with 032C magazine) and other cities.

Amore Mag contributions by:
P.A.M. , Daniel Josefsohn, Kostas Murkudis, Parra, Nevin Adadalg, Michael Sailsdorfer, Martin Fengel

We produced over 50 different limited editon design shirts.
Designed by Mirko Borsche, Thomas Kartsolis, P.A.M., Kostas Murkudis, Mathias Modica.

We made music for shows, events and campaigns of fashionbrands such as Margiela, Wood Wood, Surface to Air, Chanel and worked for Parisian fashion institution Colette.

Thanks for your attention. You can still contact us at gomma [at] gomma [.] de
Please follow our new adventures with

Press quotes:
„Gomma is the freshest and most intersting German record label.“ (Dazed & Confused/ UK)
„Like a German DFA.“ (NME/ UK)
„Always ahead of it’s time, with an unique approch that make the imprint oustanding“ (The Wire)



MUNK feat. Asia Argento “No Milk” Mercury Remix (Video)

Single “No Milk” out November 2009 including more remixes by Ben Mono and Muzzle Flash. Video by Niklas Groschup & Valentino Betz


Munk – No Milk (Maxi)

Release: 13 November 2009
Cat#: Gomma DT 006

After the huge sucess of the last MUNK Remix single Back Down now here comes the next one: 3 new remixes of No Milk…..taken from the Cloudbuster album. No Milk features Italian actress ASIA ARGENTO who already performed on MUNK’s Live Fast Die Old single. The biggest remix comes from Berlin’s superproducer BEN MONO. Ben plays bass in the MUNK live band, but your certainly know him from his own productions. He’s got this amazing fat bass-driven sound – comparable with the current music of people like LIFELIKE, BREAKBOT and SHAZAM. The same way of hard funk that rocks every dance floor!…and: when the percussions kick in the ladies start to scream!

Remix No.2 by MERCURY. Two guys who did the infamous Bootleg Remix for PARRA aka LELE’s Breakfast Track. Hard House! And the last remix was done by Copenhagen’s upcoming House Genius MUZZLE FLASH..a close friend of Trentemöller and the WHOMADEWHO gang. This guy’s gonna be big one day!

1) Ben Mono Version
2) Mercury Remix
3) Muzzle Flash Remix
4) Original Club Mix

Download at:


Munk “Live Fast Die Old” WhoMadeWho Remix (Video)


MUNK “Live Fast Die Old” Ed Banger Allstars Remix (Video)


Munk with Asia Argento – Live Fast Die Old Part 2 (12″)

Release: 16 June 2008
Cat#: Gomma 111

ED BANGER Records chief BUSY P is a huge fan of MUNKs piano disco anthem LIVE FAST DIE OLD (from MUNK’s new album “Cloudbuster”).. When Busy heard it for the first time he immediately wanted to make an own version of it. And here it is: the first ever ED BANGER All Stars Remix! And it’s banging!!

The flip side features an deep space techno extravaganza by Danish discogrungers WHOMADEWHO. Their first release since two years. And it’s a genrehopping master piece. Starting with a easy Minimal beat . Developing into a 6/8 s Shaffel Techno and ending up as intense Technodiscorock. Amazing.

Third Remix is a BAILE FUNK remix by Rio de Janeiro’s underground DJ number one: THE AMAZING CLAY.

A1) Ed Banger All Stars Remix
A2) The Amazing Clay Remix
B1) Original Extended Version
B2) Whomadewho Remix

Download at:
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Munk – Cloudbuster (CD)

Release: 2 June 2008
Cat#: Gomma 110 CD

MUNK is the project of Italo – Germany DJ, producer, pianoman and globetrotter Mathias MODICA – one of the two guys behind GOMMA RECORDS.

MUNK has been  described as the “…the German DFA” by Londons NME magazine and “Germany’s king of fucked up disco” by VICE. The MUNK debut album APERITIVO was released in 2005. UK’s i – D magazine defined it as “a superb futuristic mix of space disco and psychedelic soul”.
The main hit was the disco anthem “Kick out the chairs!” which featured long time Gomma fan JAMES MURPHY from DFA on vocals.

The new MUNK album CLOUDBUSTER includes 3 songs with italian leading actress ASIA ARGENTO (known from the last Sofia Coppola and Abel Ferrara movies.) and Matty Safer (The Rapture).
The first single will be ” Live Fast! Die Old!” featuring Asia Argento. The song got huge props by ED BANGER boss BUSY P. He wanted to do an own version of the song. His version and remixes by THE JUAN MACLEAN (DFA), HEADMAN, WHOMADEWHO and others will be coming up in may.

MUNK now is a 4 person live band! The band consists of Mathias Modica and POLLYESTER, BEN MONO and DOC DOHLE from Berlin. Check videos of MUNK LIVE and of the singles on YOUTUBE.

1) Live Fast Die Old
2) Down In L.A.
3) Interludus No.1
4) You Never See Me Back Down
5) The Rat Race
6) Under Kontrol
7) No Milk
8) Bohemian Mud Strut
9) Monopterus
10) Interludus No.2
11) Il Gatto
12) Psycho Magic
13) Interludus No.3
14) The Knights Of Heliopolis

Buy CD / download at:
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MUNK with Asia Argento “Live Fast Die Old” (Video)


Munk with Asia Argento – Live Fast Die Old (12”)


Release: 19 May 2008
Cat#: Gomma 109

After the big hit KICK OUT THE CHAIRS! with James Murphy from 2005 finally the new MUNK album CLOUDBUSTER comes up in June 2009. The first single LIVE FAST DIE OLD is a PIANO DISCO track which features Italian actress ASIA ARGENTO.

These first remixes have been done by DFA’s THE JUAN MACLEAN, Gomma’s very own HEADMAN and rising DJANE star on the DiscoTech scene MARAL SALMASSI.

The JuanMacLean delivers a Piano House piece which could easily be THE ANTHEM for the new generation of piano house. The flip side brings an equaliy groundbreaking piano disco remix by Gomma’s own HEADMAN. The third mix is the tune which sound most like the original track: it’s the most discoish version of the track. A remix by MARAL SALMASSI – Persian DJane who lives in Germany and does a very smooth sounding disco sound. THIS SINGLE IS ONE OF THE BEST GOMMA SINGLES EVER!

A) The Juan MacLean Remix
B1) Maral Salmassi & Zero Cash Remix
B2) Headman Remix

Download at:
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