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New video for Hotlane “On My Own”

New act, new single, new video: Hotlane from Berlin

Gomma presents a great new duo from Berlin: Swedish model, actress, singer Agnes Lindström and Berlin DJ Jack Tennis have been around Berlin’s alternative nightlife for the last years. Now they started to make slow, sexy, melancholic songs and Gomma is happy to release them… check the video for “On My Own”.

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MUNK & Rebolledo “Surf Smurf” (Rebolledo Version) VIDEO

The crazy Surf Smurf single by Rebolledo and Gomma’s Munk created some euphoria. Resident Advisor just made a big feature and blogs all over are getting crazy for this Rockabilly Techno absurdity.

Here is a video for Rebolledo’s remix version!

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New video for Munk “The Beat” (Kolombo Remix)

New Munk single “The Beat” first went up high in the Beatport House charts and now finally gets a video for the heavy Kolombo remix.

Munich’s Studio Seidel’s clip takes you directly to Toy Town, where residents include ice-skating bears, xylophone-playing hounds and an elephant on drums.
There’s also a vintage cameo from that mental cymbal-crashing chimp from Toy Story 3, whose wide-eyed, unblinking visage is slightly less terrifying when accompanied by this crisply bouncing beat and Londoner Mona Lazette’s smoothly understated vocals. Plus, with the continuing rise of the kigu, it might not be long before clubs start looking like this anyway…


Telonius ft. Faberyayo “Swimsuit” (Apple Juice & Blacksoul Remix)

Here it comes! Taken from Telonius debut album we chose this great version from the “Swimsuit” single for the next video. Video done by Bureau Mirko Borsche and song featuring the vocals of Faberyayo — singer to dutch disco group LELE. ((The band of PARRA … if you know what we mean..)
Listen to full album here!


Telonius ft. Faberyayo “Swimsuit” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Directed by Bureau Mirko Borsche.
Taken from the album “InterFace” out on Gomma.


Tiedye – Road Less Travelled (video)

We have just released the first record by our buddies Tiedye from Sweden: “Road Less Travelled” comes with remixes by Still Going, DJ Kaos & Sonns and King Of Kong. Here’s the video!


Telonius ft Kokutekeleza – I Make You Man (video)

In anticipation of the Telonius album release on friday, here’s the video for “I Make You Man”, directed by Klaus Lemke and featuring a young Thomas Kretschmann.

You can preorder the album on iTunes.


Telonius “Kiss Your Face” (video)

Watch the video for Telonius‘ new single “Kiss Your Face” (directed by Bureau Mirko Borsche) now!