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Gomma currently is on holiday!
Since 2016 we stopped our activities and started 2 other labels: Toy Tonics & Kryptox.

Gomma history

Gomma was born in 2000.
Created, curated and directed by Mathias „Munk“ Modica and Jonas Imbery, who later left the label.
Art direction by Mirko Borsche & Thomas Kartsolis aka Smal & Paze.

We released indie disco, new wave funk, weird pop & experimental electronica by artists like
WhoMadeWho, Munk, Headman, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Moullinex, Mocky, Daniel Avery, Dimitri from Paris, Lele (aka Parra), Tomas „Tomboy“ Barfod, Box Codax (Franz Ferdinand side project) and others.

Munk/ Gomma also produced music for/ with
James Murphy, Asia Argento, The Rammellzee, Peaches, Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem)…
We curated compilations dedicated to New Wave Funk & Post Rock: ANTI NY (2001) and TEUTONIK DISASTER (2004)

Art & Graphics:
We made art and visual projects, published the graphic magazine Amore and curated exhibitions in galleries around the world.
Gomma retrospectives have taken place in Munich (Haus der Kunst), Stockholm (Beneath gallery), Berlin (Circle Culture), Tokio (with 032C magazine) and other cities.

Amore Mag contributions by:
P.A.M. , Daniel Josefsohn, Kostas Murkudis, Parra, Nevin Adadalg, Michael Sailsdorfer, Martin Fengel

We produced over 50 different limited editon design shirts.
Designed by Mirko Borsche, Thomas Kartsolis, P.A.M., Kostas Murkudis, Mathias Modica.

We made music for shows, events and campaigns of fashionbrands such as Margiela, Wood Wood, Surface to Air, Chanel and worked for Parisian fashion institution Colette.

Thanks for your attention. You can still contact us at gomma [at] gomma [.] de
Please follow our new adventures with

Press quotes:
„Gomma is the freshest and most intersting German record label.“ (Dazed & Confused/ UK)
„Like a German DFA.“ (NME/ UK)
„Always ahead of it’s time, with an unique approch that make the imprint oustanding“ (The Wire)



R.I.P. The Rammellzee


One of our all time heroes The Rammellzee died last week. Rammellzee was one of the coolest guys of New York’s late 70ies and 80ies street art scene. He was a pioneer of Graffiti in the streets of New York and also one of the first dudes in Hip Hop culture. He wasn’t stuck in cliches as so many others in the Hip Hop world. No: Rammellzee always was interested in creating new things. So he brought spray art into a new level. Yes: He created his own world: Gothic Futurism. Consisting of crazy crazy muppets. Robots. Spaceships. An own language. Yes, a whole universe. For more then 30 years he just worked on this idea.

In 2002 Mathias and Jonas (Munk & Telonius) – our Gomma bosses met him in New York. He was looking for somebody who was young and would produce a soundtrack for his Gothic Futurism world. For over one year they worked on the 12 songs that late came out as “The Bi-conicals of The Rammellzee”. Stuart Argabright from Death Comet Crew, Tim Sweeney and others helped to create this crazy album.

Gomma is very sad. A great inspiration left the world. The Rammellzee R.I.P. …you were great, man!

Also here are 2 songs from the album.
Download: The Rammellzee – Cheesy Lipstick
Download: The Rammellzee – Sigma 1


AMORE & MondoGomma Picture Shows

AMORE is an irregular poster magazine, designed by SmalPaze and published by the Gomma label. In the past 4 editions, artists such as Michael Sailstorfer, Daniel Josefsohn, New York Freak Art legend The Rammellzee, Kostas Murkudis, Martin Fengel, P.A.M., and many more have contributed with artworks.

AMORE No. 4 – The PsychoMagic Issue (2008)
AMORE No. 3 – Nur Du Allein (2006)
AMORE No. 2 – Revue OK (2004)
AMORE No. 1 – Una festa sui prati

In connection with the release of each issue of AMORE, several exhibitions have been taking place all over the world, called MondoGomma Picture Shows:

MondoGomma Picture Show MUNICH 2009
MondoGomma Picture Show BERLIN 2008
MondoGomma Picture Show TOKYO 2006
MondoGomma Picture Show STUTTGART 2005
MondoGomma Picture Show BARCELONA 2005
MondoGomma Picture Show STOCKHOLM 2005
MondoGomma Picture Show BERLIN 2005


Gommagang – 3 (CD)

Release: 24 January 2006
Cat#: Gomma 070 CD

This is the third MIX CD with music from the Gomma label. It includes underground club hits, remixes and unreleased songs from the last two years. New tracks by Gomma acts Headman, WhoMadeWho and Munk and (vocal & remix) contributions by friends of the label like The Rapture, DJ Chloe, Midnight Mike, Berlin’s Dirt Crew and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). Most of it had so far been only released on vinyl, but it would be a shame to hide these little hits from the CD listeners.

The complilation shows the more „clubby“ side of the Gommalabel. It was mixed by the MUNK boys (Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery) – the same two guys who released the much acclaimed APERITIVO album two years ago and are also the men behind the small, but always innovative german label. Along with Output, Tigersushi, Kitsune and DFA, Gomma is part of this new generation of companys who started to develop their very own new sound – somewhere in between disco, electronic and post rock.

1) Headman – Rong Hands (Dub Version)
2) Munk – Disco Clown (Midnight Mike’s 128 BPM Remix)
3) Tomboy – Finale
4) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (Dirt Crew Remix)
5) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Finalahh (Nicky Remix)
6) Midnight Mike – Hot In The Kitchen
7) Tomboy – Black Beauty
8) Munk & Chloe – Ce Kul (Francisco Remix)
9) Tomboy – Maggie & Samira
10) Whomadewho – Satisfaction
11) The Rammellzee – Cheesy Lipstick
12) Munk & James Murphy – Kick Out The Chairs (WhoMadeWho Version)
13) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Chefsong
14) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (The Rapture’s Hushhush Version)

Listen to the MegaMedley

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MondoGomma Picture Show BERLIN 2005


MondoGomma pictureshow at C:c room, Gipsstraße 11, Berlin, January / February 2005.

Stuff by Borsche and Kartsolis aka SMAL & PAZE. Small contributions also by Kostas Murkudis, The Rammellzee, Michael Sailstorfer, Lee and a beautiful lip machine by Benny Röder

There was a nice party afterwards with MUNK, JOAKIM and WHOMADEWHO.


The Rammellzee – The Bi-Connicals of… (CD/2LP)


Release: March 2004
Cat#: Gomma 044 CD/2LP

THE RAMMELLZEE is a NYC – Icon. Something like the “Godfather of street art”! Known as one of the originators and still leading figure of contemporary underground art, street culture, Graffiti and Electro/ Hip Hop (his BEAT BOP single with Jean Michel Basquiat and K – Rob is one of the most important original rap tracks ever – reissued this year on MoWax and Soul Jazz). He was featured in all important Hip Hop films of the 80ies (“Wildstyle”…) and worked with people like Fab 5 Freddie, Michael Holman, Futura 2000, Phase 2 and was (with his partner Basquiat) one of the first graffiti artists accepted by the “official” art world. Over the last few years he got quite a heavy reputation – especially in Japan and in the US street art scene – for developing his own special universe („Gothic Futurism“). It consists of big human size fantasy muppets (walk-ins), the LETTERRACERS (figurative skateboards) and also the original collage paintings he had invented back in the 80ies. But this is not a comeback! The Rammellzee has been already doing lots of new stuff recently including styling NYC’s SUPREME skate/ fashion company’s shops worldwide in 2003, doing new exibitions and performing several concerts in Japan with (Japan’s Nr. 1 Hip Hop – DJ) DJ Kensei and NYC’s Death Comet Crew. Japnese leading mag RELAX and UK’s DAZED & CONFUSED recently came out with some big (cover) storys about him.

After the 2003 No Wave/ Punkfunk/ NYC – revival – wich Gomma preceeded with it’s 2000’ ANTI NY compilation – the Rammellzee’s album could be a next level. A futuristic development of the original No Wave and Post Punk attitude – the angry, superenergetic NYC rawness versus an international new school of electronic producers…this is not a revival of 20 years old music! This is NOW – sound! We feel it fits perfect into 2004.
The Rammellzee was looking for some fresh musicians who could help him to record a soundtrack for his „Gothic futurism“ universe. He met the Munich based Munk guys in 99 when they licensed a track from him for ANTI NY – compilation and were introduced by common friend Stuart Argabright (aka the Dominatrix aka Death Comet Crew). Together they decided to realize this project on Gomma including fresh producers from different parts of the world. The eleven tracks have been made in 2002 and 2003 in NYC, Munich, Tokio, San Francisco and Berlin. Rammellzee took them as a basis for his „speaches“. It’s GOTHIC FUTURISM. He has a lot to say. (CHECK: WWW.GOTHICFUTURISM.COM)
ARTWORK: THE RAMMELLZEE. Guest appearances by NYC – rappers K – ROB & Shockdell.

1) Do We Have To Show A Resume?
2) Beat Bop Part 2
3) Cheesy Lipstick
4) Jamin Zabar Jamin Zabar
5) Pay The Rent
6) Quack
7) Sigma 1
8) Traxxstoppers
9) Pogo
10) Funky Dream Part 3
11) When Hell Freezes Over

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The Rammellzee – Pay The Rent (12″)

Release: 9 February 2004
Cat#: Gomma 045

Lots of people call The Rammellzee „the godfather of street-art“. Having started his career back in NYC in the late 70ies as a kid, he was featured in many of the famous Graffiti & Street art films of the Hip Hop period („Wildstyle“). Later he had appeariances in films by Jim Jarmusch and Schnabel’s „Basquiat“ movie. In fact the Rammellzee was part of the original NYC – underground art bunch around Jean – Michel Basquiat, Phase 2 etc. But he did not disappear. In the 90ies he went on developing his own special unverse called „Gothic Futurism“ (check: WWW. inventing absurd skateboard – figures („letterracers“) and crazy muppets.

Pay The Rent features legendary NYC rapper Shockdell. The flipside Beatbop Part 2 (incl. NYC-rapper K–ROB) is the followup single to Beat Bop Part 1, a track that the Rammellzee did with K–ROB and Jean Michel Basquiat back in the 80ies and that has been called by many Hip Hop heads „one of the most important rap tracks ever”.

A1) Rammellzee – Pay The Rent (Original)
A2) Rammellzee – Pay The Rent (Version)
A3) Rammellzee – Pay The Rent (Instrumental)
B1) Rammellzee – Beat Bop Pt. 2
B2) Rammellzee – Pay The Rent (Version instr.)
B3) Rammellzee – Pay The Rent (Acapella)

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The Rammellzee – Cheesy Lipstick/Pogo (7″)

Release: 27.10.2003
Cat#: Gomma 037

THE RAMMELLZEE is a NYC – legend. He is known as one of the originators of Graffiti, Street culture and Hip Hop (his BEAT BOP single with Basquiat and K – Rob is one of the most important original rap tracks ever. He also was part of “Wildstyle” & “Stylewars” – films). He was (with Basquiat) one of the first graffiti artists accepted by the art world. (But left this before being hyped like Basquiat). Over the last years he got quite a heavy reputation – especially in Japan and in the US street art scene – for developing his own special universe („Gothic Futurism“). It consists of big human size fantasy muppets (walk-ins), the LETTERRACERS (figurative skateboards) and also the original collage paintings he had invented back in the late seventies Lately, he’s had quite a comeback in the US and japanese Street art & skating world. (NYC’s SUPREME company have styled their shops world wide in 2003 with Rammelzee items and in Japan his shows are regularly sold out.)

The Rammellzee got in contact with Munich’s Munk some time ago (he is a friend of some friends of Munk in NYC) and asked them to do this special single. (Munk had rereleased an old track by him on their 2000’ ANTI NY – NY – No Wave – compilation). He did not want an usual Hip Hop producer to do the tracks, but somebody that comes from a more progressive scene. So they met in NYC a few times and did these angry „speachees“. More stuff coming up in 2004!
Artwork on this 7” by The Rammellzee!

A) Cheesy Lipstick
B) Pogo

Download at:


V.A. – Anti N.Y. (CD)

Release: October / 2001
Cat#: Gomma 013 CD

Rare music from the early 80’s New York underground and some contemporary reinterpretations.

It took us over three years to finish this compilation. The first time we spoke to Michael Holman (former partner of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Vincent Gallo, promoter of the first hip hop shows in New York) was in 1997. He offered us to release the only (and yet unreleased) song of Basquiat’s band Gray that was ever recorded.

At the time, we were already planning to release a compilation with early 80’s No Wave & Boogie. So we decided to combine both things and came up with a collection of tunes mainly from New York’s early 80’s downtown art & music scene – mostly bands that had a connection with the Mudd Club.

Mudd Club was the place to be in New York’s early 80’s nightlife. After The Loft and Studio 54, it was here where Eno & Bowie, Gallo, Basquiat and lots of other innovative young guys from the art/fashion/music scene lost their nights.

Mudd Club was the place where Japanese designer talents like Yamamoto & Myake met young artists such as Futura 2000, Keith Haring and others. Live shows by Jim Jarmusch’s band The Del-Byzanteens or Vincent Gallo jamming with Gray were a standard act at the Mudd. Gray was the musical art-noise project of artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman.

Holman also was the main collaborateur on this compilation. Check his original photos on the artwork. This man was the capo: producer of the first ever hip hop tv-shows graffiti rock & beatstreet, promoter of the first hip hop parties outside the Bronx and superhero of the Beastie Boys and all other rap aficionados.

We also worked with Steve Mass, former owner and promoter of the Mudd Club. Together with him and other original band members like Jonny Sender of Kong and Justin’time (co-founder of Vince Gallo’s band Bohawk), Munk & Gomma compiled the album. Steve Mass also wrote the liner notes for the compilation.

We made a collection of what we think are some very fine songs. Hip hop & graffiti – legend The Rammellzee on a trash-electro tune with Death Comet Crew (later they were called The Dominatrix and were sampled by the likes of DJ Hell and Terranova). An ultrarare recording of Jim Jarmusch that sound like a cool Beck – song. The only recorded and never released music by Jean-Michel Basquiat. A sweet little song by now very known writer Vivian Goldman and much more.

But gomma isn’t a retro label. Most of the styles – music, fashion, art – from those days are the fundament of now – culture. So we took the originators stuff and asked some friends to reinterpretate them.
Compost band Syrup replayed the Sexual Harrassment tune. Funkstörung goes electroboogie with Ike Yard. Protein makes Rammellzee sound like it’s 2010…

1. Vivien Goldman – Launderette
2. Sexual Harrassment – If I Gave You A Party
3. Gray – Drum Mode
4. Konk – Love Attack
5. The Del/Byzanteens – Girl’s Imagination
6. Ike Yard – N.C.R.
7. Death Comet Crew – Exterior St.
8. Gray – Drum Mode (Paul Mogg Version)
9. Vivian Goldman – Launderette (Munk Version)
10. Sexual Harrassment – If I Gave You Party (Syrup Version)
11. Death Comet Crew – Exterior St. (Protein Version)
12. Ike Yard – N.C.R. (Funkstörung Version)

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