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Gomma currently is on holiday!
Since 2016 we stopped our activities and started 2 other labels: Toy Tonics & Kryptox.

Gomma history

Gomma was born in 2000.
Created, curated and directed by Mathias „Munk“ Modica and Jonas Imbery, who later left the label.
Art direction by Mirko Borsche & Thomas Kartsolis aka Smal & Paze.

We released indie disco, new wave funk, weird pop & experimental electronica by artists like
WhoMadeWho, Munk, Headman, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Moullinex, Mocky, Daniel Avery, Dimitri from Paris, Lele (aka Parra), Tomas „Tomboy“ Barfod, Box Codax (Franz Ferdinand side project) and others.

Munk/ Gomma also produced music for/ with
James Murphy, Asia Argento, The Rammellzee, Peaches, Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem)…
We curated compilations dedicated to New Wave Funk & Post Rock: ANTI NY (2001) and TEUTONIK DISASTER (2004)

Art & Graphics:
We made art and visual projects, published the graphic magazine Amore and curated exhibitions in galleries around the world.
Gomma retrospectives have taken place in Munich (Haus der Kunst), Stockholm (Beneath gallery), Berlin (Circle Culture), Tokio (with 032C magazine) and other cities.

Amore Mag contributions by:
P.A.M. , Daniel Josefsohn, Kostas Murkudis, Parra, Nevin Adadalg, Michael Sailsdorfer, Martin Fengel

We produced over 50 different limited editon design shirts.
Designed by Mirko Borsche, Thomas Kartsolis, P.A.M., Kostas Murkudis, Mathias Modica.

We made music for shows, events and campaigns of fashionbrands such as Margiela, Wood Wood, Surface to Air, Chanel and worked for Parisian fashion institution Colette.

Thanks for your attention. You can still contact us at gomma [at] gomma [.] de
Please follow our new adventures with

Press quotes:
„Gomma is the freshest and most intersting German record label.“ (Dazed & Confused/ UK)
„Like a German DFA.“ (NME/ UK)
„Always ahead of it’s time, with an unique approch that make the imprint oustanding“ (The Wire)



Gomma Dance Tracks Vol. 2 (Compilation)

Release: 10 July 2009
Cat#: Gomma 129

Some of the hottest producers in the new ElectroDisco and New Rave Funk scene have been producing for Germany’s GOMMA RECORDS last year. And the GOMMA DANCE TRACKS series brings together the highlights of these releases. IN FLAGRANTI, CROOKERS, SHAZAM from Modular, WHOMADEWHO and PONEY PONEY are on this compilation.

1) In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box
2) WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (In Flagranti Dub Remix)
3) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Finalaahh (Nicky Remix)
4) Munk – Down In L.A. (Shazam Remix)
5) Leroy Hanghofer – Pin (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
6) Trans Mania feat. Diskokaine – Boing Boom Jack (Robotnick Remix)
7) Munk – Mein Schatzi (Zongamin Remix Bonus Beats)
8) Whomadewho – Satisfaction
9) Headman – Running Into Time (Poney Poney Remix)
10) Rodion – Electric Soca (Crookers Remix)

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V.A. – Gomma Galactic No.2 (Compilation)


Release: 26 November 2007
Cat#: Gomma 096

Gomma Galactic No 2 is the second digital compilation with new, unreleased music by Gomma artists and friends.

Cosmic Legend DJ BALDELLI, WHOMADEWHO, MUNK, TOMBOY, OBLIO (aka IN FLAGRANTI),DRRTYHAZE and the crazy DISKOKAINE – they all have made exclusive tracks for this second part of GOMMAs digital only compilation. 13 dirty instrumental tracks which go far beyond the current disco reality.

WhoMadeWho replay VILLALOBOS hit single EASY LEE in a Grungefunk vibe and Baldelli brings some crazy Balinese xylophones into his heroin disco and IN FLAGRANTI aka OBLIO with a tribute to late seventies electronic music that came out of Germany in the 70ies.

1) Baldelli – Xilodelphia
2) Whomadewho – Easy Lee (live)
3) Drrtyhaze – Satisfaction
4) Rodion – La Prova Col Vocoder
5) Tomboy – One Week Of Bending
6) Munk – Under Control (Dub version)
7) Hiltmeyer Inc – iTune aLine
8) Oblio – Orgazmo
9) Rodion – Salvelox
10) Golden Bug – Golden Bullet
11) Diskokaine – Riminini
12) Oblio – Innercity

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Gommagang – 3 (CD)

Release: 24 January 2006
Cat#: Gomma 070 CD

This is the third MIX CD with music from the Gomma label. It includes underground club hits, remixes and unreleased songs from the last two years. New tracks by Gomma acts Headman, WhoMadeWho and Munk and (vocal & remix) contributions by friends of the label like The Rapture, DJ Chloe, Midnight Mike, Berlin’s Dirt Crew and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). Most of it had so far been only released on vinyl, but it would be a shame to hide these little hits from the CD listeners.

The complilation shows the more „clubby“ side of the Gommalabel. It was mixed by the MUNK boys (Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery) – the same two guys who released the much acclaimed APERITIVO album two years ago and are also the men behind the small, but always innovative german label. Along with Output, Tigersushi, Kitsune and DFA, Gomma is part of this new generation of companys who started to develop their very own new sound – somewhere in between disco, electronic and post rock.

1) Headman – Rong Hands (Dub Version)
2) Munk – Disco Clown (Midnight Mike’s 128 BPM Remix)
3) Tomboy – Finale
4) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (Dirt Crew Remix)
5) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Finalahh (Nicky Remix)
6) Midnight Mike – Hot In The Kitchen
7) Tomboy – Black Beauty
8) Munk & Chloe – Ce Kul (Francisco Remix)
9) Tomboy – Maggie & Samira
10) Whomadewho – Satisfaction
11) The Rammellzee – Cheesy Lipstick
12) Munk & James Murphy – Kick Out The Chairs (WhoMadeWho Version)
13) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Chefsong
14) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (The Rapture’s Hushhush Version)

Listen to the MegaMedley

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Gommagang 3 (12″)

Release: 15.01.2006
Cat#: Gomma 064

Two new Gomma club tracks on the GOMMAGANG three CD Labelcompilation. HILTMEYER INC.: FINAL AHH (Nicky Rmx): Fenderbass, Discodrums, Hypnosynths, Sleazy vocals…cosmic dancefloor funk. Made in Munich. PARKER FRISBY – Weil ich in einer Stadt … Deepest Technofunk made by new Berlin Talent PARKER FRISBY. Better know as OLIVER KOLETZKI in some circles: remember: Mückenschwarm. He is a old friend of Gomma and finally he did a track.

A) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Finalaahh (Nicky Remix)
B) Parker Frisby – Weil ich in einer Stadt aufwache die niemals schläft

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Hiltmeyer.Inc. – Sendling 70 (CD/2LP)


Release: 07 February 2005
Cat#: Gomma 055 CD/2LP

What is HILTMEYER INC? In a review, New York City’s Top–Shop TURNTABLE LAB puts it the easy way: „it’s just the hottest raw electronic disco thang.“

Hiltmeyer is well known in the Munich club scene: a few years ago for being an excellent record dealer, always hanging out in the streets and clubs, and now for being an excellent DJ at the Gommagang parties. He was raised in a part of Munich where a lot of Munich techno producers like Zombie Nation, Richard Bartz or the Disko B/ Chicks on Speed people pass their time: Sendling.

Hiltmeyer was always a music fan. By 13 he started to get into the sound that was called “Cosmic Music” in Southern Europe: a dance music movement that was developed in Northern Italy back in the early 80s and ruled the scene from North Italy through Austria and South Germany till the Mid 90s. The original Cosmic as Hiltmeyer Inc likes it (he owns a huge mix tape collection) is a very funky special way to select and mix Italodisco B – Sides, Afro funk and Protoelectro. In his own productions Hiltmeyer Inc takes this Italian cosmic disco attitude and translates it into his fresh personal style with a dirty, futuristic, techno flavor. Pornotrance from outta space!

Hiltmeyer works with an MPC wich ususally gets used by Hip Hop producers and has only very low–key equipment. But his first releases worked well: The first tracks “Narkotik!” and the 12“ called „I come from München Sendling and I don’t give a fuck!“ were a favorite of Kompakt’s Tobias Thomas and Parisian DJ Chloe.

Cover by original Munich artists WON abc – the Jesus is an original acrylic painting. (WON recently got fame in Street art/ Graffiti circles for painting an 8 meter piece on the indoor wall of Sri Lanks’s biggestz male jailhouse!)

1) Narcotic!
2) Pornhaus
3) 70er Jahre
4) S7 Ride
5) Finalahh
6) Synthipopü
7) Chefsong
8) Hillygirl
9) Rockabill
10) Valleybass

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Munk feat. Princess Superstar – Mein Schatzi Remixes (12″)

Release: 8 April 2004
Cat#: Gomma 043

Midnight Mike from London’s Flesh Records had had several gigs at Munich’s Gomma partys. When he and Zongamin heard the raw version of the track they offered this spectacular „Vanessa Mae“ – like futuristic R&B remixes/edits which (like the original) took quite some time to be released. The extra remix comes from Gomma artist HILTMEYER INC, a good friend of Munk from Munich.

A1) Zongamin Remix Midnight Mike Edit
A2) Zongamin Remix
B1) Hiltmeyer Inc Remix
B2) Zongamin Remix Midnight Mike Bonus Beats

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Hiltmeyer Inc. – I come from München… (12″)

Release: 23 February 2003
Cat#: Gomma 042

This is the NOW sound! And this is the first 12“ of the new Gomma artist HILTMEYER INC. What do u get? Psycadelic but superfunky ITALODISCO & ACIDFUNK. This are the basics of Hiltmeyers sound and here u got it. Straight for the upfront dancefloors. Killer. Already a favorite of people like Headman, DJ Chloe..

A1) Rockabilly
B1) Pornhaus
B2) Chefsong

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V.A. – Gommagang Zwei Maxi (12″)

Release: 13 November 2003
Cat#: Gomma 041

4 new Clubtracks/ remixes from Gomma. (They are also featured on the second part of the Gommagang Zwei CD). Here you have the whole range of Gommasound of 2002 and 2003. As UK mag i – D described it: „From punkfunk to psychsoul, from avantrock to future disco – superb out-there-urban-funk !“

A1) Munk – Androgyn (Headman Fast Version)
A2) Kamerakino – Ganz schnell wohin
B1) Hiltmeyer Inc – Narkotik
B2) Feyd – Walt R Lee

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