The Rammellzee – Cheesy Lipstick/Pogo (7″)

Release: 27.10.2003
Cat#: Gomma 037

THE RAMMELLZEE is a NYC – legend. He is known as one of the originators of Graffiti, Street culture and Hip Hop (his BEAT BOP single with Basquiat and K – Rob is one of the most important original rap tracks ever. He also was part of “Wildstyle” & “Stylewars” – films). He was (with Basquiat) one of the first graffiti artists accepted by the art world. (But left this before being hyped like Basquiat). Over the last years he got quite a heavy reputation – especially in Japan and in the US street art scene – for developing his own special universe („Gothic Futurism“). It consists of big human size fantasy muppets (walk-ins), the LETTERRACERS (figurative skateboards) and also the original collage paintings he had invented back in the late seventies Lately, he’s had quite a comeback in the US and japanese Street art & skating world. (NYC’s SUPREME company have styled their shops world wide in 2003 with Rammelzee items and in Japan his shows are regularly sold out.)

The Rammellzee got in contact with Munich’s Munk some time ago (he is a friend of some friends of Munk in NYC) and asked them to do this special single. (Munk had rereleased an old track by him on their 2000’ ANTI NY – NY – No Wave – compilation). He did not want an usual Hip Hop producer to do the tracks, but somebody that comes from a more progressive scene. So they met in NYC a few times and did these angry „speachees“. More stuff coming up in 2004!
Artwork on this 7” by The Rammellzee!

A) Cheesy Lipstick
B) Pogo

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