Amore Mag & Exhibitions


Gomma temporary MIAO Gallery closing in december

Gomma and Chromemusic ran a temporary offspace in munich for a few months. A gallery and barspace where several artists were showing their work and Gomma DJ’s playing the music.
Art by following people has been shown: Ray Moore, Mirko Borsche, Martin Fengel, Nomad, Dompteur Mooner, Andreas Neumeister, Thomas Gothier..


15 years Gomma Party at Kammerspiele

The Gomma label becomes 15 years old!
We started as babies and now we’ve got beards..

To celebrate we just released the Pop Futuro Compilation with contributions by Hot Chip, WhoMadeWho, Metronomy, Moullinex, Daniel Avery and many others and we will do a big spectacle at Kammerspiele Theatre in Munich – with many friends, new Gomma artists and an exhibition by our graphists Mirko Borsche and Thomas Kartsolis:

Wed, 3. june
21:00 – 3:00
Come early!


Little Postershow by BORSCHE & KARTSOLIS

Find it on Facebook:


Gomma Magazine available again!

As you might know we did a new issue of our Gomma Amore poster-magazine. Made by Mirko Borsche and Thomas Kartsolis aka Smal & Paze – Our friends who did the Gomma visual universe since the beginning.
The new issue gets distributed by Antenne Books/ London.

Now it’s available again. Get it here:


GOMMA *Amore* Magazine 2014

Made by Gomma.
Art direction: Mirko Borsche & Thomas Kartsolis
for SMALPAZE productions.
Featuring the G-O-M-M-A Universum 1999 – 2014.
Guest apperiances by mighty P.A.M., Kostas Murkudis, The Rammellzee, Michael Sailsdorfer, Daniel Josefsohn, Benjamin Röder, Valentino… Transcendental illuminations by Mathias Modica.

Available for 6€ + shipping. Mail to


GOMMA at LEAD AWARDS – Design Exhibition!

Gomma artworks are part of the german Lead Awards exhibition in Deichtorhallen/ Hamburg.
This is the most important forum for Graphic design in Germany. We feel honored!
Both our graphist: Bureau Mirko Borsche and Thomas Kartsolis are nominated as German Visual Leader 2014.


GOMMA exhibition at HAUS DER KUNST München

Modern Art Museum Haus der Kunst in Munich invited us to be part of the Festival of Independents exhibition.
We will show posters, artworks and stuff by our graphists SMAL & PAZE. More Information here.

Haus der Kunst also printed a whole GOMMA POSTERMAGAZINE. 50 pages.
Send us a mail if u wanna know how to get one!


AMORE & MondoGomma Picture Shows

AMORE is an irregular poster magazine, designed by SmalPaze and published by the Gomma label. In the past 4 editions, artists such as Michael Sailstorfer, Daniel Josefsohn, New York Freak Art legend The Rammellzee, Kostas Murkudis, Martin Fengel, P.A.M., and many more have contributed with artworks.

AMORE No. 4 – The PsychoMagic Issue (2008)
AMORE No. 3 – Nur Du Allein (2006)
AMORE No. 2 – Revue OK (2004)
AMORE No. 1 – Una festa sui prati

In connection with the release of each issue of AMORE, several exhibitions have been taking place all over the world, called MondoGomma Picture Shows:

MondoGomma Picture Show MUNICH 2009
MondoGomma Picture Show BERLIN 2008
MondoGomma Picture Show TOKYO 2006
MondoGomma Picture Show STUTTGART 2005
MondoGomma Picture Show BARCELONA 2005
MondoGomma Picture Show STOCKHOLM 2005
MondoGomma Picture Show BERLIN 2005


MUNK @ Sport Hit Paradise ART project/ Paris

Mathias Munk has been asked to be part of SPORT HIT PARADISE. An art project of New York based artist
Elisabeth Arkhipoff taking place in Paris. Elisabeth asked MUNK to record a track for an imaginary band called “Sport Hit Paradise”. Besides MUNK there are also: Discodeine (Paris), Gavin Russom (DFA New York), In Flagranti and others.

The exhibition will take place:
12Mail Paris from 11/12/09 to 12/02/10

You can download the music for free here: Sport Hit Paradise ART project