New Gomma shirts!


We have been lazy with our shirts. But we recived so many request that we felt we have to start our shirt biz again. You can find 5 new shirts here now: Gomma Shop

The shirts are designed by Paze, Mirko Borsche and our friend Micha from P.A.M.
Get them as long we have them.


The Art of Music exhibition Los Angeles

We were invited to take part at the big THE ART OF MUSIC exhibition in Los Angeles in September 2009. Besides artworks of SO_ME (Ed Banger), Steve Harrington there were many by our GOMMA art directors SMAL AND PAZE.

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Photos by Colin Young-Wolff


MondoGomma Picture Show BERLIN 2008

BERLIN, Pool Gallery, Tucholskystrasse 26.6 – 7.7.2008

Featuring works by The SMALPAZE aka Borsche und Kartsolis and special guest MISHA HOLLENBACH from P.A.M.

Berlin’s POOL Gallery invited us to do a MONDOGOMMA exhibition in summer 2008. The POOL guys are specialized in these new things in new alternative art. Recently they did ARKITIP, MIKE MILLS and that kind of stuff. So it was nice to have this opportunity. Our illustrators SMAL and PAZE did a lot of obscure hight level enlightment shit. Big size prints, small size visual gimmicks. And we had a special guest illustrator: MISHA HOLLENBACH from P.A.M. from Melbourne contributed some big posters , too. We did a nice Vernissage there and afterward a big GOMMA Party at Cookies with MUNK, Telonius, Kaos…Yeah!

And yes: We released a new Amore Poster Magazine along the exhibition. (Including the P.A.M. stuff)

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Amore No.4 – The PsychoMagic Issue


The new “Psychomagic” issue of AMORE poster magazine will be released accompanying the MONDOGOMMA pICTUREsHOW exhibition in Berlin. It features illustrations by SMALPAZE and guest MICHA HOLLENBACH aka PERKS. The man behind the – so much talked about – Australian art & fashion collective PAM.

Open web version


Gomma Psycho Magic Shirts 2008



Amore No.3 – Nur Du Allein


The 3rd issue was made by German illustrators BORSCHE & KARTSOLIS aka SMAL PAZE. Limited edition 500 copies. 300 copies special edition include a Gomma Mix CD made by MUNK.

The mag was presented at the „HEIMAT ALS UTOPIE“ exhibition in Tokio. The exhibition was organized by Berlin’s 032C magazine and took place at Hillside terrace/ Tokio… March 2006. Among AMORE & GOMMA there were also shown works by JONATHAN MEESE, HEDI SLIMANE, CARSTEN NICOLAI and other artists/ collectives.

Open web version


MondoGomma Picture Show TOKYO 2006


TOKYO, Hillside Forum, 24.2 – 19.3.2006.

GOMMA at „HEIMAT ALS UTOPIE“ Exhibition. GOMMA artworks and other visual things have been shown at an exhibition in Tokyo, curated by Jörg Koch and 032C magazine from Berlin. Eight different European artists/ collectives were invited. Along with Gomma there were works by Jonathan Meese, Hedi Slimane, Konstantin Gricic and others.

There was a nice Vernissage on 23 February 2006 with MUNK and others….

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MondoGomma Picture Show STUTTGART 2005


MondoGomma picture show, Stuttgart/ BRD at ROCKER 33, September 2005

Posters by SMAL & PAZE