Podcast #25: Rodion Mix Dei Remix

UK press called him “the new genius of italian dancemusic” … we dont know if he is a genius but we know that Rodion‘s just released new 6-track EP “For Ever” is getting amazing feedback. Older Gomma fans will remember his debut album from 3 years ago and some of his remixes. Now we have this very special podcast for you. Including only Rodion remixes from the last 4 years. The super italo sinth disco rmx for WhoMadeWho as well as his Mando Diao remix that was so big in UK. His crazy mix for Vivek Shraya …..Eurotrash, baby… and the killer mix for Gomma’s The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Rodion is back and he’s bad as burning burma blunts.

Rodion – Mix dei Remix
mixed by Mark 4ostia and Hugo Sanchez

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Rodion feat. Louie Austen “Estate” (Video)

Here it is: The summer anthem for your Italian vacation 2010…in case you still want to spend your holiday in new fascio Berlusconi-land… Anyway…world famous supercrooner Louie Austen joined Gommafamous producer Rodion in Rome to make a slowdisco version Italian chanson L’estate. A ballad that became famous in the original version by Bruno Martino in the 60ies.

The title suggest a little piece about the beauty of the summer time, but the lyrics are inverse: Louis is singing about how much he hates the summer … the summer that reminds him all the nice days he had with his ex-girlfriends. The song has just been released on Rodion’s new EP For Ever and got amazing feedback especially from non-Italian DJ’s such as Cosmo Vitelli, James Holden, Aeroplane, Larry Tee and Sharam Jey! Video directed by Patrick Spanbauer, written and animated by Louie Austen, produced by Louie Austen and Rodion.


Moullinex – Superman (12″)

Release: 4 June 2010
Cat#: GOMMADT017

Anybody never heard of Moullinex? We can’t imagine. Blogs and DJ’s have been getting mad about the digitalfunk of Luis Clara Gomes – better known as Moullinex. And all this with just one official release under his belt! (Breakchops EP 2009)…and a few hit remixes he did for Two Door Cinema Club (Kitsune), Sebastien Tellier, the remix for Cut Copy on Modular. His amazing Telonius remix is currently playlisted all around, too.

Luis – born in Portugal, but living in Munich since a couple of years, is part of the new Munich Disco scene around Gomma. So it was quite clear that he will release his own, new music on Gomma instead of signing one of the many deals that have been offered from other labels.

So here it is. The second ever Moullinex solo EP. And it’s only the beginning of a full series on Gomma records. Piano solos, African percussion, Indian guitars, Portuguese melodies, Balearic vibrations mixed with killer breakdowns, heavy basslines and screaming synths.

Jerry Bouthier: “I LOVE MOULINEX!!!”
Alex Gopher: “Superman is not dead. Superman is the man. Yes I love that!”
Rory Phillips: “It’s a love in! Sounds great.”
James Friedman: “Hide N Seek is my fave of the bunch”
Eric Duncan: “Nice stuff!!”
Severino / Horse Meat Disco: “Munk and Rodion mix is great…pumping…LOVE It Lorenz Rhode too…superb..”
Shir Khan: “LORENZ RHODE Remix is killer! Full support!”

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Rodion – For Ever (EP)

Release: 28 May 2010
Cat#: Gomma 144

Rodion is back! The “new genius of Italian Dance music” (Mixmag/UK) hits back with an amazing 6–track EP in June. Featuring – oh yeah!!! – Jeppe Kjellberg from WhoMadeWho and world famous crooner Louie Austen.

Singing Las Vegas-style Slow Disco Ballads, beautiful Italian melodies on Balearic house tracks and futuristic crooner pop.…..including some weirdo western whistling. Three years ago the boy from Rome released his debut album Romantic Jet Dance which became a favourite of DJs such as Lindström and the DFA crew. Rodion’s sound is influenced by Italo disco–of course. But it goes way beyond. The For Ever EP is electronic music deeply influenced by soundtrack composers such as Morricone and Goblin. Yes ..this is the future of Italo!

James Holden: “What a great release! Really enjoyed the whole thing, but piano song is the one going in my traktor folder.”
Stephen / Aeroplane: “This release is Fantastic!!! LOVE “Alagoas Cowboys”, “Estate” and “Piano Song”!! 10/10!! Full Support From The SKY!”
Cosmo Vitelli: “I really like Estate!”
Larry Tee: “I love it…I need it!”
Joe / Punks Jump Up: “Great tracks!”
Severino / Horse Meat Disco: “Hey great package here..”

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New Rodion EP coming up…

Rodion, our Gomma man from Rome will come back after 3 years with a new EP in May. An amazing 6 track superromanticextraterrific italodiscohousechanson ep.

Currently he is warming up with some live show. Check this video in Stockholm last week! (Click to open)


The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (Maxi)

Release: 12 March 2010
Cat#: Gomma 139

There is not much left to say about The Phenomenal Handclap Band from NYC. Blogs, music mags, everybody raved about this new 8 members psychedelic funk future hippie combo. The NME described them as the “follow up to MGMT and Empire Of The Sun”.

Anyway: here is the new single. Remixes by: Blackstrobe from Paris–The pioneers of the Parisian House scene are coming back with their first remix since years. And they do a beautiful -one for the ladies- classic 90ies house tune. Rodion from Italy are in the perfect Italo disco mood and Daniel Haaksman -the dude behind Europe’s leading Baile Funk label Man Recordings comes up with heavy heavy percussion breaks. And Clock Opera aka Guy Connelly, after remixing Bloc Party and Peter, Bjorn & John, contributes a deep, rolling remix.

   “Blackstrobe did a great rmx!”   Josh Wink
   “Clock Opera & Rodion Rmx are really good!”   Stephen Aeroplane

1) Black Strobe Remix
2) Daniel Haaksman Remix
3) Clock Opera Remix
4) Rodion Remix
5) Rodion Dub

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Gomma Dance Tracks Vol. 3 (Compilation)

Release: 11 December 2009
Cat#: Gomma DT 008

New future house label Gomma Dance Tracks is making big waves everywhere right now. Here is the 3rd compilation. Clubhits and Bombs from Diskokaine, Zak Frost, Munk, The KDMS feat. Kathy Diamond, Headman… Remixes by Cut Copy, Glimmers, Playgroup, Autokratz and the first remix that legendary Studio 54 DJ Nicky Siano did for 20 years.

1) Munk – Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix)
2) The KDMS – Never Stop Believing (Nicky Siano Jaguar Remix)
3) Diskokaine feat. DJ Funk – Bikinini
4) Telonius – Like What (Glimmers Remix)
5) Headman – Roh (Playgroup Remix)
6) Rodion – Electric Soca (Kaos Remix)
7) Headman – Running Into Time (Autokratz Remix)
8) Luc Miles – Phonkytrain
9) Lazersonic & Zak Frost – Thermionic
10) Capablanca & T. Keeler – La Konk Fiesta

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WhoMadeWho – The Remix Collection (Compilation)

Release: 21 August 2009
Cat#: Gomma 131

WhoMadeWho came over the music world this year like a disco rockish atom bomb. With their new album THE PLOT they had cover stories all over Europe and FRANZ FERDINAND, DAFT PUNK and SOULWAX chose them as opener band for their tours.

Accompanying the new album GOMMA records released a ton of remixes. Some of them got big hits in upfront clubs around the world. The best ones now will be featured on the WHOMADEWHO REMIX COMPILATION, a digital only release. The collection features REMIXES by DJ KOZE, REVERSO 68, NOZE and many other artists. Plus an additional 5 never before released exclusive remixes!

1) The Plot (Discodeine Remix)
2) TV Friend (Hot Chip Remix)
3) The Plot (Noze Remix)
4) Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Remix)
5) TV Friend (Tomski & Fredboy Remix)
6) The Plot (Muzzle Flash Remix)
7) The Plot (Lützenkirchen Remix)
8) Keep Me In My Plane (Reverso 68 Dub) (EXCLUSIVE)
9) Keep Me In My Plane (Rodion Remix) (EXCLUSIVE)
10) Keep Me In My Plane (Max Pask Remix) (EXCLUSIVE)
11) This Train (Munk Edit) (EXCLUSIVE)
12) The Plot (Telonius Remix) (EXCLUSIVE)

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