Gomma Dance Tracks Vol. 2 (Compilation)

Release: 10 July 2009
Cat#: Gomma 129

Some of the hottest producers in the new ElectroDisco and New Rave Funk scene have been producing for Germany’s GOMMA RECORDS last year. And the GOMMA DANCE TRACKS series brings together the highlights of these releases. IN FLAGRANTI, CROOKERS, SHAZAM from Modular, WHOMADEWHO and PONEY PONEY are on this compilation.

1) In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box
2) WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (In Flagranti Dub Remix)
3) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Finalaahh (Nicky Remix)
4) Munk – Down In L.A. (Shazam Remix)
5) Leroy Hanghofer – Pin (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
6) Trans Mania feat. Diskokaine – Boing Boom Jack (Robotnick Remix)
7) Munk – Mein Schatzi (Zongamin Remix Bonus Beats)
8) Whomadewho – Satisfaction
9) Headman – Running Into Time (Poney Poney Remix)
10) Rodion – Electric Soca (Crookers Remix)

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Gomma Super Show @ Scala Berlin 18.4.2009


Gomma Dance Tracks Vol. 1 (Compilation)


Release: 5 December 2008
Cat#: Gomma 121

GOMMA DANCE TRACKS is a series of COMPILATIONS that will be released only digitally. Every couple of months we put together some of our best DANCE TRACKS. Volume 1 features tracks and remixes by
Digitalism, Oliver Koletzki, Munk, Tronik Youth, Superdiscount and many others.

“The perfect mix of Ed Banger Techno and Lindstrom Disco” (DJ Magazine/ UK)

1) Golden Bug – LookLookLook (In Flagranti Remix)
2) Munk – Disco Clown (Digitalism Remix)
3) Headman – It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)
4) Munk – Live Fast Die Old (The Juan MacLean Remix)
5) Golden Bug – Luna Dark (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
6) Whomadewho – Out The Door (Superdiscount Remix)
7) Headman – Catch Me If You Can (Tronik Youth Remix)
8) Box Codax – Rat Boy (Mock & Toof Remix)
9) Tomboy – Black Beauty
10) Midnight Mike – Hot In The Kitchen

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Rodion – Athena Acid (12″)


Release: 27 October 2008
Cat#: Gomma 116

RODION – The Italo freak disco guy from Rome is back. Three tracks of advanced ACID meets ITALO meets ARPEGGIO FUNK. Imagine getting mad in a full moon summer night – on some funny drugs at the beach of Rimini. Sometimes in the EARLY 90ies. Welcome the Future of Italo! Hands in the air!

PHONICA RECORDS London full support on this one!

A) Hello Yellow
B1) Athena Acid
B2) Scuola Radio Elettra

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Mixtape: Rodion ‘Lungomare’ Mixtape

1. Aleksi Eeben – Landscape
2. Walter Jones – The Odyssey Sound (Mogg & Naudascher Edit)
3. Ariel Ueberschall – Ego
4. Humbert Humbert – RoygbIV
5. Telespazio – Galileo
6. Golden Bug – Horses (Original mix)
7. Pigneto Quartet – A Lume Di Pallas
8. Mat101 – Haunted House (original mix)
9. Box Codax – Missed Her Kiss (Rodion remix)
10. Omodaka – Kokiriko Bushi (Video mix)
11. Felix Mangor – Pets And Cars
12. Phat Pixel – Second Level
13. Tomboy – Flameingo (Rodion remix)
14. Dada Life – Big Time (Linus Loves remix)
15. Francisco – Moon Roller
16. Rodion – Luna Dark
17. Hostage – Pride
18. Kerrier District – Realistique

Listen & Download: Rodion ‘Lungomare’ Mixtape


V.A. – Gomma Galactic No.2 (Compilation)


Release: 26 November 2007
Cat#: Gomma 096

Gomma Galactic No 2 is the second digital compilation with new, unreleased music by Gomma artists and friends.

Cosmic Legend DJ BALDELLI, WHOMADEWHO, MUNK, TOMBOY, OBLIO (aka IN FLAGRANTI),DRRTYHAZE and the crazy DISKOKAINE – they all have made exclusive tracks for this second part of GOMMAs digital only compilation. 13 dirty instrumental tracks which go far beyond the current disco reality.

WhoMadeWho replay VILLALOBOS hit single EASY LEE in a Grungefunk vibe and Baldelli brings some crazy Balinese xylophones into his heroin disco and IN FLAGRANTI aka OBLIO with a tribute to late seventies electronic music that came out of Germany in the 70ies.

1) Baldelli – Xilodelphia
2) Whomadewho – Easy Lee (live)
3) Drrtyhaze – Satisfaction
4) Rodion – La Prova Col Vocoder
5) Tomboy – One Week Of Bending
6) Munk – Under Control (Dub version)
7) Hiltmeyer Inc – iTune aLine
8) Oblio – Orgazmo
9) Rodion – Salvelox
10) Golden Bug – Golden Bullet
11) Diskokaine – Riminini
12) Oblio – Innercity

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Tomboy – Flamingo Remixes Part 2 (12″)

Release: 12 November 2007
Cat#: Gomma 097

Besides a great remix for Chromeo he just did – WhoMadeWho’s drummer TOMBOY brings us this new Remix 12inch: Two reworks of the hit single from his debut album SERIOS.

Tomas’ Danish buddy TRENTEMÖLLER delivers an unique mindblowing acid burner. “The darkest Justice track – that Justice never made” as somebody described it recently. This paranoid rave monster transforms the dancefloor into an boiling euphoria bubble. The flip side features an equally energetic, but much more melodious italo version of the same track. by new band RODION from Rome.

A) Flamingo (Trentemöller Remix)
AA) Flamingo (Rodion Remix)

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Rodion – Luna Dark Remixes (Single)

Release: 5 November 2007
Cat#: Gomma 102

This is the 2nd single from the much talked about debut album of RODION from Rome. From LINDSTRÖM to MYLO, DJ CHLOE to TOMBOY: at the moment everybody seems to love the freaked-out ItaloCasioDisco of RODION.

The new single LUNA DARK is a very cosmic, sequenzer disco trip. Vocoder Box meets PsychoFunk in a acid house. The single comes along with three heavy club reworks by OLIVER KOLETZKI, Gomma new signing GOLDEN BUG from Paris and MARK4OSTIA – a new Italian kid doing analog disco hits. For balearic Discos and Cut-up Techno Floors. Big!

1) Oliver Koletzki Remix
2) Mark4Ostia Remix
3) Golden Bug Remix
4) Extended Mix

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