Podcast #5:
Tomboy Distortion Festival Mixtape

Tomboy sent us a new mixtape including tracks only by artists performing at Distortion Festival, Copenhagen. Included tracks by Morgan Geist, Ellen Allien, Pilooski, Glass Candy, Onur Ozer, Supermayer, M.A.N.D.Y., Trentemöller, and many more.

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Tomboy Distortion Festival Mixtape


Tomboy – Flamingo Remixes Part 2 (12″)

Release: 12 November 2007
Cat#: Gomma 097

Besides a great remix for Chromeo he just did – WhoMadeWho’s drummer TOMBOY brings us this new Remix 12inch: Two reworks of the hit single from his debut album SERIOS.

Tomas’ Danish buddy TRENTEMÖLLER delivers an unique mindblowing acid burner. “The darkest Justice track – that Justice never made” as somebody described it recently. This paranoid rave monster transforms the dancefloor into an boiling euphoria bubble. The flip side features an equally energetic, but much more melodious italo version of the same track. by new band RODION from Rome.

A) Flamingo (Trentemöller Remix)
AA) Flamingo (Rodion Remix)

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Tomboy – Flamingo Remixes (12″)


Release: 19 March 2007
Cat#: Gomma 092

KIM from THE PRESETS delivers a bigroom acid version of this new single of TOMBOYs debut album SERIOS.
But the true club bomb is the TOMBOY TA-RAM Remix: this tribaltechnofunk tool is already getting euphoric reactions not only by Germanys main DJs, but also by people like TRENTEMÖLLER, WEATHERALL, MYLO and PETE TONG who just played it on Radio ONE.

A) Flamingo (Tomboy’s Ta-Ram Remix)
B1) Flamingo (KIM Remix)
B2) Flamingo (Original Mix)

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Tomboy – Seriøs (CD)

Release: 19 February 2007
Cat#: Gomma 090 CD

Canadian House – Meister TIGA sometimes tells this story about how he was at a hotel gym in LA, minding his own business, playing the Tomboy sound on his “ghetto blaster”…when in walks……MICHAEL DOUGLAS! ….and after “grooving” to the music for a few minutes Douglas tells Tiga: “This music is fucking great, man”
Don’t trust our little info sheet….trust Michael Douglas:
Movie-star, Oscar winner and SEX addict…..he LOVES TOMBOY!

TOMBOY aka Tomas Barfod (DJ, Über-producer and drummer of Danish future disco band WHOMADEWHO) is one of the most talked about guys in the new Electronic scene. He has done four euphorically received solo maxisingles on Gomma and this year has also been asked to do a single for Tiga’s Turbo label, Get Physical and Kitsune. Now its time for his solo debut album: SERIOS are 14 moody, mellow, but freaked out “Spaceship” Electrosongs. Inspired by 70ies Cosmic disco, 90ies “Warp” – Electronica and the funky side of Rave culture.

But SERIOS isn’t a dance album even if it consists of elements from the dance universe. Tomboy is a tricky guy: he uses common clubmusic ingredients (acid lines, disco breaks, rave synthesizers, drum machines) in a totally unusual way. He plays the drums and reworkes them with electronic techniques. Creating this very personal sound.

SERIOS is sleazy chilled out music – but far away from any Chill Hop Lounge. And even if it was made by a “real” musician and studiowizzard the music never sounds too clean and perfect.

1) Swan
2) Murky Jerky
3) Hi’s And Low’s
4) Baffioso
5) Flamingo
6) Ist So Hot
7) Synchronize
8) Finale I/O
9) Maggie & Samira
10) The Movies
11) Æblegrød
12) Something
13) Zåmiang
14) I K. Guitar

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Tomboy – Seriøs Album Sampler (12″)

Release: 9 February 2007
Cat#: Gomma 089

After several 12inches for TOMBOY aka TOMAS BARFOD will release his debut CD in February. Besides being the drummer of WHOMADEWHO the Danish producer has produced a few own club killers.

A1) Something (Extended)
A2) Swan (Extended)
B1) Baffioso (Extended)
B2) Synchronize (Dub)

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Tomboy – 4 (12″)


Release: 13 November 2006
Cat#: Gomma 084

The fourth and most dancefloor rockin’ 12“ of Gomma Über – producer (and WHOMADEWHO – drummer) TOMAS BARFOD aka TOMBOY. With his previous three maxis TOMBOY established himself as the new talent of Neo Balearic Acid/Italo disco. His fame has grown to the point that now even Tiga’s TURBO records, GET PHYSICAL and KITSUNE have asked him for 12inches.

A) I Kill Guitar
B1) Young Enough To Know
B2) Ist So Hot

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Tomboy – 3 (12″)

Release: 4 November 2005
Cat#: Gomma 063

Third Gomma 12 inch by Danish producer, dj and drummer TOMAS BARFOD. His last 2 Gomma singles (2004 & 2005) got already some attention (especially when Andy Weatherall used a track on his FABRIC Mix CD). Like always TOMBOY delivers some delicious, electronic, funky and modern sounding 4/4 tracks. Between Italo, Cosmic sinths and a heavy bass drum.

A1) I-U
A2) Finale
B1) Itchi Feet
B2) Itchi Beat

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Tomboy – 2 (12″)

Release: 14 March 2005
Cat#: Gomma 053

Scandinavian producer Tomas Barfod with the second part of his TOMBOY single series on Gomma. His first 12“ – released October 2004 – went very popular with the more advanced house – DJ’s like Chloe, Ivan Smagghe or Tiefschwarz. Andy Weatherall licensed it for his recent FABRIC mix CD. This one now goes a little bit more cosmicdisco.

A) Maggie & Samira
AA) Player, Play On

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