Podcast #25: Rodion Mix Dei Remix

UK press called him “the new genius of italian dancemusic” … we dont know if he is a genius but we know that Rodion‘s just released new 6-track EP “For Ever” is getting amazing feedback. Older Gomma fans will remember his debut album from 3 years ago and some of his remixes. Now we have this very special podcast for you. Including only Rodion remixes from the last 4 years. The super italo sinth disco rmx for WhoMadeWho as well as his Mando Diao remix that was so big in UK. His crazy mix for Vivek Shraya …..Eurotrash, baby… and the killer mix for Gomma’s The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Rodion is back and he’s bad as burning burma blunts.

Rodion – Mix dei Remix
mixed by Mark 4ostia and Hugo Sanchez

01. The Millioners – Body into Use (Rodion Remix)
02. Health – In Heat (Rodion Remix)
03. Whomadewho – Keep me in my Plane (Rodion Remix)
04. Telespazio – Galileo (Rodion Remix)
05. Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2 (Rodion Remix)
06. Mando Diao – Dance (Rodion Remix)
07. Moullinex – Superman (Munk & Rodion rmx)
08. Box Codax – Missed her Kiss (Rodion Remix)
09. Fare Soldi – Il Vecchio e il Mullet (Rodion Remix)
10. Khan – Strip Down (Rodion Remix)
11. Mark 4Ostia – Disco Music, Fantastic Music (Rodion Remix)
12. Tomboy – Flamingo (Rodion Remix)
13. Vivek Shraya – If we’re not Talking (Rodion Remix)
14. Discodromo – Cosmorama (Rodion Remix)
15. Louie Austen – Make your Move (Rodion Remix)
16. Visti & Meyland – Stars (Rodion & Mammarella rmx)
17. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (Rodion Remix)

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Podcast #25: Rodion Mix Dei Remix

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