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Gommagang – 4 (CD)


Release: 28 May 2007
Cat#: Gomma 100 CD

„Gomma is like a German DFA!“ – London’s NME magazine called us like this….funny..but we feel honored. Check out our GOMMAGANG 4  MIX CD including a lot of the releases and remixes of 2006 and 2007..and judge yourself….

1) Box Codax – Missed Her Kiss
2) Headman – On & On
3) In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box
4) Trattoria Interlude
5) Drrtyhaze – Sound of the L.E.S.
6) Whomadewho – Flat Beat
7) Box Codax – Naked Smile (Naum Gabo RMX)
8) Tomboy – Flamingo
9) Baldelli – Girotondo
10) Rodion – Atala Ride
11) Trans Mania – Boing, Boom, Jack (Pulsinger RMX)
12) Headman – Moisture (Mustapha 3000 RMX)
13) Gespenster Interlude
13) Tomboy – Swan
14) Drrtyhaze – Hey Mama
15) Box Codax – Naked Smile (Metronomy RMX)
16) Munk – I Really Had Enough…
17) GB’s – Lucky In Vichy
18) Parker Frisby – Weil ich in einer Stadt aufwache, die niemals schläft!
19) Headman & Stephen Dewaele – Roh (Playgroup RMX)
20) WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (Superdiscount RMX)
21) WhoMadeWho – Space For Rent (Green Version)

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V.A. – Dancing Galactic (Compilation)

Release: 18 April 2006
Cat#: Gomma 080

This new exclusive iTunes compilation features new stuff by the GOMMA label. New tracks that will not be released on vinly, CDs or otherwise. Music by Future Disco Pioneers like MUNK, TOMBOY, PLAYGROUP /HEADMAN, a rare live recording of WHOMADEWHO and new stuff by Italo Cosmic disco legend DJ BALDELLI. „From Psycho Soul to Future Disco!“ as it was described by London’s i–D magazine recently.

1) Drrtyhaze – Hey Mama
2) In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box
3) Leroy Hanghofer – Comic Menuetto
4) Mono & Bär – Go Bang!
5) Baldelli – Atlantide
6) Munk – ITAL.o.v.e. 2002 (Raw Cut)
7) Tomboy – Kop City Tango
8) Headman feat. Stephen Deweale – Roh (Playgroup Remix Edit)
9) Kamerakino – Metall auf Eis (DISKKA Version)
10) WhoMadeWho – Space For Rent/Flat Beat (Live)

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Gommagang – 3 (CD)

Release: 24 January 2006
Cat#: Gomma 070 CD

This is the third MIX CD with music from the Gomma label. It includes underground club hits, remixes and unreleased songs from the last two years. New tracks by Gomma acts Headman, WhoMadeWho and Munk and (vocal & remix) contributions by friends of the label like The Rapture, DJ Chloe, Midnight Mike, Berlin’s Dirt Crew and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). Most of it had so far been only released on vinyl, but it would be a shame to hide these little hits from the CD listeners.

The complilation shows the more „clubby“ side of the Gommalabel. It was mixed by the MUNK boys (Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery) – the same two guys who released the much acclaimed APERITIVO album two years ago and are also the men behind the small, but always innovative german label. Along with Output, Tigersushi, Kitsune and DFA, Gomma is part of this new generation of companys who started to develop their very own new sound – somewhere in between disco, electronic and post rock.

1) Headman – Rong Hands (Dub Version)
2) Munk – Disco Clown (Midnight Mike’s 128 BPM Remix)
3) Tomboy – Finale
4) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (Dirt Crew Remix)
5) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Finalahh (Nicky Remix)
6) Midnight Mike – Hot In The Kitchen
7) Tomboy – Black Beauty
8) Munk & Chloe – Ce Kul (Francisco Remix)
9) Tomboy – Maggie & Samira
10) Whomadewho – Satisfaction
11) The Rammellzee – Cheesy Lipstick
12) Munk & James Murphy – Kick Out The Chairs (WhoMadeWho Version)
13) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Chefsong
14) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (The Rapture’s Hushhush Version)

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Gommagang – 2 (CD)

Release: 03.11.2003
Cat#: Gomma 039 CD

The second part of the mixed Gommalabel compilation, mostly with rmxs that so far had only been released on vinyl, special singles and „Gommahits“. All tracks were released in 2002 and 2003. Including 4 new tracks. Here you have the whole range of Gommasound of 2001 – 2003: Italo and Chicago influenced house/ electro. Late 70ies and 80ies original (German) punkfunk as well as some psycho-rock and futuristic pop.

1) Munk – Androgyn (Headman Rmx)
2) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Narkotik!
3) Mocky – JD’s Theme
4) Leroy Hanghofer – Bathroomboogie
5) Headman – It Rough (Chicken Lips Trax Dub)
6) Munk & Princess Superstar – Mein Schatzi (Zongamin Rmx)
7) Headman – So Then
8) Kamerakino – Metall Auf Eis
9) Carmen – Schlaraffenland
10) Feyd – Walt R Lee
11) Exkurs – Fakten Sind Terror
12) Starter – Part Of Me
13) Kamerakino – Ganz Schnell Wohin (Shady Edit)
14) Poets Of Rhythm – Summerdays
15) Mocky – Sweet Music


V.A. – Teutonik Disaster 2 (CD)

Release: 14.07.2003
Cat#: Gomma 033 CD

The 2nd (and last) part of the TEUTONIK DISASTER – compilation: Obscure, unknown music from Germanys late 70ies & early 80ies New Wave/ Punk underground. Bands who tryed to mix their sound with Funk & Disco influences in a own way. This music was not part of the famous NEUE DEUTSCHE WELLE – hype. It was made by guys who wanted to experimentate new stuff and existed besides the German NDW pop thing of these days. Some of them were really ahead of their time. All these recordings are extremly hard to find even in Germany.

1) Starter – Part of you
2) Instant Music – My Boy
3) Camilla Motor – Gefahr im Tivoli
4) Die Nervösen Deutschen – Stukas over Surrey
5) Jimmy, Jenny, Jonny – Der Kinderfreund
6) Die Chefs – Frauenkörper
7) Die Hetero’s – Monogamie, Kannibalismus unserer Zeit
8) Roter Mund – Mit Dir allein
9) FBC – One of them all
10) Exkurs – Angst


V.A. – Teutonik Disaster (CD)

Release: November 2003
Cat#: Gomma 032 CD

Think Daniel Wang, Playgroup and Metro Area jamming in a studio with the Strokes, The White Stripes and Beck. The result could sound like TEUTONIK DISASTER. Except that sometimes on this album you hear some German singing. But never like you would imagine a German singer would sound like. This is a compilation featuring music made in Germany 20 years ago, that sounds like it has been recorded in the year 2003. Totaly fresh, danceable Electro, Diskopunk and DanceRock. 8 instrumental Floorfiller + 8 homelistening tracks. You will love that!

1) Explorer – Yellow Power
2) Exkurs – Fakten sind Terror
3) Carmen – Schlaraffenland
4) Scala – Irrsinn in Dub
5) BBB – Tag (Munk Edit)
6) The Tanzdiele – MusikMusikMusik
7) Schwarze Bewegung – Traumfrau
8) Exkurs – Steril
9) Reifenstahl – Je t’air
10) Explorer – Rabbits
11) Klick – Blauer Lumumba
12) Ampilla’s Delight – Lover´s Walkman
13) Reiz des Neuen – Gilda
14) 50 Tabletten – Am Abend im Land der Träume
15) Exkurs – Natur
16) Geisterfahrer – Blumen
18) Mythen in Tüten – Tortellini


Gommagang – Start (2CD)

Release: May 2002
Cat#: Gomma 023 CD

Tracklist CD1:
1. Leroy Hanghofer: Pin (Jaques Lucont & Sloop John Barillo RMX)
2. Munk: Androgyn
3. Headman: It Rough (Vocal Version)
4. Syrup: If I Gave You A Party (Extended Version)
5. Headman: Anarchy
6. Ilk Steigner: Latinoboogie (Puertorico)
7. Leroy Hanghofer: Pin
8. Low Daddies: Bingo, Cowboy!
9. Ike Yard: N.C.R. (Funkstörung Remix)
10. Mask-Men: Showpony
11. Obatzdabeatbabes: Contrabeat

Tracklist CD2:
1. Munk: Überschön
2. Feyd: Wait
3. Munk: Music
4. Interlude 1
5. Protein: Emulgator
6. Headman: Find A Way
7. Interlude 2
8. The Palermo King: P. Mood
9. Feyd: Burma
10. Gray: Drum mode (Paul Mogg Version)
11. Jacksdas Interlude
12. Protein: Naturtrüb
13. Interlude 3
14. The Romantic Warriors: Offen
15. Interlude 4
16. Raw Audio Front: War Culture


V.A. – Anti N.Y. (CD)

Release: October / 2001
Cat#: Gomma 013 CD

Rare music from the early 80’s New York underground and some contemporary reinterpretations.

It took us over three years to finish this compilation. The first time we spoke to Michael Holman (former partner of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Vincent Gallo, promoter of the first hip hop shows in New York) was in 1997. He offered us to release the only (and yet unreleased) song of Basquiat’s band Gray that was ever recorded.

At the time, we were already planning to release a compilation with early 80’s No Wave & Boogie. So we decided to combine both things and came up with a collection of tunes mainly from New York’s early 80’s downtown art & music scene – mostly bands that had a connection with the Mudd Club.

Mudd Club was the place to be in New York’s early 80’s nightlife. After The Loft and Studio 54, it was here where Eno & Bowie, Gallo, Basquiat and lots of other innovative young guys from the art/fashion/music scene lost their nights.

Mudd Club was the place where Japanese designer talents like Yamamoto & Myake met young artists such as Futura 2000, Keith Haring and others. Live shows by Jim Jarmusch’s band The Del-Byzanteens or Vincent Gallo jamming with Gray were a standard act at the Mudd. Gray was the musical art-noise project of artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman.

Holman also was the main collaborateur on this compilation. Check his original photos on the artwork. This man was the capo: producer of the first ever hip hop tv-shows graffiti rock & beatstreet, promoter of the first hip hop parties outside the Bronx and superhero of the Beastie Boys and all other rap aficionados.

We also worked with Steve Mass, former owner and promoter of the Mudd Club. Together with him and other original band members like Jonny Sender of Kong and Justin’time (co-founder of Vince Gallo’s band Bohawk), Munk & Gomma compiled the album. Steve Mass also wrote the liner notes for the compilation.

We made a collection of what we think are some very fine songs. Hip hop & graffiti – legend The Rammellzee on a trash-electro tune with Death Comet Crew (later they were called The Dominatrix and were sampled by the likes of DJ Hell and Terranova). An ultrarare recording of Jim Jarmusch that sound like a cool Beck – song. The only recorded and never released music by Jean-Michel Basquiat. A sweet little song by now very known writer Vivian Goldman and much more.

But gomma isn’t a retro label. Most of the styles – music, fashion, art – from those days are the fundament of now – culture. So we took the originators stuff and asked some friends to reinterpretate them.
Compost band Syrup replayed the Sexual Harrassment tune. Funkstörung goes electroboogie with Ike Yard. Protein makes Rammellzee sound like it’s 2010…

1. Vivien Goldman – Launderette
2. Sexual Harrassment – If I Gave You A Party
3. Gray – Drum Mode
4. Konk – Love Attack
5. The Del/Byzanteens – Girl’s Imagination
6. Ike Yard – N.C.R.
7. Death Comet Crew – Exterior St.
8. Gray – Drum Mode (Paul Mogg Version)
9. Vivian Goldman – Launderette (Munk Version)
10. Sexual Harrassment – If I Gave You Party (Syrup Version)
11. Death Comet Crew – Exterior St. (Protein Version)
12. Ike Yard – N.C.R. (Funkstörung Version)

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