Munk “Happiness Juice” Official Video

The new Munk single “Happiness Juice” comes out on Exploited records in a few days. But the video premiere is today. Director is Jade Mortimer.
Here it is!
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First Preview: Munk “Happiness Juice” Video

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On july 23rd the video for Munk’s “Happiness Juice” of the upcoming single (incl. remixes by Miguel Campbell and Satin Jackets) on Berlin imprint Exploited Records premiers on
Director is Jade Mortimer. Here’s a first sneak peak…


New Munk single on Berlin’s Exploited


Mr. Modica finally finished his new Munk album. (Release in September)
We sent some of the tracks to friends and the reactions were awesome.
Some other labels started to ask if they can release some of the album tracks.
We agreed. So the first single will be released by our friends from EXPLOITED Records in May.
The song is called SOUTHERN MOON and features US born, Berlin living vocalist Lizzie Paige. Remixes come from HNNY & Darius Syrossian.


Gomma Podcast #112 – Munk at Charlie

Normally Mr Munk’s podcasts are made for home listening, travelling through many styles and decades.. Now we are happy to have this live recording from a party at Munich’s No.1 House club Charlie. Recorded in march 2014.
It shows quite well that Mathias still is one of the champions if it comes to mixing rare techno, underground disco and new house into one big flow.
Expect the unexpected….

1) Munk – The Beat (Kolombo Remix)
2) DJ Kaos – Buffalo Dub
3) Gropina & Black Loops – Mudy
4) Luna City Express – In The Mix
5) Dead Rose Music Company – Too Late
6) Dimitri From Paris – Lets Dance Edit
7) Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf
8) Daniel Steinberg – You Got It
9) Spirit Catcher – Final Call
10) Joey Negro – Taste The Groove
11) Kiwi – Llama
12) Doctor Dru – U Don’t Dance
13) Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Pretty Baby
14) Michael Gray & Marco Lys & Plastik Planet – Flashbacks
15) Jose Nunez & Antranig – Are You Ready
16) Munk – Misterio (Horse Meat Disco Remix)


This happens when Mr.Munk plays Gomma tracks in Mexico…



Munk on Under The Shade


After his recent cooperation with Pachanga Boys’ Rebolledo - Mr. Munk continues his 2014 release marathon with a single on London’s finest house label Under The Shade. Label of Ben Pearce and other big names of last year’s house revival. The new single “Intimate Stranger” features again Berlin/Brixton supergirl Mona Lazette on the mic.

The song is a futuristic house tune with classic song structure, harmonies inspired by 60ies American soul songs and reminds a bit of the great pop composers such as Trevor Horn. The amazing voice of Mona Lazette and the beautiful chords of Gomma boss Munk create a completely new way of house music. This is not retro – it’s a new edge.

The single comes with remixes by Mammarella, Plastic Plates and Mercury.


MUNK & Rebolledo “Surf Smurf” (Rebolledo Version) VIDEO

The crazy Surf Smurf single by Rebolledo and Gomma’s Munk created some euphoria. Resident Advisor just made a big feature and blogs all over are getting crazy for this Rockabilly Techno absurdity.

Here is a video for Rebolledo’s remix version!

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Munk Boiler Room set

Munk’s fantastic Boiler Room set now on Soundcloud!

1. Munk – The Beat (Kolombo Remix) (Gomma)
2. Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s – Eric Zann Revisited (Gomma)
3. Black Loops – Let Me See You Roll (Toy Tonics)
4. Munk – Misterio (Severino HMD Remix) (Gomma)
5. Moullinex – Sunflare (Club Mix) (Gomma)
6. Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf (Munk Version) (Gomma)
7. Mercury – Old Man’s House (Gomma)
8. The Deadstock 33s – The Circular Path (Gomma)
9. Fakewine edit ? (Toy Tonics)
10. Ricardo Baez – We Come Around (Toy Tonics)
11. Munk – La Musica (Gomma)