MUNK @ Boiler Room

Gomma head honcho Munk just did an ecstatic Boiler Room session.
Driving the crowd nuts with playing only Gomma and Toy Tonics releases. They were screaming and jumping constantly – and Mathias was in a excellent mood, too.. as u can see.

1. Munk – The Beat (Kolombo Remix) (Gomma)
2. Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s – Eric Zann Revisited (Gomma)
3. Black Loops – Let Me See You Roll (Toy Tonics)
4. Munk – Misterio (Severino HMD Remix) (Gomma)
5. Moullinex – Sunflare (Club Mix) (Gomma)
6. Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf (Munk Version) (Gomma)
7. Mercury – Old Man’s House (Gomma)
8. The Deadstock 33s – The Circular Path (Gomma)
9. Fakewine edit ? (Toy Tonics)
10. Ricardo Baez – We Come Around (Toy Tonics)
11. Munk – La Musica (Gomma)


Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf (Gomma 190)


Pachanga Boys’ Rebolledo and Gomma Boss Munk doing a single together! And when two freaks like them meet for music – the result has to be a masterpiece of craziness!
Surf Smurf – this single sounds like a David Lynch movie soundtrack for 2030. A dirty 60ies Surf Rock song gone electronic. There are 2 versions of the song: Rebolledo did a 12 minute dub techno rockabilly orgy. Munk a more energetic surf hop house track that will people drive crazy.

Check this out.. it’s special. Also the bonus track Got It Baby… haha… analogue piano acid techno for soul boys and girls…

Buy on Beatport:


MUNK @ Boiler Room tonite!


Gomma Boiler Room takeover!
Friday it was Moullinex djing at Boilerroom in Lisbon.
Tonite it’s MUNK. Playing music at Boiler Room in Munich.
With Daniel Bortz and others…
Tune in!


New video for Munk “The Beat” (Kolombo Remix)

New Munk single “The Beat” first went up high in the Beatport House charts and now finally gets a video for the heavy Kolombo remix.

Munich’s Studio Seidel’s clip takes you directly to Toy Town, where residents include ice-skating bears, xylophone-playing hounds and an elephant on drums.
There’s also a vintage cameo from that mental cymbal-crashing chimp from Toy Story 3, whose wide-eyed, unblinking visage is slightly less terrifying when accompanied by this crisply bouncing beat and Londoner Mona Lazette’s smoothly understated vocals. Plus, with the continuing rise of the kigu, it might not be long before clubs start looking like this anyway…


MUNK pres. GOMMA / TOY TONICS 2013 Megamix Pt. 2

Here comes the second part of our “Best of 2013″ releases show.
Gomma music and new stuff from our Dance sublabel Toy Tonics.
Tracks and remixes by Rhode & Brown, Tidye, Still Going, Esperanza, Hard Ton, Ricardo Baez…
Mixed and introduced by Magic Munk.

1) Mercury – Running Back To You (Gomma)
2) Munk – The Beat (Social Disco Club Remix) (Gomma)
3) Tiedye – Road Less Travelled (Gomma)
4) The Deadstock 33s – Impatient For Your Love (Gomma)
5) Hugo Capablanca – Acido (Gomma)
6) Hard Ton – Food Of Love (DJ Sprinkles Deeperama Remix) (Toy Tonics)
7) Tiedye – Road Less Travelled (Still Going Remix) (Gomma)
8) Telonius – Control (Nico Purman Remix) (Gomma)
9) Esperanza – Alliante Giallo (Gomma)


MUNK pres. GOMMA / TOY TONICS 2013 Megamix


Mr. Munk did a “Best of Gomma and Toy Tonics” Mixtape. Lots of great records we released in 2013. Starting with Andrew Weatherall‘s remix for The Deadstock 33s. Then remixes and music by Black Loops, S.K.A.M., Fernando, Horse Meat Disco, Telonius and many others…

1) The Deadstock 33s – The Circular Path (Weatherall’s Asphodells Remix) (Gomma)
2) Munk & Mona Lazette – The Beat (Gomma)
3) Fernando – Oleaje (Gomma)
4) Black Loops – Let Me See You Roll (S.K.A.M. Remix) (Toy Tonics)
5) Moullinex – Hypnotize (Gomma)
6) Ricardo Baez – We Come Around (Toy Tonics)
7) Munk – The Beat (Kolombo Remix) (Gomma)
8) Need Company (Manuel Kim Edit) (Toy Tonics)
9) Moullinex – Fauna (Gomma)
10) Telonius – Kiss Your Face (Gomma)
11) Black Loops – Let Me See You Roll (Toy Tonics)
12) Mercury feat Teki Latex – Tension (Toy Tonics)
13) Ricardo Baez – If You (Sei A Remix) (Toy Tonics)
14) Fernando – New Endings (Toomy Disco Remix) (Gomma)
15) Munk – Misterio (Horse Meat Disco Remix) (Gomma)


Munk EP on Mule Musiq’s Endless Flight (Japan)

Our friends from great label Endless Flight from Tokio asked Mat le Munk if he wants to do an EP on their label. He didn’t think twice as we all love what the guys of Mule do. Mat sent them some of his weirder new stuff he did this year… and here it is: The Yes! Yes! EP.
3 tracks full of cut up vocal bits, John Scofiled kind of melodies and fucked up bass lines. This is not disco at all. This is like jazzfunk going spaced out in 3333.
Out now via Kompakt.

Buy 12″ on Juno


Munk “Munkysound” (video)

Just finished! MARTIN FENGEL’s video for MUNK’s new single MUNKYSOUND.