MUNK @ Boiler Room

Gomma head honcho Munk just did an ecstatic Boiler Room session.
Driving the crowd nuts with playing only Gomma and Toy Tonics releases. They were screaming and jumping constantly – and Mathias was in a excellent mood, too.. as u can see.

1. Munk – The Beat (Kolombo Remix) (Gomma)
2. Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s – Eric Zann Revisited (Gomma)
3. Black Loops – Let Me See You Roll (Toy Tonics)
4. Munk – Misterio (Severino HMD Remix) (Gomma)
5. Moullinex – Sunflare (Club Mix) (Gomma)
6. Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf (Munk Version) (Gomma)
7. Mercury – Old Man’s House (Gomma)
8. The Deadstock 33s – The Circular Path (Gomma)
9. Fakewine edit ? (Toy Tonics)
10. Ricardo Baez – We Come Around (Toy Tonics)
11. Munk – La Musica (Gomma)

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