Mercury – Candlelight feat. Robert Owens (12″)


Mercury are on fire! Their second E.P. Sweetness is still hot – in the boxes of DJ’s like Brodinski, Round Table Knights and Pedro Winter. And they already come with a third one. And they asked one of the greatest voices in house music to join the crew: Robert Owens. The result is more than just a burner. A futuristic slow house jam with a tricky, unexpected beat and a harmonic change that makes you… let’s say: cool down? Includes a funky house jam “Running Back To You” featuring Christopher McCray and a stomping B-Side “NY Feeling”.

Buy on:


Mercury – Sweetness (12″)

Cat#: Gomma DT030
Release: 30 September 2011

Mercury! Sweetness – the new E.P.. We don’t need to introduce Mercury to you anymore. From A-Trak to Shit Robot and Brodniski – everybody was playing their first single and their remixes for Made to Play, Kitsune and Tom Trago recently. As Busy P described them: “I’m sure Kerri Chandler and Louie Vega will love it as much as I do! It’s time to re-open Sound Factory.. “.
This new EP is even better. Check the energy of You Lift Me Up. And also the Catz n’Dogz remix. Heavy House Bizness.


Brodinski: “Big EP! really cool vibe every track is amazing! congrats big support!”
Pedro Winter: “I’m sure Kerri Chandler and Louie Vega will love it as much as I do! it’s time to re-open Sound Factory.. Massive fan of MERCURY”
Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team: “great EP, fav track is the catz n dogz remix!”
Christian Martin (Martin Brothers): “Catz n Dogz remix!!!”
Deetron: “Great Originals and ace Jagged RMX!”
Shit Robot: “more mercury goodness, these guys never fail. love it.”
Trevor Rockcliffe: “Will be supporting You lift me up and Special Place, original mixes.”
Round Table Knights: “Great Release! Full Support, i like all the tracks.”
Phonique: “CATZ N DOGZ!!!! totally my style!!!”
Dimitri From Paris: “Love Sweetness by Mercury”
The Magician: “Loving “Special Place” ! Will play it!”


Mercury new EP teaser


Full release Mercury “Sweetness EP” including Catz n’Dogz Remix out September 30 on Gomma Dance Tracks!

Brodinski: “Big EP! really cool vibe every track is amazing! congrats big support!”
Christian Martin (Martin Brothers): “Catz n Dogz remix!!!”
Robert Owens: “You Lift Me Up, great track”
Pedro Winter: “I’m sure Kerri Chandler and Louie Vega will love it as much as I do! it’s time to re-open Sound Factory.. Massive fan of MERCURY”
Shit Robot: “More Mercury goodness, these guys never fail. Love it.”
Round Table Knights: “Great Release! Full Support, i like all the tracks.”
Beni: “I’ve always loved mercury but this Ep is next level, every track is great”


Podcast #53: Mercury Summer Mix


Seems there is kind of a new wave of Swiss electronic producers that are
getting quite a buzz right now. Round Table Knights from Jesse Rose’s
label Made to Play, Kalabrese and also Gomma’s own Mercury. Their new “Sweetness” – EP hits the shops in Mid-September.. here we keep you in the flow with a nice mix by the guys.

1. Ralphi Rosario – Up So High (Dub Mix)
2. Pol_On – Molala (Mercury Remix)
3. Jesper Ryom – Godt Begyndt (La Fleur Remix)
4. Medlar – Terrell
5. Mercury – You Lift Me Up
6. Prince – Erotic City (Paul Johnson Edit)
7. Mercury – Special Place
8. Jaqué – Love Will Save The Day
9. Jamiroquai – Comsic Girl (Mercury Edit)
10. Byron Stingily – Get Up (Roger S’s Narcotic Mix)
11. Barbara Tucker – Stop Playing With My Mind (Dub Mix)
12. Ian Pooley – Higgledy Piggledy
13. Tom Trago – Corrupt feat. San Proper


Podcast #36: Planet Mercury Mix

You might have seen that at GOMMA we are currently busy busy busy.. a lot of new acts on board: Cécile, Mustang and also the wonderful Swiss boys of Mercury are part of the Gommagang now. You might remember the awesome remix they did for Parra’s band Le Le. (Breakfast on Gomma 2010).

Now finally they came up with their first own EP. Deep, funky new school house music. The 5 track EP God d’Azur is just out including remixes by Tom Trago and Round Table Knights. Enjoy this house mixtape they made exclusively for the Gomma Podcast:

1. Robert Owens – Bring Down The Walls
2. Motor City Drum Ensemble – There’s A Truth feat. Steve Downes
3. Storm Queen – Look Right Through
4. Mercury – Spiritual (Tom Trago Remix)
5. Spoon, Tong – Muchness (Kink Mix)
6. Michel Steinbach, Todd Terry, Warren Fellow – Got A Soul
7. Paul Johnson – Music’s In Me
8. The MD X-Spress – God Made Me Phunky
9. Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym
10. Arto Mwambe – One Lonely Knight
11. Lupe – Shake
12. Tonny Lionni – Round & Round

Download: Podcast #36: Planet Mercury Mix


Mercury – God d’Azur (Maxi)


Cat#: GOMMA DT023
Release date: 17 December 2010

This week we release the debut EP of the two super talented boys of Mercury. Mercury’s qualities first got discovered by Dutch illustrator Parra, who offered the Swiss producer duo to remix his band’s LE LE track “Breakfast”. The result was heavy supported by DJ Mehdi, Shir Khan, A-Trak and many others and became a true hit on Gomma Records.

Now – after having also remixed Steed Lord, Tom Trago’s B.R.U.C.E. project, Munk, Homework, and Rodion, Mercury come up with a first own E.P. “God d’Azur”. Pure, smooth, effective, instrumental, dirty Housemusic.

Including remixes by Amsterdam’s wunderkind Tom Trago and Made To Play high flyers Round Table Knights.

Download at:

Erol Alkan: “Sounds great!”
Brodinski: “This EP is fantastic, i don’t even know which one to choose!”
Eric D. Clark: “Grand Prix de Monaco is nice!”
Shit Robot: “Great! Love me some Mercury.”
Matt Walsh: “Killer old school house! Tom Trago remix is the best one for me!”
James Friedman: “Love that Trago mix especially”


Rodion – For Ever Remixes (Maxi)

Cat#: GOMMA149
Release: 3 December 2010

Italo House and crazy country disco producer Rodion from Rome created a little wave of euphoria among music aficionados when he released his 5 track E.P. For Ever in June 2010. The single Estate with Lou Austen was a little summer hit. Now here comes a remix package with great reworks by some the new house heroes:

Bostro Pesopeo (Permanent Vacation), new Gomma act Mercury, Italian allstars Ajello, Martin Brodin upcoming house shootingstar from Stockholm and Anthony Mansfield from New York. Check the Turkish video by using rare turkish B movie footage from the 70ies. Also: catch Rodion touring live around Europe now..

Download at:

Blackjoy: “Anthony Mansfield did a dope mix, my favorite.”
Nick Chacona: “DEF want these.”
The Magician: “love the martin brodin remix!”
Social Disco Club: “Great mixes!”
U-Tern: “Tracks sound amazing!”


Munk – La Musica (12″)


Release: 14 May 2010
Cat#: Gomma DT015

The first new Munk single since over 2 years! Official release this week….and everybody seems to like this little ironic 90ies Italo Beach House tune already. DJs such as Tim Sweeney,Busy P, Aeroplane and even Luciano are playing the song. Kitsune licensed it for th Kitsune – Ponystep compilation in july and Erol Alkan presented it last week on his BBC show.

The single includes a heavy remix package: Audiojack, Azari & III, Tiago from Italians Do It Better, Mercury, Shir Khan from Berlin. All 100% dance floor winners…and girls love it anyway…. “Bam Bam Bam Bam…”

La Musica is taken from an upcoming Munk 5 track EP that will be released on Gomma in September.

Busy P / Ed Banger: “Dope dope 12″….i love it!!!”
Tim Sweeney: “Nice one! Really liking original, Mercury and Azari. All quality.”
DJ Chloe: “I love especially the Audiojack Remix”
Shit Robot/ DFA: “This is great, nice one!”
DJ Mehdi: “My favorites are Mercury Remix, and Azari”
Ellen Allien: “So great, so great…”
Miss Kittin: “Love the original and Audiojack remix! Funky piano!”
Severino / Horse Meat Disco: “The original is my fav …so groovy.”
Mylo: “The new song sounds amazing…”
Thomas / Rub n Tug: “Can’t stop listening. Really dig the playful vocals and euro sleaze”

A1) La Musica (Original Extended)
A2) La Musica (Tiago Remix)
B1) La Musica (Audiojack Remix)
B2) La Musica (Azari & III Remix)
**) La Musica (Mercury Remix) (Digital only track)
**) La Musica (Shir Khan Remix) (Digital only track)

Download at: