Casablanca Reworks: Moullinex & Peaches – Maniac (teaser)

Friends, in January we gonna release a very special project. We have been asked if we wanna do new versions from songs from the catalogue of legendary Disco label Casablanca Records. The label that launched the careers of Donna Summer, Moroder, Cameo, Parliament and many other great pop music innovators..
We asked Peaches if she wanna join the jams. And now we have an EP coming up. Four new versions by Telonius, Munk, The Phenomenal Handclap Band. And a nice cover of Maniac by Moullinex. Release: 13 January 2012.

Listen to the full medley of all 4 “Casablanca Reworks” tracks by The Gomma All Stars feat. Peaches:


Moullinex – Modular Jam Remixes (Maxi)

Moullinex - Modular Jam_final

Release: 16 December 2011
Cat#: Gomma DT038

Moullinex is on fire. After his tropical house anthem “Sunflare” he smashed it up with the vintage acid Modular Jam – which was supported by Tim Sweeney, Hot Chip, Digitalism and even British old school house legend Ashley Beedle. Now he gave Modular Jam to some friends and interesting newcomers to rework: Justin Faust, Earl Grey aka Danny from The C90’s, Say Again and Worship.

Buy on:


Podcast #57: Moullinex Crown Jewels Mixtape


Our buddy Luis aka Moulinex is on the roll. New single Sunflare, new video and here: a new podcast.
Including lots of new and unreleased Moullinex, Gomma and Discotexas tracks.

1) Zimmer – Looking at You // Discotexas
2) Philosophy of Sound – It is like that (Special Long Version) // Discotexas
3) Moullinex – Sunflare // Gomma
4) Mirror People – Feel the Need (Munk remix) // Gomma
5) Justin Faust – Girl Talk // Discotexas
6) Moullinex feat Peaches – Maniac // Gomma
7) Moullinex – Modular Jam (Justin Faust remix) // Gomma
8) Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks the Spot (Glimmers Disko Version) // Discotexas
9) Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks the Spot (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) // Discotexas
10) Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (Moullinex Remix) // Our Label Intl.
11) Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix) // Discotexas
12) Moullinex & Xinobi – Human Fly // Discotexas


Moullinex “Sunflare” (video)

Here comes a little video for Moullinex current single Sunflare. Made by Luis Moullinex and his friends in Lissabon. Check the Sunflare single including he amazing Club Mix and the bonus track Modular Jam… currently supported by many many DJs. From Tim Sweeney to Digitalism, Plump DJs to Ashley Beedle, Dimitri From Paris to Social Disco Club..


Moullinex – Sunflare (Maxi)

Cat#: Gomma DT030
Release: 30 September 2011

Indian summer has a firm grip on us and here’s the perfect song to go with it: Moullinex‘ “Sunflare” is sure to hit the discoid dancefloors all over the globe. His last singles got huge support by almost everybody who counts in the current advanced house scene. Also included: An uptempo house cut by Mr Moullinex himself and a hot and punchy B-Side, “Modular Jam”.


Ashley Beedle: “A lovely summer groove. The kind of tune that should be on a 7 inch.”
Tim Sweeney: “Modular Jam is the one for me. ”
Digitalism: “modular jam is coollll”
Dimitri From Paris: “nice skippy club mix here”
Tommie Sunshine: “This is bananas. Are you sure this isn’t from Chicago?”
Plump DJs: “great little acidic adventure”
Unabombers: “Its happening on this one!”
Hot Chip: “Fave track – Club Mix”
Lifelike: “Modular Jam is very cool, i almost prefer it to Sunflare, those two for me!”
Andy George: “Enjoying this a lot… ”
Trevor Jackson: “modular jam is GREAT! ”


New Moullinex “Sunflare/Modular Jam” single is a bomb!

Moullinex new single will be out on Gomma Dance Tracks on 30 September 2011!

Tim Sweeney: “Modular Jam is the one for me. Top 10 of the month ”
Trevor Jackson: “Modular jam is GREAT! ”
Plump DJs: “great little acidic adventure”
Unabombers: “It’s happening on this one!”
Hot Chip: “Fave track!!!”
Lifelike: “Modular Jam is very cool!”
Rory Phillips: “Yeah!! been playing the original out over the festival season..”
Tommie Sunshine: “This is bananas. Are you sure this isn’t from Chicago?”


Moullinex “Tear Club” (video)

Hi friends, here comes a new little video from the last Moullinex EP. We have to admit that this is our favorite track from the Chocolat EP, released in January.. it reminds us so much the summer.

And the video that Luis from Moullinex did himself is not bad too. He used footage from old educational movies, cut them up and it fits quite well… check it out yourself.


Free sampler “Gomma Future Disco”

Gomma Future Disco has selected Gomma as “Label of the Month” – which is a honor for us, and has a nice side-effect for you: They are offering a free Gomma compilation with 11 tracks. Gomma Future Disco featuring Golden Bug, Rodion, Munk, Moullinex, Die Sterne… (sorry, not available outside of Germany!)

Download for free: V. A. – Gomma Future Disco