Headman – Roh / Deah (12″)


Release: 06 March 2006
Cat#: Gomma 071

The first (radio)single of Headman’s second album is this amazing futuristic old school house jam. With vocals performed by Stephan from SOULWAX. In fact this is really one step ahead. The basic is a classic disco beat, but the performance and vocals make it a unique thing. It works as a pop song as well as a club anthem. Watch out for Headman supporting SOULWAX on their spring tour through Europe.

A) Roh (Extended Long Version)
B) Deah

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Gommagang – 3 (CD)

Release: 24 January 2006
Cat#: Gomma 070 CD

This is the third MIX CD with music from the Gomma label. It includes underground club hits, remixes and unreleased songs from the last two years. New tracks by Gomma acts Headman, WhoMadeWho and Munk and (vocal & remix) contributions by friends of the label like The Rapture, DJ Chloe, Midnight Mike, Berlin’s Dirt Crew and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). Most of it had so far been only released on vinyl, but it would be a shame to hide these little hits from the CD listeners.

The complilation shows the more „clubby“ side of the Gommalabel. It was mixed by the MUNK boys (Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery) – the same two guys who released the much acclaimed APERITIVO album two years ago and are also the men behind the small, but always innovative german label. Along with Output, Tigersushi, Kitsune and DFA, Gomma is part of this new generation of companys who started to develop their very own new sound – somewhere in between disco, electronic and post rock.

1) Headman – Rong Hands (Dub Version)
2) Munk – Disco Clown (Midnight Mike’s 128 BPM Remix)
3) Tomboy – Finale
4) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (Dirt Crew Remix)
5) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Finalahh (Nicky Remix)
6) Midnight Mike – Hot In The Kitchen
7) Tomboy – Black Beauty
8) Munk & Chloe – Ce Kul (Francisco Remix)
9) Tomboy – Maggie & Samira
10) Whomadewho – Satisfaction
11) The Rammellzee – Cheesy Lipstick
12) Munk & James Murphy – Kick Out The Chairs (WhoMadeWho Version)
13) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Chefsong
14) Whomadewho – Space For Rent (The Rapture’s Hushhush Version)

Listen to the MegaMedley

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Headman – Ronghands (12″)

Release: 26 October 2005
Cat#: Gomma 062

Long awaited new single by Swiss born/Berlin based DJ, painter and disco producer HEADMAN.

After his debut album on Gomma in 2001, an album under his alias MANHEAD and remixes for nearly every credible major band you can imagine (FRANZ FERDINAND, THE RAPTURE, MYLO, ANNIE, RADIO 4, SCISSOR SISTERS, RÖYKSOPP….) he finally is prepared enough for his most important project: the second HEADMAN album. This is a first step. Pure balearic New School Rave disco.

A) Rong Hands
B) Upstart

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V.A. – Gommagang Zwei Maxi (12″)

Release: 13 November 2003
Cat#: Gomma 041

4 new Clubtracks/ remixes from Gomma. (They are also featured on the second part of the Gommagang Zwei CD). Here you have the whole range of Gommasound of 2002 and 2003. As UK mag i – D described it: „From punkfunk to psychsoul, from avantrock to future disco – superb out-there-urban-funk !“

A1) Munk – Androgyn (Headman Fast Version)
A2) Kamerakino – Ganz schnell wohin
B1) Hiltmeyer Inc – Narkotik
B2) Feyd – Walt R Lee

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Headman – So Then / So Now (12″)

Release: 12 November 2003
Cat#: Gomma 038

“So Then” goes back into the leftfield rockdisco vibe of the late 70ies, while the flipside “So Now” delivers an futuristic version of the same theme.

A) So Then
B) So Now

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Gommagang – 2 (CD)

Release: 03.11.2003
Cat#: Gomma 039 CD

The second part of the mixed Gommalabel compilation, mostly with rmxs that so far had only been released on vinyl, special singles and „Gommahits“. All tracks were released in 2002 and 2003. Including 4 new tracks. Here you have the whole range of Gommasound of 2001 – 2003: Italo and Chicago influenced house/ electro. Late 70ies and 80ies original (German) punkfunk as well as some psycho-rock and futuristic pop.

1) Munk – Androgyn (Headman Rmx)
2) Hiltmeyer Inc. – Narkotik!
3) Mocky – JD’s Theme
4) Leroy Hanghofer – Bathroomboogie
5) Headman – It Rough (Chicken Lips Trax Dub)
6) Munk & Princess Superstar – Mein Schatzi (Zongamin Rmx)
7) Headman – So Then
8) Kamerakino – Metall Auf Eis
9) Carmen – Schlaraffenland
10) Feyd – Walt R Lee
11) Exkurs – Fakten Sind Terror
12) Starter – Part Of Me
13) Kamerakino – Ganz Schnell Wohin (Shady Edit)
14) Poets Of Rhythm – Summerdays
15) Mocky – Sweet Music


Munk – Androgyn Remix (12″)

Release: 14 April 2003
Cat#: Gomma 026

Gomma bosses Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery get back to Munk-y business with this remix package. Headman provide a ianguorcus space disco work-out. But it’s the originals urgent bass motif, disco drums and string stabs, like Vangelis rimming DFA, that thrills.

A1) Original Mix
A2) Headman Remix
B1) Mask-Men Remix
B2) Brothers Haaksman Remix

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Headman – It Rough (12″)

Release: 13 January 2003
Cat#: Gomma 029

“A bona fide classic of Germanic glitterball discopunk” The NME, UK

A) It Rough
B) It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)

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