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Headman – Roh Playgroup Remix (12″)


Release: 3 April 2006
Cat#: Gomma 073

HEADMAN vs. SOULWAX vs. PLAYGROUP — the perfect new school house combination.

Two amazing 10 minute acid house jams by long time Headman fan Trevor Jackson aka PLAYGROUP. The original version of the single already gets heavy play out by lots of DJ’s around the world and could be the first hit from the new album. Vocals by Stephen Deweale from SOULWAX.

A1) Roh (Playgroup Remix)
B1) Roh (Playgroup Love Dub)

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Headman “Moisture” (Video)

Directed by Simon Owens.


Headman – On (CD/2LP)


Release: 13 March 2006
Cat#: Gomma 068 CD / 2LP

Normally it’s a great honour if a big pop band like Franz Ferdinand asks an underground producer to remix a song. If then also Röyskopp, Yello, Annie, Mylo and even Roxy Music call the guy and ask for a mix you can be quite sure that the producer must be more than just one of the many new one hit club wonders. And if next this artists starts to record his solo album and people like Soulwax, The Rapture and Radio 4 want to sing on it, it’s not unlikely that there is something special going on.
All this is happening to Swiss born, but Berlin-based disco producer, DJ and painter Robi Insinna aka Headman.

You can easily call Robi one of the leading figures of the new disco movement. His first HEADMAN album “It Rough” was released back in 2003 on the small German label Gomma and set new standards in club circles. It was immediately nominated “album of the month” in Jockey Slut Magazine/UK and called one of the most important and innovative albums of the year by DJ’s such as Trevor Jackson, Ivan Smagghe or even Hell. The title track (with a Chicken Lips re-work on the 12”) caused a huge fuss in clubs around the world.

Since then he has been building up a worldwide underground reputation as remixer, producer and DJ – regularly playing “hot” clubs like Bugged out or Optimo in the UK as well as Tribeca in New York and FUN in Berlin. Besides the records on his main label Gomma, Headman has also recently been asked to publish a single on London’s Output records. He also started an own little imprint (Relish records) and from time to time he puts out records under his moniker Manhead.

But his main project is the HEADMAN music: The Headman style is a very special version of (balearic) Disco, combining the organic sound of 70ies Leftfield Disco and Rock with the energy of 90ies house.

The new album includes songs Robi recorded with Stephen Dewaele from Soulwax/2many DJs (he performed on the first single ROH), Matt Safer from The Rapture, Anthony from Radio 4 and Erol Alkan from London’s TRASH Club. The remix for the first single ROH was done by Trevor Jackson aka Playgroup. The second single MOISTURE includes two club mixes by Robi himself and the kicking MUSTAPHA 3000 remix.

1) Suspect!
2) Roh
3) On & On
4) So Now!
5) Do U Feel
6) Moisture
7) Freedom Drums
8) Balearica
9) Upstart
10) So Disgraceful
11) Rong Hands
12) Everybody

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Headman – Roh / Deah (12″)


Release: 06 March 2006
Cat#: Gomma 071

The first (radio)single of Headman’s second album is this amazing futuristic old school house jam. With vocals performed by Stephan from SOULWAX. In fact this is really one step ahead. The basic is a classic disco beat, but the performance and vocals make it a unique thing. It works as a pop song as well as a club anthem. Watch out for Headman supporting SOULWAX on their spring tour through Europe.

A) Roh (Extended Long Version)
B) Deah

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Headman – Ronghands (12″)

Release: 26 October 2005
Cat#: Gomma 062

Long awaited new single by Swiss born/Berlin based DJ, painter and disco producer HEADMAN.

After his debut album on Gomma in 2001, an album under his alias MANHEAD and remixes for nearly every credible major band you can imagine (FRANZ FERDINAND, THE RAPTURE, MYLO, ANNIE, RADIO 4, SCISSOR SISTERS, RÖYKSOPP….) he finally is prepared enough for his most important project: the second HEADMAN album. This is a first step. Pure balearic New School Rave disco.

A) Rong Hands
B) Upstart

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Headman – So Then / So Now (12″)

Release: 12 November 2003
Cat#: Gomma 038

“So Then” goes back into the leftfield rockdisco vibe of the late 70ies, while the flipside “So Now” delivers an futuristic version of the same theme.

A) So Then
B) So Now

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Headman – It Rough (12″)

Release: 13 January 2003
Cat#: Gomma 029

“A bona fide classic of Germanic glitterball discopunk” The NME, UK

A) It Rough
B) It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)

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Headman – It Rough (CD/2LP)


Release: November 2002
Cat#: Gomma 022 CD/2LP

Headman aka Robi Insinna is one of the originators of the new Disco & Punk Funk movement. Since he started his recording career 4 years ago on Gomma he has developed into one of the leaders of the new DISCOrock scene.

He has been asked to remix the singles of artists such as Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture, Roxy Music and Annie. His new album (out March 2006) features guests such as Soulwax, Erol Alkan and The Rapture. The Headman sounds seems to get slowly to established in the world of music. But Robi Headman has been doing it for a long time.

The IT ROUGH album came out in 2001 – when bands like The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Radio 4 were not on the map yet.

The album was immediately chosen „Album of the Month“ in UK’s Jockey Slut Magazine. Released only in small edition, but got very popular especially in the New York and London club scenes. Now it’s over 4 years old and sounds still fresh. An exiting organic sounding, mostly instrumental disco album – which includes a good dose of 70ies rock influences as well as an elegant new wave vibe.

1) It Rough (Vocal Version) feat. Tara
2) Headstart
3) Intermezzo
4) Touch Me
5) Headman
6) Relish
7) Anarchy
8) Trying
9) Rocket (Short Edit)
10) Blow
11) Brother
12) Up (Edit)
13) Find A Way
14) It Rough (Instr. Version)

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