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After several years of intensive producing Headman hardly needs any introduction! Always ahead of his time Robi is at the origin of the punk-funk/ rave disco movement with his mates of DFA and Playgroup a few years ago when releasing his first album It Rough on Gomma Records. After the success of his second album On released in 2006 and that featured a who’s who of music personalities such as Stephen Dewaele of Soulwax, Matt Safer of The Rapture and Erol Alkan, Robi wanted to reach the next level and produce an album showing his maturity in writing and composing.

Headman’s third album Catch Me shows the new developments in the Headman sound. He fused his trademark Punk-Style with new Indie influences and composed 12 original tracks with a very nice post-punk, electro and dance flavour. Catch Me includes the 2 hit-singles Running Into Time featuring ladies’ favourite new wave rapper Don Cash and Catch Me if You Can with the sweet voice of Tara, who also sung on It Rough and On & On on his 2 previous albums.

114-headman-alternative Alternative Digital Release (2008)
106label_a Catch Me If U Can 12“ (2008)
108_cover Catch Me CD (2008)
104label_a-small Running Into Time 12“ (2008)
079_label-a Moisture 12“ (2006)
073_label-a Roh Playgroup Remixes 12“ (2006)
068_cover On CD/2LP (2006)
071_label-a Roh 12“ (2006)
Ronghands 12“ (2005)
038_label-a So Then 12“ (2003)
029_cover It Rough 12“ (2003)
022_cover It Rough CD/2LP (2001)
3 12“ (2001)
2 12“ (2001)
009_cover Anarchy 12“ (2000)