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WhoMadeWho, Danish three-piece band, released three albums on Gomma. Their first album (2005) was completely ahead of its time. They combined 70ies Disco, Folk, Psychorock, 6/8 rhythms, falsetto voices and much more to an unique style that many magazines called “Disco Rock” – but the Danish band did much more then you could imagine only by this labeling. Their second album on Gomma was a mini album Green Versions where they re-played their songs in an acoustic version. The new album The Plot came out in spring 2009 and got euphoric reactions everywhere. Cover stories all around the world, tours as support for Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Franz Ferdinand and many other bands. And most funny news was to hear that Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age is playing WhoMadeWho’s song Space For Rent as a cover version on his concerts.

What makes WhoMadeWho so special is the fact that the band combines three completely different musical characters and merges them into a fresh new whole: Jeppe Kjellberg – the walrus bearded guitar player, has been part of the New Yorks experimental Rock and Jazz scene for years. He has even recorded a mini album with David Tronzo – guitar player of the legendary Lounge Lizards. Tomas Høffding – the bass man with the falsettovoice, has his roots in the Scandinavian Garage Rock scene (but always has been in love with fat discobasslines). And Tomas Barfod aka Tomboy is not only the drummer of the band but he’s also known for producing some of the hottest Advanced Electro/ House music of the moment for labels such as Turbo, Kitsune and Get Physical.

I Lost My Voice Maxi (2009)
The Remix Collection Digital Compilation (2009)
Keep Me In My Plane Remixes Part 2 12″ (2009)
Keep Me In My Plane Remixes 12″ (2009)
123cover The Plot Remixes Part 2 12″ (2009)
118cover The Plot Remixes 12″ (2009)
126cover The Plot / This Train 7″ (2009)
120_cover The Plot CD/LP (2009)
s_117cover TV Friend 12″ (2008)
081_cover Green Versions CD (2006)
075_label-a Out The Door (In Flagranti Remix) 12″ (2006)
069_label-a Out The Door (Superdiscount Remix) 12″ (2006)
067_label-a Space For Rent (The Rapture Remix) 12″ (2005)
065_label-a Space For Rent (Dirt Crew Remix) 12″ (2005)
060_cover Whomadewho CD/2LP (2005)
057_label-b The Loop 12″ (2005)
052_label-a Two Covers For Your Party 12″ (2004)
048_label-a Happy Girl 12″ (Gomma 2004)