Whomadewho – Green Versions (CD)

Release: 19 June 2006
Cat#: Gomma 081 CD

A good song is a good song. No matter what style you play it in. WhoMadeWho write good songs. On GREEN VERSIONS, they have re-interpreted fourteen of their own compositions in a completely different manner. You don’t get the usual DISCO not DISCO ROCK not ROCK sound from the guys but a super nice collection of FOLK and HIPPYESQUE ┬áREINTERPRETATIONS….make loooove!

1) Small Wonders
2) Monkeys
3) Got To Be There
4) Rose
5) I Love
6) Shake Your Boat
7) Manuelle Mittelwelle
8) Out The Door
9) Space For Rent
10) Cigar
11) Johnny Lucky
12) Hello, Empty Room
13) The Loop
14) Happy Girl

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