NME interviews Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand / Box Codax)



Box Codax “Choco Pudding” (Video)

Taken from the single “Hellabuster / Choco Pudding”.


Box Codax “Hellabuster” (Video)

Directed by Anna McCarthy. The single “Hellabuster / Choco Pudding” has been released on 11 March 2011.


Box Codax – Hellabuster / Choco Pudding

GOMMA153 Box Codax cover

Release: 11 March 2011
Cat#: Gomma 153

As you might know we always have been big Franz Ferdinand fans here at Gomma. So you can imagine how happy we were when Nick McCarthy, mastermind and guitar man in FF asked us if we wanna release his solo project: Box Codax. We know him, because he already released the album of his early days’ band Kamerakino on our label 8 years ago.

So now after FF years it’s time for Box Codax, his band with his oldest friend Alex Ragnew and his wife Manuela Gernedel. And this is, sorry: an amazing album. It’s like a piece of theater. A Happening. 13 songs with 13 videos by English and German film artists. Here is the first single Hellabuster/Choco Pudding, co-produced by Metronomy.

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Box Codax Countdown

In early May we will release the new Box Codax album. Box Codax is the band of Nick McCarthy (mastermind and guitar man of Franz Ferdinand) and his friend Alex Ragnew. This album is a special one. Really. Think somewhere between Zappa and the more far out DFA records.

For each song, there will be a video by young artists from Britain and Germany, which we will show counting down to the album. Above is the first episode, Sandy Moffat. Enjoy!


New Box Codax Album out early 2011!

Nick McCarthy & Jonas Imbery in the Gomma studio, just finished the next
Box Codax album with contributions by Mike Fraser, Metronomy, Munk,
Joseph Mount, Telonius, Michael Parker, Paul Thomson, and many more.
Watch out!


Gomma Dance Tracks Vol. 1 (Compilation)


Release: 5 December 2008
Cat#: Gomma 121

GOMMA DANCE TRACKS is a series of COMPILATIONS that will be released only digitally. Every couple of months we put together some of our best DANCE TRACKS. Volume 1 features tracks and remixes by
Digitalism, Oliver Koletzki, Munk, Tronik Youth, Superdiscount and many others.

“The perfect mix of Ed Banger Techno and Lindstrom Disco” (DJ Magazine/ UK)

1) Golden Bug – LookLookLook (In Flagranti Remix)
2) Munk – Disco Clown (Digitalism Remix)
3) Headman – It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)
4) Munk – Live Fast Die Old (The Juan MacLean Remix)
5) Golden Bug – Luna Dark (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
6) Whomadewho – Out The Door (Superdiscount Remix)
7) Headman – Catch Me If You Can (Tronik Youth Remix)
8) Box Codax – Rat Boy (Mock & Toof Remix)
9) Tomboy – Black Beauty
10) Midnight Mike – Hot In The Kitchen

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Gommagang – 4 (CD)


Release: 28 May 2007
Cat#: Gomma 100 CD

„Gomma is like a German DFA!“ – London’s NME magazine called us like this….funny..but we feel honored. Check out our GOMMAGANG 4  MIX CD including a lot of the releases and remixes of 2006 and 2007..and judge yourself….

1) Box Codax – Missed Her Kiss
2) Headman – On & On
3) In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box
4) Trattoria Interlude
5) Drrtyhaze – Sound of the L.E.S.
6) Whomadewho – Flat Beat
7) Box Codax – Naked Smile (Naum Gabo RMX)
8) Tomboy – Flamingo
9) Baldelli – Girotondo
10) Rodion – Atala Ride
11) Trans Mania – Boing, Boom, Jack (Pulsinger RMX)
12) Headman – Moisture (Mustapha 3000 RMX)
13) Gespenster Interlude
13) Tomboy – Swan
14) Drrtyhaze – Hey Mama
15) Box Codax – Naked Smile (Metronomy RMX)
16) Munk – I Really Had Enough…
17) GB’s – Lucky In Vichy
18) Parker Frisby – Weil ich in einer Stadt aufwache, die niemals schläft!
19) Headman & Stephen Dewaele – Roh (Playgroup RMX)
20) WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (Superdiscount RMX)
21) WhoMadeWho – Space For Rent (Green Version)

Listen to the MegaMedley

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