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Munk – Cloudbuster (CD)

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Release: 2 June 2008 Cat#: Gomma 110 CD MUNK is the project of Italo – Germany DJ, producer, pianoman and globetrotter Mathias MODICA – one of the two guys behind GOMMA RECORDS. MUNK has been ¬†described as the “…the German DFA” by Londons NME magazine and “Germany’s king of fucked up disco” by VICE. The […]

Munk with Asia Argento – Live Fast Die Old (12”)

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Release: 19 May 2008 Cat#: Gomma 109 After the big hit KICK OUT THE CHAIRS! with James Murphy from 2005 finally the new MUNK album CLOUDBUSTER comes up in June 2009. The first single LIVE FAST DIE OLD is a PIANO DISCO track which features Italian actress ASIA ARGENTO. These first remixes have been done […]

Gommagang – 3 (CD)

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Release: 24 January 2006 Cat#: Gomma 070 CD This is the third MIX CD with music from the Gomma label. It includes underground club hits, remixes and unreleased songs from the last two years. New tracks by Gomma acts Headman, WhoMadeWho and Munk and (vocal & remix) contributions by friends of the label like The […]

Munk – Aperitivo (CD/2LP)

Monday, September 27th, 2004

Release: 27.09.2004 Cat#: Gomma 50 CD/2LP The essential GOMMA CD! The debut album of MUNK. Released in 2004 on GOMMA. The album is a collection of songs and styles that have been copied soooo much since the release of this album. Call it Neo Post Punk, Disco Rock, Nu Rave, Hippy dance, Cosmic … it […]

Leroy Hanghofer – White Trash (CD/2LP)

Tuesday, September 10th, 2002

Release: 10.09.2002 Cat#: Gomma 024 CD/2LP LEROY HANGHOFER are MATHIAS MODICA aka MUNK and JONAS IMBERY aka TELONIUS..the two guys who run the GOMMA LABEL. ¬†White Trash is a collection of maaaad discotracks. This record is from 2001 but still sounds extremely FRESH. It fits perfectly now. The original release of White Trash was sold […]