Diskokaine Releases


Diskokaine feat DJ Funk – Bikinini (12″)

Release: 25 May 2009
Cat#: Gomma DT002

A new single on Gomma Dance Tracks – the new Gomma sub-label of for big club tracks. The second 12″ is by DISKOKAINE ! “Bikinini” includes remixes by DJ Funk, Telonius and Christopher Just. This time DJ FUNK from Chicago – legendary Dance Mania label owner and the unbeaten old school maestro of crazy bass music – gives the track a treatment and creates a totally new club bomb titled BIKININI. (The digital release includes a bonus remix by new and upcoming Italian producer ALAN1).

    “LOVIN IT!” Boris Dlugosch
    “Very good Gomma rec :-)” Benny Benassi
    “Crazy disco bizniz” Groove Armada

A1) Bikinini
A2) Bikinini (DJ Funk Remix)
B1) Riminini (Telonius Remix)
B2) Riminini (Christopher Just Remix)
*1) Riminini (Alan1 Remix) (Digital Bonus Track)

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Diskokaine – Riminini (Single)

Release: 12 December 2008
Cat#: Gomma 112

Our buddy DISKOKAINE aka DJ MARFLOW from Vienna is one of the guys who rarely ever release a record but are known around the world for the few but freaked out things they do…. just check Marflows web: www.diskokaine.com

DISKOKAINE  has been living in NYC, in Berlin and now again in Vienna. He has done records with Princess Superstar, Patrick Pulsinger and LegoWelt. And his Minilabel DISKOKAINE is one of the rarest thing to find in current Disco. In fact the only thing that got big is SALLY SHAPIRO. Discovered by DISKOKAINE.

After Diskokaine released his first 12inch on Gomma 2 years ago now now here comes the new single: A heavy EURO PIANO DISCO ANTHEM with a heavy 90ies Rave attitude. Including a CHRISTOPHER JUST MegaMix. (His debut album will be out on Gomma end of 2009)

1) Christopher Just Remix
2) Vocal Version
3) Instrumental Version

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Diskokaine presents Trans Mania – Boing, Boom, Jack (12″)


Release: 15 February 2007
Cat#: Gomma 088

Trans Mania is the unique „Jack“ project of Gomma’s Vienna buddy DISKOKAINE aka DJ MARFLOW. His own limited edition self-pressed 12 inches (on his Diskokaine imprint, featuring Legowelt and Princess Superstar) are much sought-after dance floor rockers. For remixing his track on Gomma he rounds up his homies PATRICK PULSINGER and ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK. Jack the house!

A) Boing, Boom, Jack (Original Mix)
B1) Boing, Boom, Jack (Patrick Pulsinger Remix)
B2) Boing, Boom, Jack (Alexander Robotnick Remix)

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