Die Sterne


Die Sterne by Munk

Check this out, friends: Mathias Modica – our man from MUNK – has produced and co-written the new album of German Indie Rock Superstars Die Sterne. The CD 24/7 has just been released on Materie records. Mathias had been asked to help to create a completely new and very disco-inspired sound for the band from Hamburg. A very special take on No Wave/Indie House with German lyrics. Currently there is a big press hype about this in Germany and the album has charted on #61 in Germany… Check the last video and the 3-track pre-release that we did on Gomma.

Die Sterne – Der Riss E.P. (12″) on Gomma
Die Sterne vs. Munk – Der Riss Dub Versions (EP) on Gomma

Listen to the album on Die Sterne Homepage and Myspace.


Die Sterne “Deine Pläne” (Video)

New video for the single “Deine Pläne” by Hamburg band Die Sterne, co-produced by Mathias MUNK Modica. Video directed by Denny Baarz; single is available on the E.P. “Der Riss”, out on Gomma 2 October 2009.


Die Sterne vs. Munk – Der Riss Dub Versions (EP)

Release: 2 October 2009
Cat#: Gomma 133 I

The instrumental versions of the Sterne songs from the E.P. “Der Riss” we recently released.

1) Nach Fest kommt lose (instrumental)
2) Deine Pläne (instrumental)
3) Neblige Lichter (instrumental)

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Die Sterne – Der Riss E.P. (12″)

Release: 2 October 2009
Cat#: Gomma 133

Produced by Mathias Modica (Munk)

Our little Gomma label is currently making a little transformation: originally we only released the music of friends and new yet unknown talents… but since a few months we are getting this huge attention not only from all the cool blogs (yes..thanks guys!) but also from a lot of  already more established musicians. In fact, after James Murphy (DFA), Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand) and Soulwax participated on Gomma releases, now we have a second wave of BIG guys that asked us to release their projects. Next to The Phenomenal Handclap Band (which includes members of TV On The Radio, John Spencer and others) now German super group DIE STERNE asked MATHIAS MODICA from MUNK to produce their new music and put out a 3 track E.P on Gomma.

DIE STERNE are part of the so called “Hamburger Schule”….Blumfeld and Tocotronic are other bands that were part of this wave of German pop music. These bands from Hamburg defined a quite intellectual, new attitude back in the 90ies. DIE STERNE are very well known in Germany…EVERYBODY loves them… so now its fun that they asked us to do this record….but of course: we are honored….. and their new style which was created by Mathias …our Munkyboy from Marseille….is …don’t know…maybe imagine DFA recording their stuff with a London garage punk band, some weirdo east European old school printing machine noises and German lyrics…
Anyway: The E.P. went straight to number 1 in the Amazon download genre charts in Germany. Yeah…

A1) Nach Fest kommt lose
A2) Deine Pläne
A3) Neblige Lichter

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