Munk – Ce Kul-The Roma Mixes (12″)

Release: 18 April 2005
Cat#: Gomma 056

Remixes of a song by Munk. Original version on the Aperitivo album. One half of Munk is Italian (Mathias Modica) and so the Germany based Gomma gang always had a strong connection to Italy.

It was always clear that Gomma would ask their friends from Rome’s PIGNA label to rework a track once. Electro pioneer MARCO PASSARANI (just about to release his new album on Peacefrog) and FRANCISCO (from JOLLY MUSIC) did two nice versions for the club of the „Ce Kul“ – song. A track that Parisian DJ CHLOE and the MUNK guys originally recorded in their little studio Munich after a gig.

A1) Marco Passarani Remix
A2) Francisco Dub
B) Francisco Remix

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