Gommagang – 4 (CD)


Release: 28 May 2007
Cat#: Gomma 100 CD

„Gomma is like a German DFA!“ – London’s NME magazine called us like this….funny..but we feel honored. Check out our GOMMAGANG 4  MIX CD including a lot of the releases and remixes of 2006 and 2007..and judge yourself….

1) Box Codax – Missed Her Kiss
2) Headman – On & On
3) In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box
4) Trattoria Interlude
5) Drrtyhaze – Sound of the L.E.S.
6) Whomadewho – Flat Beat
7) Box Codax – Naked Smile (Naum Gabo RMX)
8) Tomboy – Flamingo
9) Baldelli – Girotondo
10) Rodion – Atala Ride
11) Trans Mania – Boing, Boom, Jack (Pulsinger RMX)
12) Headman – Moisture (Mustapha 3000 RMX)
13) Gespenster Interlude
13) Tomboy – Swan
14) Drrtyhaze – Hey Mama
15) Box Codax – Naked Smile (Metronomy RMX)
16) Munk – I Really Had Enough…
17) GB’s – Lucky In Vichy
18) Parker Frisby – Weil ich in einer Stadt aufwache, die niemals schläft!
19) Headman & Stephen Dewaele – Roh (Playgroup RMX)
20) WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (Superdiscount RMX)
21) WhoMadeWho – Space For Rent (Green Version)

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Diskokaine presents Trans Mania – Boing, Boom, Jack (12″)


Release: 15 February 2007
Cat#: Gomma 088

Trans Mania is the unique „Jack“ project of Gomma’s Vienna buddy DISKOKAINE aka DJ MARFLOW. His own limited edition self-pressed 12 inches (on his Diskokaine imprint, featuring Legowelt and Princess Superstar) are much sought-after dance floor rockers. For remixing his track on Gomma he rounds up his homies PATRICK PULSINGER and ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK. Jack the house!

A) Boing, Boom, Jack (Original Mix)
B1) Boing, Boom, Jack (Patrick Pulsinger Remix)
B2) Boing, Boom, Jack (Alexander Robotnick Remix)

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