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Mixtape: Rodion ‘Lungomare’ Mixtape

1. Aleksi Eeben – Landscape
2. Walter Jones – The Odyssey Sound (Mogg & Naudascher Edit)
3. Ariel Ueberschall – Ego
4. Humbert Humbert – RoygbIV
5. Telespazio – Galileo
6. Golden Bug – Horses (Original mix)
7. Pigneto Quartet – A Lume Di Pallas
8. Mat101 – Haunted House (original mix)
9. Box Codax – Missed Her Kiss (Rodion remix)
10. Omodaka – Kokiriko Bushi (Video mix)
11. Felix Mangor – Pets And Cars
12. Phat Pixel – Second Level
13. Tomboy – Flameingo (Rodion remix)
14. Dada Life – Big Time (Linus Loves remix)
15. Francisco – Moon Roller
16. Rodion – Luna Dark
17. Hostage – Pride
18. Kerrier District – Realistique

Listen & Download: Rodion ‘Lungomare’ Mixtape


Rodion – Luna Dark Remixes (Single)

Release: 5 November 2007
Cat#: Gomma 102

This is the 2nd single from the much talked about debut album of RODION from Rome. From LINDSTRÖM to MYLO, DJ CHLOE to TOMBOY: at the moment everybody seems to love the freaked-out ItaloCasioDisco of RODION.

The new single LUNA DARK is a very cosmic, sequenzer disco trip. Vocoder Box meets PsychoFunk in a acid house. The single comes along with three heavy club reworks by OLIVER KOLETZKI, Gomma new signing GOLDEN BUG from Paris and MARK4OSTIA – a new Italian kid doing analog disco hits. For balearic Discos and Cut-up Techno Floors. Big!

1) Oliver Koletzki Remix
2) Mark4Ostia Remix
3) Golden Bug Remix
4) Extended Mix

Download at:
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Rodion – Electric Soca Remixes (12″)

Release: 22 October 2007
Cat#: Gomma 101

The original song “Electric Soca” is taken from ROMANTIC JET DANCE, the debut album of  Italofreakdisco band RODION from Rome.

The remixes on this single come from the Italian BootyElectro project THE CROOKERS, DJ KAOS and COSMO VITELLI (aka BOTOX).

….Casioc:o:r:e: FOREVER!

A) Kaos Remix
B1) Crookers Remix
B2) Cosmo Vitelli Remix

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Rodion – Tu Mi Turbi (12″)

Release: 24 September 2007
Cat#: Gomma 099

“Italian Casio C.o.r.e.” “Romantic Computer Techno” or “Incredibly Fucked up futuristic Italodisco” …the press found many names for the music that new band RODION from Rome are doing. After two 12inches which have been getting a good blog buzz and euphoric reactions from DJ’s like Lindström to Shit Robot – the Rodion guys release this third E.P. Three tracks that are also featured on their debut album “Romantic Jet Dance” (CD release: October 2007)

Rodion definitely are the avantgarde of young Italian electronic producers. The new wave of Italian disco techno. Is this the “Post – French sound”??.

A) Tu Mi Turbi (Extended Club Mix)
B1) Franziskaaner
B2) Via Lactea

Download at:
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Rodion – Romantic Jet Dance (CD)

Release: 17 September 2007
Cat#: Gomma 103 CD

Rodion is from Rome. He makes freaked out Italo Disco that’s ahead of its time. Somewhere between the depths of Lindström and the synthesizer funk of Justice, mixed with the dramatic melodies of Italian horror movies. Heavily influenced by the Japanese science fiction animation soundtracks of the 70’s and the cosmic music culture, Rodion is fully tuned into the extraterrestrial beat.

Real name Ed Cianfannelli; Rodion has a very interesting past. Once a scholar at a famous Catholic music school, he was heralded as the prodigy piano student of his generation, declared as a genius, his career path as the church organist was predicted and expected. He was their great hope. BUT, after a night out with friends, Mr Cianfannelli discovered electronic music and was soon hooked on the Italian nightlife. Inevitably the church hierarchy found out about his weekly rave escapades and were left with no choice but to ask him to leave.

On his new life path Rodion quickly snapped up some equipment from an old Italian house producer and started to combine his classical training with his new disco inspirations. The result is this unique, extremely emotional electronic Weirdo-Disco. (We call it Casio C.o.r.e.)

Unlike many of his peers, Rodion performs live with a band and the crowd euphorically received his recent live performances in Clubs in Paris, Berlin and London.

1) Fisico
2) Electric Soca
3) Via Lactea
4) Luna Dark
5) Bilancia Blu
6) Love (Part 1 & 2)
7) Tokyo Deca Dance
8) J Bunker
9) Dolce Futbole
10) Donq
11) Romantic Jet Dance
12) Atala Ride
13) Tu Mi Turbi
14) MS Dildo
15) Rubber Duck

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Rodion “Fisico” (Video)


Rodion “Electric Soca” (Video)


Rodion – Fisico / Love EP (12″)


Release: 11 June 2007
Cat#: Gomma 095

The new Italo band RODION from Rome have been getting heavy props for their first release back in December on Gomma Records.

Now they deliver a second superfine Future Cosmic Disco 12inch – a space disco orgy that starts with extremely melodic classic Italodisco and ends up in an absurd acid ecstasy.

A perfect summer record!

A) Fisico (Extended)
B) Love (Parts 1 & 2)

Download at:
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