Headman Releases


Headman – Ronghands (12″)

Release: 26 October 2005
Cat#: Gomma 062

Long awaited new single by Swiss born/Berlin based DJ, painter and disco producer HEADMAN.

After his debut album on Gomma in 2001, an album under his alias MANHEAD and remixes for nearly every credible major band you can imagine (FRANZ FERDINAND, THE RAPTURE, MYLO, ANNIE, RADIO 4, SCISSOR SISTERS, RÖYKSOPP….) he finally is prepared enough for his most important project: the second HEADMAN album. This is a first step. Pure balearic New School Rave disco.

A) Rong Hands
B) Upstart

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Headman – So Then / So Now (12″)

Release: 12 November 2003
Cat#: Gomma 038

“So Then” goes back into the leftfield rockdisco vibe of the late 70ies, while the flipside “So Now” delivers an futuristic version of the same theme.

A) So Then
B) So Now

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Headman – It Rough (12″)

Release: 13 January 2003
Cat#: Gomma 029

“A bona fide classic of Germanic glitterball discopunk” The NME, UK

A) It Rough
B) It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)

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Headman – It Rough (CD/2LP)


Release: November 2002
Cat#: Gomma 022 CD/2LP

Headman aka Robi Insinna is one of the originators of the new Disco & Punk Funk movement. Since he started his recording career 4 years ago on Gomma he has developed into one of the leaders of the new DISCOrock scene.

He has been asked to remix the singles of artists such as Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture, Roxy Music and Annie. His new album (out March 2006) features guests such as Soulwax, Erol Alkan and The Rapture. The Headman sounds seems to get slowly to established in the world of music. But Robi Headman has been doing it for a long time.

The IT ROUGH album came out in 2001 – when bands like The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Radio 4 were not on the map yet.

The album was immediately chosen „Album of the Month“ in UK’s Jockey Slut Magazine. Released only in small edition, but got very popular especially in the New York and London club scenes. Now it’s over 4 years old and sounds still fresh. An exiting organic sounding, mostly instrumental disco album – which includes a good dose of 70ies rock influences as well as an elegant new wave vibe.

1) It Rough (Vocal Version) feat. Tara
2) Headstart
3) Intermezzo
4) Touch Me
5) Headman
6) Relish
7) Anarchy
8) Trying
9) Rocket (Short Edit)
10) Blow
11) Brother
12) Up (Edit)
13) Find A Way
14) It Rough (Instr. Version)

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Headman – 3 (12″)

Release: 13 November 2001
Cat#: Gomma 018

“Sleazy disco funk and roughed-up new wave” DJ Mag

A1) Touch Me
A2) Brother
B1) Upedit
B2) Headman


Headman – 2 (12″)

Release: 6 May 2001
Cat#: Gomma 011

A1) It Rough
A2) Trying
B1) Relish
B2) Blow


Headman – Anarchy (12″)

Release: 8 November 2000
Cat#: Gomma 009

“Twisted like a helter skelter this groovy number is a ride full of phat bumps and distorted turns” Jockey Slut

A1) Anarchy
B1) Headstart
B2) Rocket (Short Edit)