Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca present Erodiscotique: I Love New York (Video)

Everybody has been talking about the new wave of french sound. But nobody has been mentioning that there is one guy who was the pioneer of electronic dance music in France and influenced all of France’s dance stars. From Cassius to Justice, from Daft Punk to Gilbert. This man is Dimitri From Paris. The guy who brought house music to France in the late 80ies. He later became world-famous for his crate digger compilations on BBE, Defected and other labels.

Now, after many years Dimitri is back. He recorded some ultra fresh music with Italian producer DJ Rocca. For Gomma. We’re not talking about another boring house record. And no noise-techno of course. Dimitri comes back with an late 80ies / early 90ies Boogie/ Hip House record that will blow your mind. To be released on Gomma on 15.April. Here is a little teaser…

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