Podcast #41: DJ Baldelli 1981 Mixtape

It’s always good to listen to an old Baldelli tape from time to time. Here is a very rare one from 1981. You can also check out the Cosmicdiba EP and Phobos EP that the king of Cosmic did on Gomma in 2006 and 2007. Ciao Daniele!

Download: Podcast #41: DJ Baldelli 1981 Mixtape


Podcast #15: DJ Baldelli

DJ Baldelli is a legend. The undisputed king of the so called “Cosmic Music”…he has been djing at some Gomma parties since 2006…and made a own record for Gomma 3 years ago (Baldelli: Girotondo). He sent us a few rare mixes…here we post one…a mix dating back to 1981 — almost 30 years ago and still ace!

Listen & Download:
Baldelli Mixtape C41 (1981) Side A
Baldelli Mixtape C41 (1981) Side B


Baldelli & Dionogi – Cosmicdiba 2007 (12″)


Release: 21 May 2007
Cat#: Gomma 094

DJ BALDELLI is back! The inventor of the Italian COSMIC DISCO STYLE is definitely on the roll again. DJing in all the good clubs around the world (especially in Japan of course) and producing new, fresh stuff that makes most of all the other recent SPACEDISCO stuff seem insignificant.
Here is his second EP for Gomma. The first one made it into the “Top Ten of the Year” charts in magazines like GROOVE Germany and of many DJs.

Here is the follow-up: Already played by DJs such as SHIT ROBOT, TOMBOY and of course Italian DJ No. 1 Claudio Coccoluto. Baldelli’s new one consists of a banging, sequencer disco peak time track and two dirty & downtempo spacetracks. All sounding completely fresh, using the classic techniques but creating totally new sounding dancetracks.

A) Dark Flies
B1) Funkfibrilla
B2) Dyprion

Download at:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Baldelli – Phobos 2006 (12″)


Release: 19 May 2006
Cat#: Gomma 074

DJ BALDELLI is a legend. He is the king of COSMIC MUSIC. The special deep version of disco that ruled in the southern part of Europe in the late 70ies: A mix of trancy, spacey disco instrumentals with folky and psychedelic sounds. COSMIC was a statement against the cheap Italo Disco fashion. Like HARVEY in UK, BALDELLI is one of the most influential figures in leftfield disco djing. With cheesy Italo Disco getting popular again in 2005 BALDELLI thinks that its time to bring on some deepness again. So here is the comeback of the originator of disco trance! Four NEW tracks. No Retro! Full Space ship.

A1) Ananke
A2) Atlantide
B1) Phobos
B2) Girotondo

Download at: