Gomma Podcast #106 – Marvin & Valentino


Our friends and former Gomma employees MARVIN & VALENTINO
run one of Germany’s best record shops : PUBLIC POSSESSION store in Munich.
They also started a label und the same name and do wonderful unfinished dirty techno jams under the moniker of TAMBIEN. Here is their podcast… Listen loud…

01) Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble
02) Nomad Song
03) Australopitecus Oltensis
04) Russia
05) Organic Tech
06) Graham Gouldman
07) Sensation Fix “Overflowing Ashtrays”
08) “Just A Funky Vibe To Round Up”
09) TNT Subhead “Ecstasy & Release” (Tom of England Remix)
10) Teembo
11) Jupiter 6
12) D.A.F. “Rote Lippen”
13) Daniel Savio “My Name is Mud”
14) Teja Schmitz “Studieren”
15) Jonas Frederiksen “LCB”
16) Novaga
17) The Latin Age “Esta Loca”
18) Mystic Knights “The Wrath of Khan”
19) “It’s A Funky World” (UR)
20) True Mathematics
21) Stabil Elite “Agent Orange”
22) Chem-OO-Chem
23) Jahiliyya Fields “Servant Garden”
24) Anom Vitrov “Untitled”
25) Future Sound of London, Part 1
26) Mark du Mosch “Day By Day”
27) Osborne “Oyasumi”
28) K.A.T.O.
29) Baba Stiltz “Dive”
30) Music Is Painting In The Air

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