Gomma Podcast #74: Valentino’s Desiderata Mix

Here comes a new podcast by our Munich Gomma DJ Valentino. Part of the Tambien project with his DJ partner Marvin (in collaboration with Bartellow). They just released their first vinyl EP on their own, getting support by the likes of Tim Sweeney, Joakim, Soft Rocks, etc
The EP and this DJ mix are very special. Full of weirdo 70ies Off – Jazz, crazy percussion and funk from hell. Valentino is one of Mat le Munk absolute favorite DJs…

1) Les Crane “Vision”
2) Azymuth “Partido Alto”
3) Savanna Silver Band “Like I Do”
4) Nohelani Cypriano “Lihue”
5) Lijadu Sisters “Come On Home”
6) Jan Akkerman “Streetwalker”
7) Jorge Ben “Chove Chuva”
8) Baby Consuelo “Todo Dia Era Dia De Indio”
9) Sheila Hylton “Bed’s Too Big Without You”
10) Nina Hagen “African Reggae”
11) What’s That Title Again? Forgot It….
12) Likes To Roll
13) William Orbit “Via Caliente”
14) Paqua “The Visitor”
15) Volker Kriegel “Bamako”

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