Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca present Erodiscotique: I Love New York (12″)


Release: 15 April 2011
Cat#: Gomma 154

Today is the day! Legendary Dimitri from Paris is back with an own E.P. Not disco, not house, but a late 80ies/ early 90ies inspired sound that combines boogie, hip house and NY dance pop. Featuring another legend on the mic: Italohouse crooner Fred Ventura.

Dimitri is the man who pioneered house music in France, who influenced all the big names of the French scene from the 90ies and from today. From Daft Punk to Justice. He is the man who released crazy compilations on BBE, Defected etc. The man who always has been ahead of it’s time. He teamed up with Italian producer DJ Rocca and created an E.P. for Gomma. A record that shows how the sound of 2012 could be. . This EP is released today on Gomma on Vinyl and digitally. And has a huge buzz already.

Danny Krivit: “I like it”
Tommie Sunshine: “Your Gomma release is bananas!!!”
Soul Clap: “This is amazing, total 90’s revival.. Can’t wait to play”
Mike Monday: “LOVE THIS!!!! Red hot…”

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