Podcast #38: Ian Pooley Mixtape

This week’s Gomma Podcast comes from – as we think – Germany’s House producer No 1. As early as the 1990ies Ian Pooley was around like no one else. People like Deee-Lite, The Cardigans, Daft Punk, Carl Cox and Bob Sinclar where asking him for remixes. He was playing something like 200 gigs every year. Now he is back. With a fabulous remix for Telonius’ Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick and this nice little mixtape.

1) Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt
2) Rick Wade – Creeper
3) James Teej – Seven Day Mend (Pooley Edit)
4) David Squillace – What About The Vice
5) Pezzner – What Have I done (Pooley Mix 2)
6) Vincenzo – The Clearing
7) Ian Pooley – Know What’s Up
8) Mark Reeve – Breakfast Bar
9) S.Parker & I.Pooley – Kinderteller (Zander VT Edit)
10) Phil & Dan – Regulate
11) Gichy Dan – On a Day Like This (Todd Terje Edit)
12) D.Serano & H.Couto – Do Do Dooooo
13) Art of Tones – The Argument

Download: Podcast #38: Ian Pooley Mixtape

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