The return of The Glimmers

Here comes the video to Whomp That Sucker, The Glimmers‘ single for their first album on Gomma. And that album… wow! We are seriously impressed. The Belgian boys are getting crazy feedback on their new collection of dancefloor bangers. Here is some Star DJ feedback..

Tim Sweeney: “..support it for sure! ”
Tronik Youth: “Love Rocked My World, killer track”
Trevor Jackson: “Glimmers are always reliable for floor burning mayhem”
Mickey Moonlight / Ed Banger: “..as you know, i love it!”
Matt Walsh / Bugged Out: “I love the Glimmers, always have, always will.. these are so good!”
Social Disco Club: “Fuckin hell!! Massive. Gomma is one of most exciting labels at the moment.”

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