Mustang – Chameleon Circus (EP)

Release: 5 February 2010
Cat#: Gomma 138

The new artist on Gomma records: Mustang from Belgium. Renaud Deru & Andy Faisca. They are the new shooting stars of the Belgian Dance scene after Soulwax, Aeroplane, Glimmers. Both guys are in their mid twenties, but have been in the dance scene for ages. DJing under the name of as Cosy Mozzy, being art directors of Brussels’ best club Dirty Dancing and creating a fame for mixing up house, disco and boogie in a very special way. The Chameleon Circus EP is a beautiful boogie record. The most lovely melodies and harmonies you can imagine. Jazz House, Folk Boogie…

And the buzz is already starting: Vitalic, Editors, The KDMS asked for remixes. Their first tracks on “Chameleon Circus” are getting great great feedback…we are getting nice mails from Rub’n’Tug’s Eric Duncan, Baby G from Eskimo to Tobias Thomas from Kompakt…..check out the Mustang Folk House styleeeeeeee…..

1) Chameleon Circus
2) The Cuckatoos
3) On Mercury
4) Try To Dance

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