The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 to 20 (Maxi)

Release: 23 October 2009
Cat#: Gomma 137

It’s great: Everybody seems to love the new band on our label. A unbelievable euphoria about New York’s PHENOMENAL HANDCLAP BAND everywhere. Franz Ferdinand just called to ask if they wanna go on tour with them. Even the NME describes them as one of the best bands for next year. Seems psych funk is the sound for 2010.

Here is the new single with remixes by New Yorks Disco Man ANTHONY MANSFIELD, DAVID E SUGAR who has been doing stuff for KITSUNE recently, Belgian THE GLIMMERS do the AcidDisco and GOMMAS very own TELONIUS is on a crazy electro disco voyage…this is gonna be sooooo big!

1) Album Version
2) Instrumental
3) Glimmers Remix
4) Telonius Remix
5) Anthony Mansfield Disco Remix
6) David E. Sugar Remix

Download at:

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