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Toy Tonics Top Tracks Vol. 6

Toy Tonics summer hottness! Every August the Toy Tonics Top Tracks compilation brings the 10 biggest Toy Tonics tracks from the last 12 months. On this new issue: tunes by Toy Tonics own artists Kapote, Black Loops and Coeo, but also tracks by friends of the label who made One Off – EPs recently:

Harry Wolfman with that marvelous funkdisco tune The Accord from his Toy Tonics debut EP. Also: Demuja, who joined the TT family with an four tracker last march. J on G was the hit track on that EP. Smoother than his usual stuff, but extremely catchy. Also there is Jad Lee aka Jad & The. The Australian surfer buddy who had started his career on Toy Tonics some years ago as had a comeback last year with Strings Never Win. The track has been hammered by DJ’s all over. In fact 2018 seems to be the year where Toy Tonics is getting greater visibility. Biggest moment for the label – yeah – was discovering that Moodymann is currently opening his sets with a Toy Tonics track. (Coeo: Back in the Days). Also a fun fact: Toy Tonics had been chosen by MIXMAG as one of the “10 best new labels 2017″.

So if you didn’t had the chance to listen to Toy Tonics releases recently you should check this compilation out… lotta nasty, funky, handmade houseparty grooves.



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Out now on Toy Tonics: Mangabey “Chicago Memory EP”


Mangabey is the new kid in the Toy Tonics crew. Jazz piano virtuoso, synth collector and producer of magnificent funk house tracks. Born in the south of France in a family of traveling artists. As a kid he has been living on a boat and in caravans, traveling France and Africa with his parents’ wild theater collective. Jose Fehner aka Mangabey had for sure an adventurous life.

But while all his family consists of actors – Jose is a music boy. He started playing piano at age of 6 and later studied Jazz at the conservatory. He also started Hip Hop production at age of 15 and became a mad collector of Afro-American music. While finishing his piano studies he felt in love with synthesizers and by now he is quite a wizard when he plays all his rare keyboards live.

Mangabey at the moment loves to make 4 to the floor-tracks. He plays most instruments himself and creates mad energetic trips full of soulish vibes and funky solos. Reminding the vibe of Nuyorican Soul or the West London scene from 20 years ago. But Jose Mangabey has his own touch. An own mood. Extremely funky, organic sounding, warm vibing and tight like shit. Very contemporary. An atmosphere that fits perfectly with the vibes of his French friend Foulamour – who added a remix for this EP.

RELEASED 2018-06-22


From the Toy Tonics Podcast series

Mangabey is the new kid in the Toy Tonics block. 24 year old keyboard wizzard and producer talent from France. The big new French wave is coming… His first EP is out… and here is a fabulous mixtape:

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Kapote Remix EP out now on our sublabel Toy Tonics

The new Toy Tonics EP features four remixes of Kapote - tracks. New and exclusive works by FYI Chris (Rhythm Section Intl), Marvin & Guy (Life & Death), Art Alfie (Studio Barnhus) and French newcomer Real J.

RELEASED 2018-03-02



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PODCAST NR 18 – Sound of Toy Tonics 2017 – Mixed by Kapote

90 minutes of our sublabel Toy Tonics best releases of 2017. In one mix. Includes TT main crew COEO, Black Loops, Kapote, Rhode & Brown, Jad & The… guest releases by Kiwi, Vito & Druzzi, Felipe Gordon. Remixes by Red Axes and Joe Claussell.

Available also on Bandcamp as a full compilation:

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Toy Tonics no.7 in MIXMAG „best labels of 2017“ list!

Toy Tonics is #7.

© Mixmag

© Mixmag

And they wrote some nice words too:

“Toy Tonics records don’t leave the bag, ever. They bide their time, waiting for that ideal moment in a DJ set when the crowd needs a hard, but loving, smack with some soul… and BAM! They hit like an adrenaline shot to the chest and the groove continues at just the right pace. Smooth. Oh how we love and cherish those moments and Toy Tonics is a constant supplier.
Here at Mixmag, Toy Tonics was high on our radar right from the jump, first with Kapote’s ‘The Body Move’, a bassy yet delicate jam that we premiered, and later with Jad & The’s ‘Strings That Never Win’, a disco-tinged belter that we also got the first play of. Add three more releases from COEO and one each from Black Loops and Rhode & Brown and that’s a well stacked year. But don’t sleep, they still have much more in the bag. All eyes, and ears, on Toy Tonics.”