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Box Codax is the project of of Franz Ferdinand’s musical mastermind Nick McCarthy and his longtime friend Alexander Ragnew. Their debut album is a collection of songs, often romantic and of whimsical nostalgia, at other times scrappy and punky: this is an honest and genuine collection of witty pidgin English lyricism, dark humour and the award-winning song writing of a pop genius presented out of context in these lo-fi recordings.

It has taken a long time to pull the Box Codax album together – no wonder really, considering that one of guys is a reclusive writer and the other a heavy touring musician. Nick’s musical career took him to study classical double bass and piano at The Conservatoire in Munich/Germany. After his studies he moved to Glasgow and created Franz Ferdinand together with Alex Kapranos. Alexander Ragnew is a poet and lyricist – born in Germany, he now lives in Toulouse.

Hellabuster CD (2011)
Hellabuster / Choco Pudding Single (2011)
093_label-b Missed Her Kiss / Rat Boy Remixes 12″ (2007)
083_cover Only An Orchard Away CD (2006)
082_label-a Naked Smile 12″ (2006)