Hess Is More – The new collective on Gomma. Watch them live!

Hess Is More – The new band on Gomma. Watch their live show at Royal Theatre of Kopenhagen.

The Jazz Electronic Group based in NYC just released two songs on Gomma.
You can get them on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bearsong-primate-single/id994666267

Wanna know more?

When a band is selected “Top 10 live acts of the year” by glitterballnyc it really has to be something special. That’s the case for Hess Is More. A transatlantic music ensemble. 7 international musicians around Danish composer and drummer Mikkel Hess.

Hess is a composer of music for film, theatre and ballet. Latest he was nominated for the prestigious Robert Award and Carl Award with his score for the feature film “When Animals Dream“.
Bearsong and Youarenotaprimate were arranged during the group’s residency at Clocktower Gallery in downtown New York. Recorded Live to Tape and mixed by Andrew Raposo (Midnight Magic /Hercules & Love Affair / DFA) at Midnight Sun Studios in Greenpoint.

These seven musicians, with their unique instrumentation and unorthodox arrangements create a very danceable yet at times puzzling sound. Melodies with unusual developments, basslines that have their roots in late 1970 jazz funk. Youarenotaprimate is an orgy of No Wave drums, Afrobeat-bassline and distorted rhode pianos. The lyrics can haunt you for days: „You are not a primate, you are not Maharishi either, but in between there is someone called yourself“. Hess Is More have a hugh fanbase already in New York’s undergound music scene. People like James Murphy of DFA, Pitchfork’s favourite avantgarde pop musician Lorna Dune and Lowbrow Reader editor Jay Ruttenberg are big fans of their live shows. Pips from Petty Nobles Collective just wrote this nice quote: “I believe I just witnessed the future of live dance music“.

A vinyl with remixes by Dimitri From Paris, Pollyester and Williamsbourg’s hidden star Lorna Dune will come out in september.

Hess Is More – musicians:
Matt Parker: Saxophone, clarinet, keys & gang vocals
Michael Hanf: Vibraphone, bass & gang vocals
Pavel Kogan – Guitar & gang vocals
David Mason – Electric Drums & gang vocals
Rasmus Bille Bahncke – SH101 bass synth & gang vocals
Nikolaj Hess – Grand piano, Fender Rhodes & gang vocals
Mikkel Hess – Drums & lead vocals

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