Munk presents Pop Futuro

Cat#: Gomma 205
Release: 17 April 2015

Pop Futuro is a compilation featuring new songs & remixes made exclusively for Gomma by DANIEL AVERY, MOULLINEX, METRONOMY, JUNIOR & BAUMON, WHOMADEWHO, HOT CHIP, MERCURY, BOX CODAX (The solo project of Nick McCarthy of FRANZ FERDINAND). The compilation shows new ways of electronic pop music. But not in a retro 90ies aesthetic, but with a heavy futuristic edge.

Pop Futuro shows weird, strange, unheard music. Not the type of Deep House music that has become mainstream in 2014 – instead Gomma wants to show new aspects in electronic music with vocals. This makes sense as Gomma always has been searching for new artists who are different. Musicians that combine electronic music with song writing skills and organic elements and an arty approach.

POP FUTURO is full of music by people who have been connected to Gomma since years. DANIEL AVERY who has released his first works on Gomma before he was signed to Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label. WHOMADEWHO – who did two albums on Gomma before they were discovered by Kompakt. Newcomers JUNIOR & BAUMON. MERCURY who started on Gomma and now are famous for their Sirens of Lesbos project on Exploited records. And Italian band ESPERANZA – who did their debut album on Gomma in 2012 and now have been signed by LIFE & DEATH records (where they will release under their new name Dead Heat).

The POP FUTURO compilation comes out along with a GOMMA MAGAZINE. 40 pages designed by Gomma friends like BORSCHE & KARTSOLIS, PAM, FENGEL and others.

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